Akashic Records: What They Say About You – by Psychic Tana Hoy

I wanted to talk about soul mates and Akashic Records! I received an email from a few clients the other day that inspired me to write more about these important topics!

Akashic Records

Dear Tana,

I had a reading with you about 2 months ago! You told me I would be meeting a guy. You even described what he would like like, when I would meet him, and you even told me his name!

Well, I met him exactly when you said, and I almost fell over when he told me his name – because it was the name you told me he would have! You even told me he would be my soul mate! You’re amazing!

My question is this: When I had my reading, how were you able to know those things in such detail? Is that information contained in my Akashic Records?

Tammy C. – Houston, TX

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The other email I received was this one:

Hi Tana,

During our reading a few months ago, you read my Akashic Records, and you told me about this man I was going to meet! You told me where to go to meet him, and you said we would be instantly drawn to each other like magnets because we were
soul mates in a past life! You said he was my soul mate in this life too!

Well, I already met him. He does have a beard just like you told me, and he does look like a young Kenny Rogers, just like you said! We had an instant attraction when our eyes met, and we haven’t been apart since the day we met! He seems

I wanted to know what other information my Akashic Records hold?

Brenda K. Phoenix, AZ

Those are great questions, so I wanted to answer them in this email.

What Are Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records are ethereal records that exist in the higher realms, and they contain very detailed information about anything you need to know about. They contain every one of your thoughts, actions, and deeds, in this life, and all of your past lives!

This includes you love life, who is your true soul mate, where and when you will meet, and even your current relationship and how to improve it, or make it better.

These records also tell you your life purpose, why you were born, what lessons you are supposed to learn here, and any special talents or skills you possess. Sometimes they reveal hidden talents and skills that you may not have known you even had!

Your Akashic Records hold the answers to anything you need to know! Visit here to find out what your records say about your life!

They have recorded in them what your future holds, and they also tell me what you can do to change any outcome your future! Akashic Records

They also contain information about the ways you can make more money, the best career choice for you, and even information about your health. In other words, they contain every possible piece of information about anything you need to know!

When I read your these records for my clients, imagine it like me walking into a library that contains everything about your past lives, your current life, and even you future! I then use clairvoyance to read your records, and then I tell you what they say!

I find Akashic Records fascinating because of all the information they contain! People often ask me if I can read my own records, and the answer is “yes”. I have done this several times, and it’s been by reading my own Akashic Records that I have been able to navigate myself through life’s twists and turns with fewer bumps and bruises

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  1. Carla Williams says:

    I love this articles! I find the Akashic Records fascinating! Thanks Tana!!

  2. Susan Briggs says:

    I Had you read my Akashic Records by you before, and it was amazing what you were able to tell me! I want to have them read again, because I have more questions. I’ll be contacting your office soon to set that up. Thanks Tana

  3. Patricia Downs says:

    Great post Tana! I found this fascinating! I never knew about these records before! I want to get mine read now! Will be calling your office today to set that up.

  4. Theresa says:

    I’ve been to you before and know you’re the real deal! I want to come and see you to discuss my Akashic Record and how I can change my life! Hope to see you soon!

  5. Leticia Steele says:

    So like reading your blogs.. Looking forward to my reading with u in January… Praying for an amazing year and wanting to look into my Akashic records and be ready for my reading on every thought i think will help about changing life for the better. I want to meet my soulmate and husband to be..Im ready ..Want to be very successful but in turn help and do my dream goal of running charities and causes.. Want to travel the world for these causes..A healthy, wealthy, loving, safety, goal oriented years for myself and family members.. To pray and help those who are suffering or need help. Change the world for the better..

  6. J says:

    I need to know about my Akashic details. I have always felt strongly there were things I was experiencing over and over again. I would like to believe I am a very loving and giving person, I give my biggest and warmest smile to help another with their day/life, but so sad inside so lonely. I try so hard expecting nothing in return yet I contantly end up being abused (my whole life since toddler). Today I sit here, I am so tired. Have I done something in the past to deserve this? Can we be affected by other family members karma? I need help because I feel Im drowning, and I have been a positive pick myself back up kinda of girl. Maybe I do not deserve good things. Can anyone answer this?

  7. Candy says:

    So cool!!! ? ??

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