How To Create Abundance Using The Law Of Attraction – by Tana Hoy

Often when you hear of abundance and the law of attraction, you think that it refers to wealth. Not only does abundance include financial prosperity, but it also includes much more than that.


The Law Of Attraction

There is a great abundance of love, creativity, and joy, within each of us.

There are Universal Laws that govern all of us. Abundance has already been given to you at the moment of birth! It is already yours! However, your experience of abundance is dependent on how open and accepting you are to receiving whatever you want to have an abundance of.

The Law of Abundance is an abiding principle within the universal laws. Just like gravity, the law of abundance is also a universal law that is always at work. The simple fact is that there is an unlimited Source of everything you need or could ever want in life. This great abundance is infinitely available to all of us all the time.

When you align yourself with The Law of Abundance, then you will move in oneness with it. In this oneness, the only things that will limit you are your beliefs in lack and limitation.

Appreciating What You Have

By accepting and appreciating what you already have, you accept the abundance offered to you by the universe. When attracting abundance into your life, intention can be a powerful tool.

Write down what you are grateful for, and what you appreciate. As you make notes of everything that makes you happy in life, you will be concentrating on the positive, and you will let go of the negative thoughts that are holding you back, and preventing you from truly accepting abundance into your life.

How To Manifest Abundance Into Reality

Whatever you feed your attention with grows. So identify an area of your life where you already trust and know that abundance exists; an area of your life where you are already aware of The Law of Attraction in operation.

Focus on a positive attitude that attracts an abundance of positive feelings into your life, such as the positive feelings you feel when you’re dancing, singing, gardening or doing something you love.

The point of this exercise is to focus on how easily you are able to receive in the areas of your life that are already abundant.

Do this as often as you can, during your meditation time, or at open points during the day, and especially when engaged in the activities that evoke joy and positive feelings.

The more that you consciously tune into the abundance that you’re already aware of in your life, the more the energy of receiving abundance will become familiar to you. This will cause that vibration to expand within you, overflowing into other areas of your life.

The Golden Rule

The golden rule here is to fake it till you make it! So be open to receiving what it is you want in life. By practicing this, you will align your vibrational energy to what you want to receive, and your abundance will manifest into reality in no time, by invoking the law of attraction into action in your life!

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