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Knowing how your pet feels would help you how to support or comfort it.

There’s really no way for you to know what your pet might be thinking or feeling – unless you have a pet psychic reading.

If you’ve ever had a problem with your pet’s behavior or if your pet has ever struggled with poor health, then you know how frustrating it can be.

Most owners feel helpless when they can’t offer the support or the comfort their pets need.

Fortunately, a pet psychic reading can give you all the information you need about the beloved little ones in your life.

What Is A Pet Psychic Reading?


A Pet Psychic Reading is used to communicate and understand your pets better.

A Pet Psychic directly tunes into the life energy or the soul of your animal to connect with its thoughts, emotions, and get information about its health or physical state.

Also known as an animal intuitive or animal communicator, a Pet Psychic not only communicates with living animals, but also with pets who have already passed away!


Humans Have Always Communicated With Animals


While intuitively communicating with animals might sound new to some, it is actually an ancient practice, which can be traced back to the 10th century.

Antediluvian Hindu texts, known as the Shiva Puran, talks about how different tribes all around what is known today as India today, communicated with animals.

The gypsy community in Ireland in the 1700s was known for their ability to calm and tame even the most vicious of horses. Aside from taming horses, the gypsies also had an extraordinary ability in healing horses, but they were very guarded and secretive about their methods.

Those who witnessed the gypsies calm the horses couldn’t explain how it happened. They said the gypsies would stand face-to-face with the horses, maintaining eye contact until the horses calmed down – clearly a case of psychic communication!

When people first started to domesticate all kinds of animals, animal communication became more widespread. Humans and animals became adept in communicating on a nonverbal level, both through body language, as well as psychic connection.

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Why Do You Need A Pet Psychic Reading?


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The bond between the owner and pet is no other but being able to communicate with animals requires a lot of time and practice to develop.


The first reason is speaking to animals is like speaking a foreign language. Sometimes you need an interpreter, especially when it comes to serious issues like agitated behavior or declining health, which seem to appear out of nowhere.

Bear in mind that animals don’t think or experience the world like we do. Whenever I tune in to animals, the psychic messages I receive are a flurry of images, feelings, and sensations.

The second reason is, like most psychic abilities, animal communication requires practice to develop and time to flourish.

Don’t get me wrong, the bond between you and your pet is like no other but being able to communicate clearly with animals doesn’t come easily for most without some kind of formal psychic training.

I became aware of my psychic abilities at a very young age. I discovered I could talk to celestial beings such as Guardian Angels, people who have already passed away, and even animals.

Over my 25 years of experience as a psychic, I have done hundreds of animal intuitive readings – not including the daily communication I have with my own two little felines!

The third reasons is that the other emotions you might be feeling can get in the way of effectively communicating psychically with your pet. And if you are feeling stressed or worried about your pet, your pet might also mirror your anxiety.


How Can Psychic Animal Communication Help You And Your Pet?


Intuitive animal communication can strengthen your bond with your pet and it can also free you from the worry that a misbehaving, sick, or departed pet, might be causing you.

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A pet psychic reading is a rewarding experience and enhances your relationship with your pets.

Why do people seek out animal communication? Here are some of the more common reasons why:

  1. To ask their pets different questions.
  2. To gain insight into the inner workings of their pet’s mind.
  3. To know the reason behind the emotional, behavioral, or physical problems, of their pet.
  4. To understand animosity between their pets or find way to stop their fighting.
  5. To communicate with pets who have passed away and make sure they’re in a better place.
  6. They want help in finding lost pets.


Losing an animal is a very distressing time and most of the time, the emotions from the pet owner and the animal can be very confusing. A high level of stress also emanates from the animal as they are immersed in an unfamiliar location, so they aren’t able to distinguish any landmarks nor read street signs.

There are times when people come to me to validate information they receive from their pets. For people who are more attuned to animals, I have even given techniques on how to better improve communication with their pets.

A pet psychic reading can be a rewarding experience, whether you are in need of answers or you just want to enhance your relationship with your pet.

You can schedule a reading with me by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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