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Through an Akashic Records reading, you can also learn about potential soulmates from various lifetimes, including this current one. This will give you a glimpse into who your potential soulmate truly is.

One of the most beautiful feelings you can ever experience is finding your destined soulmate. It’s like running through the garden of heaven;  filled with beautiful flowers and roses.

This intense feeling of euphoria drives all of mankind into a lifelong journey – to seek and find their eternal soulmate:  the one that would sweep them away off their feet; the one that is seemingly an epitome of their dreams; the incarnation of their fantasies…

The one that will change their life forever.

But did you know that there’s many ways you can find your ideal soulmate? And one of them is through an Akashic Record reading.


Akashic Records


The word Akashic come from the Sanskrit term “Akasha” which means sky, space or aether. Its existence lies in the Astral world, the place where astral beings reside.

In most writings, the Akashic Records are referred to as the world’s supercomputer; containing all human experiences and knowledge. But in reality, it’s more than that.

Basically, when the Divine first created the cosmos, It had built an astral hall which contains all the information of all creation, from the beginning of time until the end of time. This great hall of knowledge is referred to as the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records contains information about all things of creation within the cosmos and the entire universe itself, including astral knowledge. Each one of us has our own Akashic Recod that contains all our past life experiences, thoughts, ideas, actions, and deeds, as well as all potential futures that we have.

The information encrypted within the Akashic Records is of the form of Divine energy. These records hold the absolute truth and knowledge of all things, both living and nonliving. It is through the Akashic Records that I obtain information about an individual during an Akashic Records reading.


An Akashic Record Reading


An Akashic Records reading is the process of accessing an individual’s Akashic Records through channeling or astral travelling. It takes an experienced Psychic with and great focus to access a person’s Akashic Records. With the help of my guardian angels and spirit guides, I travel into the astral planes and to enter the library where the person’s Akashic Records are housed.


What Can I Learn From An Akashic Records Reading?


All About Your Past Lives

Past lives literary refers to a person’s past life experiences: Jobs, family, relationships, etc. During an Akashic Records reading, a person can ask anything that is related to him or her in the past. Things that are commonly asked by my clients are their past life jobs, about their families, and even about the past loves.

Your past life experiences might be totally opposite from what you’re experiencing right now. You could’ve been a person from the streets begging for money, or you could’ve been a very wealthy person.

Looking into a person’s past lives is one of the most magical experiences for me, as I get to know the different lifetimes a person has lived. There can be several lifetimes a person has lived depending on his or her soul age.

The importance of having a past life reading is to give you enlightenment and understanding about yourself because seeing into the past teaches you how much your soul has grown, and if you’ve been consistent with your journey towards transcendence.

A past life reading gives you insights into far more than your current lifetime. You’ll get to know how you’ve lived your life previously, and thus, you can improve things that need some adjustments.


Your Karma karma-3

We create karma by all our actions, thoughts, ideas, and deeds. And karma is in this life can also be a result of any karma we created in a past life also.

Other Information I can obtain through an Akashic Records reading is your karma. Karma is the law of the universe and it is as old as the cosmos itself. Having been created by the Divine to maintain balance and harmony of all It’s creations.

One thing to know about karma is that, it’s your universal teacher. The divine force that carries the will of the Creator Itself. It makes life a learning process, teaching you right from wrong through the consequences of your actions.

Basically, we create karma by all our actions, thoughts, ideas, and deeds. And karma is in this life can also be a result of any karma we created in a past life also. Your accumulation of karma can be seen through an Akashic Records reading, giving you insights into how you’ve lived your lives so far.

Also, this special reading is a way of shedding light in your current state of being. You will learn if your experiences are the result of the karma you had accumulated by how you lived your past lives before this one.

If you’re experiencing trials and hardships, I can teach you mantras, which are ancient words, and can help to lessen the consequences of your past life karma. If you’re a previous client of mine, you’re very well aware of these mantras which I give entirely for free.


Soulmates love-11

Through an Akashic Records reading, you will know the best place to “find” your soulmate, along with the likelihood of meeting him or her in this life.

One of the most frequent reasons that a client gets an Akashic Reading is because of their soulmates. Here is my brief definition about soulmates:

“A soulmate is the man or woman or your dreams. He or she will have all of the qualities you desire. When you meet, your lives will flow together naturally, harmoniously, and seemingly effortlessly.”

– Tana Hoy        

Through an Akashic Records reading, you can also learn about potential soulmates from various lifetimes, including this current one. This will give you a glimpse into who your potential soulmate truly is.

The most fascinating thing about this is you might even end up someone who was your previous soulmate from another lifetime.

Also, through an Akashic Records reading, you will know the best place to “find” your soulmate, along with the likelihood of meeting him or her in this life.

You can ask anything you desire during an Akashic Record reading.

How easily you can find your soulmate can be answered in an Akashic Record reading. Your Akashic Records reveal:

  1. Your Karma – Karma plays a role in a soulmate encounter. You will know your karma has affected meeting your soulmate.
  2. Where To search – During an Akashic Records reading, you can discover the right place to search to find your ideal soulmate.
  3. How Prepared the Both of You Are – You will know how spiritually and mentally evolved your soulmate is through an Akashic Record reading.
  4. The Chances Of A Soulmate Relationship – It’s not just finding your soulmate that an Akashic Record reading can help you with, but also the chances of meeting your soulmate in this lifetime. Through an Akashic Records reading, you can make peace with your past as well as let go of all your emotional baggage and past experiences, which are deterrents to your happiness.


The chances of an everlasting soulmate relationship relies on how prepared the two of you are. You can use an Akashic Records reading to know how you can improve your “preparedness” for a soulmate encounter, and also make yourself ready for meeting your ideal soulmate!

Please share your comments below about this article.  And if you’d like to discover what your Akashic Records reveal about you and your life, you can schedule an Akashic Records reading by clicking here now!


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  1. Sam says:

    If you’re going to compare the Akashic records to a supercomputer, might as well compare it to the Library of Babel. They are relatively the same thing with the only difference being Babel predicts and contains literature.

    The Library of Babel essentially contains everything that ever has been or will be in written form. This only means everything that ever has or will exist in text form, not every event that will or has happened written down. However this is less of a mystical archive and more a mathematical algorithm.

    — “It’s just like any other library. If completed, it would contain every possible combination of 1,312,000 characters, including lower case letters, space, comma, and period. Thus, it would contain every book that ever has been written, and every book that ever could be – including every play, every song, every scientific paper, every legal decision, every constitution, every piece of scripture, and so on.”

    The point is this is effectively a physical version o the Akashic records to some degree. They are both libraries that contain pasts, presents and futures. It can’t directly predict the future but it’s the closest thing we have in the physical plane.

    On an unrelated note, too bad about the Trump prediction. Many people were certain of a Clinton outcome. Perhaps this is what you sensed. The tense emotions running high, this would have given off a significant amount of global psychic energy. However, at this point in time, even with the final vote in, it is still not yet fully certain.

  2. Patricia says:

    I don’t understand how Trump won the election, because you predicted that Hillary was going to win. Could it might’ve been that the election was rigged?

  3. Sam says:

    It may well have been rigged. Tana stated it was due to “human forces” which could still mean anything.

    From my understanding of the US voting system, each vote is directed by one vote per state, not one vote per person. For example, if a high percentage of people voted Hilary in a state, then it essentially means that is one majority vote for Hilary from that state.

    I’m not one for using social medias but it might be a good for me to keep an eye out on Tana’s facebook page from now on. There seems to be a lot of indepth information there than just on the website itself.

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