About Aliens And UFO’s – Are They Among Us?

I like talking about aliens and UFOs because there are things most people don’t even realize. When I talk about aliens and UFOs, I have to start with a little history.

The First Thing Important To Understand About The Universe

First you need to understand, that we are not the only intelligent life form in the universe. This is the first and foremost basic fact that you must understand. In a galaxy full of thousands of universes we are not the only intelligent life.

Aliens And UFOs

Aliens And UFOs

I often ask people “Could you imagine the possibility that  we were not the most intelligent life form in the universe?” We think of ourselves as a very advanced civilization, but with thousands of galaxies in the universe, could you imagine that there might be higher life forms, more evolved than ours, that have already figured out all of the technologies that we have and even more, thousands of years ago?

Secret Colonies For Interbreeding Aliens And Humans

The Bible mentions many beast with many heads, flywheels in the sky, and several other indications that we have had contact with alien lifeforms that man did not understand at the time the Bible was written.

Aliens have visited the year thousands of years ago, and they’ve even interbred with human beings at one time. Through this interbreeding, they have come to “blend in” over thousands of years of evolution with the rest of the human race.

Secret colonies once existed during Egyptian times where humans and aliens interbred for the purpose of creating an advanced race. We saw some of these advanced races with the Mayans, and Atlantis, and several other civilizations that are no longer around today.

Alien Interbreeding With Humans

The reason for this interbreeding, was for aliens and humans to combine together, to create a superior race. The one thing they didn’t take into account was human disease, compared to the kinds of illnesses and diseases that they were susceptible to. It was disease, that ended this lineage of the best humans.

Since that time, aliens have been able to figure out how to morph themselves to look like human beings. Even today, there are aliens among us. Passing as human beings, living here on earth for the sole purpose of learning about our civilization.

They have come here to live, to figure out, study, and learn about human disease and illness. The plan is to eventually create another secret colony where humans and aliens can interbreed – a society that this time will be able to survive. This is been going on for hundreds of years.

There Is Nothing To Fear

All of a sudden people this may seem like a scary thought, but the truth about aliens and UFOs is that have not come here to harm us. They come here to try to advance their race, and at the same time advance ours. They’re wanting to learn how to expand their race or species, two different galaxies in the universe. One of their biggest problems is learning how to survive by breathing the air that we do. They have been able to overcome this problem by morphing as humans.

Why People Get Abducted

One of the reasons that people become abducted by aliens, is simply for the purpose of studying other human beings. Also, several people that have been adopted, are aliens and do not realize. The people that get adductive many times, are genetically connected to this ancient alien race that was interbred with human beings.

So they get abducted so that they can study them, to understand how a few of them have been able to survive. Most of abductees don’t even realize that genetically they are part alien.

Signs Of An Alien Living Among Us

There are signs you can look for to tell if somebody is an alien. Many books don’t talk about this, because this information is secretly guarded by those people who have this knowledge. This may be possibly the first time this information has ever been seen in print.

10 signs To Look For To Know If Someone Is an Alien:  

Aliens Among Us

Aliens Among Us

1. Their eyes change colors in the darkness of night. These colors changes happens very rapidly! Their eyes can change from blue to green, then back to blue, in less than .03 seconds. The only way to capture this change is by using a video camera and playing it back in slow motion. The human eye cannot see it happen.

2. They tend to be very warm blooded. They have a high metabolism and can often wear shorts in the cold of winter outside, without feeling cold. They seem to be able to tolerate cold more than the average person.

3. They tend to be above average height, or below average height.

4. They usually have a fascination with science, math, physics, or medicine. They make excellent doctors, scientists, physicists, and mathematicians.

5. They are highly intelligent, having an IQ way above the average person. Albert Einstein was rumored to be of alien stock.

6. They usually do not take a lot of pride in their appearance or dress, because they place more emphasis on intellectual matters.

7. They are highly intuitive, and also have the ability to read minds, levitate, and move objects with their minds. Although they would never display these abilities publicly so as not to draw attention to themselves.

8. When their shorts are off, the vertebrae of their spines often protrude out a bit more than the average person. This may only be measurable by using medical devices to measure this. Although i’ have seen them where this protrusion was very obvious.

9. They are never overweight, and they always have good health, and long life spans.

10. They are non aggressive, gentle souls who shy away from violence of any kind.

If you suspect somebody is an alien, you should never confront them, or ask them about this directly. The best thing to do, is just to be aware that you have that information, yet never approach it with the person. They would only deny it, and then avoid you altogether after the confrontation.

This genetic lineage of human-alien interbreeding, has been going on for thousands of years. It will continue into the future, until it has been perfected to where human beings no longer become sick and die. Once this interbreeding has been perfected, human beings, as we know them today, will have the ability to live for hundreds of years.

It’s an interesting topic when talking about aliens and UFOs. There are so many areas one could go into when talking about aliens and UFOs, that this area of study could take one a whole lifetime to understand.


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