Activating Your Chakras For An Amazing Psychic Energy Workout – by Tana Hoy

Working out is a very physical thing, and a lot of people may think that it is miles apart from anything related to energy or anything even remotely esoteric.

activating chakras

Activating Your Chakras

I have found out however, that some of your energy centers get activated really well when you do physical exercise. One of these prominent energy centers is your Basic Chakra.

This has given me the idea that you can easily utilize your auric energy to such an extent that it improves your physical performance in exercise. Let me share this concept with you.

Chakras And Their Connection To Exercising

Our chakras are your energy centers. They are the outlets of energy that are embedded in your aura, with the function of absorbing and distributing energy throughout your physical body.

This energy passes through the Prime Meridian, a long tube of energy running from the Crown Chakra to the Basic Chakra. The clearer the Prime Meridian is, the more freely the energy flows.

This means that if your chakras can absorb a lot of energy, you can use this energy boost to significantly improve your physical body. Therefore, it is a good idea to regulate your breathing before you start your warm up, to improve the flow of energy in your body. Once you have done this, it is time to focus on your Basic Chakra.

The Basic Chakra And Your Rooting

The Basic or Root Chakra is very important when it comes to physical exertion. Since it is the chakra responsible for your auric link to the Earth, it is a good idea for you to make sure that your Basic Chakra is clean and in good form before you begin your exercise. Once this is done, opening your root chakra becomes no problem at all.

How To Use Your Chakras When You Work Out

Activating and regulating your Basic Chakra is pretty simple. All you need to do is to keep your legs apart. Around 12 inches apart will do. This gives the chakra ample space to rotate and establish a good connection to the ground. This is called grounding the Root Chakra.

After grounding is established, you can focus on letting the energy flow smoothly between your Crown and your Basic Chakra. This optimizes the flow of energy coursing through your body, granting you a boost in endurance and if done really well, even strength.

I have recommended this practical technique to my friends who have started working out and so far, they have told me that doing these simple psychic exercises benefits them in their exercise routines.

Since their rooting is improved by the Basic Chakra, they have found their balance to be a lot better. Some have even told me that they were able to endure a lot more physical exertion without getting too exhausted. One even told me that his weight-lifting exercises got significantly easier.

I received all these comments from just working on one chakra. I can only imagine what other benefits working with the other chakras in the human body can give!

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