A Toothless Smile From Ear To Ear

I hope you are doing great day! I just received some of the best news, and it really brought a smile to my face!

As I am writing this, I am grinning from ear-to-ear right, like my grandpa used to do when he would smile without his teeth in, (although I have all my teeth!) because I am so happy to be able to share this with you!

Remember the last email I sent you a few days ago, about the woman who wrote me asking if I read her Akashic Records if it would help her find her soulmate?

Well, she did end up calling me, and I read her Akashic Records about two months ago. Well, just yesterday, she sent me an email with an update, and here is what she wrote: 

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Dear Tana,

I wanted to email you back and give you an update!

You read my Akashic Records a few months ago, and at the time I had my reading with you, I have to say I was feeling very discouraged in my love life!

I have a great job, I own a nice house, and I make a good income – but the one thing that was missing was love! More than anything else, I wanted to find love!

You had helped 4 of my friends find love – and they were all engaged to be married when I wrote you back then.

They all told me it was because of you that they had found their true love! So they highly recommended to me that I get a reading from you! So I decided to call your office and set one up!

When we spoke, your voice was so comforting and assuring, and I felt totally at ease with you!

When you started to read my Akashic Records, you explained to me why i was having the problems in love that I have had! You pinpointed exactly where the bad karma came from, and then you helped me resolve it!

I decided to do some karmic reparation sessions with you, in order to release my bad karma, due to how deep it was ingrained into my soul energy.

After our last session Tana, you won’t believe what happened!!!!

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The very next night, I was walking out to my car at the grocery store when I dropped a bag of my groceries!

As I reached down, I saw another hand reach down to, to help me pick up the oranges that had scattered all around me! When I looked up to see who was helping me, I looked into the face of the most beautiful, handsome, good-looking man I had ever seen before!

He looked exactly like you described him! I was speechless because he was so hot!

So he helped me pick up my groceries off the ground, and we continued talking for over two hours in that parking lot!

He then asked for my number, and he called me the next day and took me to an amazing restaurant! We talked the night away!

Tana that was over two months ago, and I think I am falling in love with him. He tells me he thinks he’s falling in love with me too!

I have never been so happy, and this guy is 100% normal! Those karma sessions really worked! Just like you said they would!

Tana, thank you so much! I will always be forever grateful to you!

Thanks for helping me find my true soulmate!

Tammy P. Queens, NY

I wanted to share this wonderful email with you! And Tammy, I am so happy for you!

I hope when you read this that it brought the same warm feelings to your heart that it brought to mine too!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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