A Very Scary Blackout Experience

Hi everyone. I tried to post earlier on the limited cell phone battery I had, but the towers were overloaded. Our power just came back on, We were without electricity, had very little food to eat, and I had no cash on me to even buy any food at all, since ATM machines were down. It was a scary experience, but it is another one of the things i predicted would happen as we approach closer to 2012. Thank you for all of your prayers!

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  1. I feel that you are a person i should get in contact with. I stumbled onto one of your videos about spirit guides. I would like to meet my Spirit guide very much. You say you can see yours just as you can see another person. This is also something that is very exciting. Is is scary to see your guide at first or is it something else. I like the company of others but feel that there is always something more that a person wants to say but doesn’t. I also feel that i no a lot of people but do not like most of them. Not that they are bad people but that they don’t really confront there problems when they already no the answers. I would like to meet my guide very much and have him at my side all the way for advice and just a good conversation. I don’t no what it is but i feel like he is what i have been looking for for some time. Like a part of me has been gone for a long time. If you could help me meet him and see him just as i could see and talk to anyone then please give me a response. I am not a non-believer rather i am ignorant on what it is to believe. I am open to almost anything and am very much looking forward to your reply. Thanks P.S. My name is justin. I feel like something is comeing that i am not Prepared for.

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