A Message From My Master Guide Macar

Hi there,

One of my main Sprit Guides, named Macar, usually impresses upon me a strong feeling when someone needs a bit of encouragement or an uplifting bit of reflection.

He told me to write this, send it out, and that it would find it’s way to the right person.

So I hope this finds you well:

Defining Happiness

Happiness is something that we always think of as something we will have once something else takes place.

See if any of the following ideas apply to you:

I will be happy when I have my credit card paid off

I will be happy when I am no longer in this marriage

I will be happy when I change jobs

I will be happy when I graduate

I will be happy when I find true love

I will be happy when I make more money

I will be happy when my health improves

I will be happy when I have more friends

I will be happy when I get that promotion

I will be happy when I have kids

Happiness is an inner state of mind, that is not found by placing our desire to be happy into outside circumstances. It is only found when you look within and ask the deepest part of your soul, “What makes me happy?”

I hope this was helpful for you…whoever this was intended for.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Vincent Moore says:

    Thankyou for sharing! I have definitely learn alot this past year just keeping an open mind and not letting negative influences persuade me. I am much stronger I am much wiser I have the power over all things I feel as tho I have been tested I have gain something far more great that can’t be measured with material possessions I have an unbreakable spirit I push forward into the future with my head held high because my greatest assets are within me I have everything I need .

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