Agate: The Magical Gemstone For Protection – by Tana Hoy

Prosperity and longevity – those are two of the many things that most people desire. If you want those, too, then you can work with a variety of gemstones and crystals. The agate, in particular, is known for its protective metaphysical properties, as well as for its ability in improving health and overall well-being.

Beautiful Agate

It is primarily translucent, and is known for its rich colors such as black, white, red, blue, purple, pink, orange, green, and yellow. And because of its distinct stripes or bands, which differentiates it from other types of chalcedony, items made of this stone are highly attractive and unique.

The Psychic Energy Properties Of Agates

Other than being beautiful, this gem has been known to possess metaphysical and healing properties for physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.

For one, agates are excellent for stabilizing energy, because they vibrate at a slower frequency than other magical stones. They can be used for balancing yin and yang, and for achieving harmony.

It also improves concentration and analysis, as well as enhances your ability to perceive and understand events or people. It promotes self-confidence, and helps in decision-making and in putting plans into action. This crystal also gives you more focus, and is excellent to use for meditation and reflection to achieve spiritual stability and growth. It likewise enhances introspection and self-evaluation, and is beneficial for overcoming negative energy, such as anger and bitterness.

Agate’s Energy Properites On The Physical Level

On the physical level, the slow vibrational energy of this magical gemstone helps the digestive system. It’s highly beneficial for keeping the stomach, intestines, and other hollow organs in peak condition, thus promoting better health. It also helps in keeping the heart and circulatory system strong, so you can face the years with more confidence, happiness, and vigor.

Different varities of this stone have special properties, too. The blue lace agate, for instance, is great for support and encouragement, and provides calm and flowing peace. On the other hand, the fire agate provides a more vibrant healing energy.

Using The Healing Powers Of Agates

You can use this crystal both for yourself and for your home. Place decorative pieces in your house, such as figurines and chimes, to fill your home with protection and tranquillity. You can also wear jewelry made of this stone, such as pendants and bracelets, using them as amulets to enhance your positive energy. Its subtle vibrations allow you to go through each day with less stress and more calm.

The agate’s energy is excellent for daily living. With a healthy heart, a healthy digestive system, a sharp focused mind, and increased confidence, you can have both prosperity and longevity in your life.

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