Do you have alien DNA?

I have had a very interesting thing occur lately, during my psychic readings,! I have been having several clients come to me that have an alien DNA strand in their blood line. The first person I recently found who has this alien DNA strand, has been a long time client.

But until recently, it was not permitted for me to “pick up:” this information when I was reading for someone. You see, the Forces That Be, will actually block psychics from “picking up” information that is not meant to be known yet.

So the reason I never picked up this information from my client before, was because I was not allowed to know this information until the time was right for this information to be released to the world.

Since that first client, I have had at least 6 more people come to me who also have this Alien DNA strand. So you might be wondering what all of this means?

Well, it has a very significant meaning.

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What I am about to reveal to you is not found in any books, and right here, right now, is the first time this information is being released!

Understanding The Zets And The Planet Zetaron

You see, during the reign of Cleopatra, back in the early days of Egypt ,there were aliens that visited the earth. These aliens were called Zets, and they came from the planet Zetaron. They came to the earth, disguised as humans, to interbreed with the human race.

The reason they came to earth was because they wanted to implant their peaceful DNA into the human gene pool. They knew evil forces would always be part of the human race as it evolved. And by creating this mixed race of humans with alien DNA, they knew this mixed race would be peace loving, and their energy would help combat these evil forces!

This new human breed are called Zetumans.

Zetumans – The Mixed Breed

So a long lineage of Zetumans exists here on earth. And more people than you might imagine are Zetumans. Zetumans are a peace loving people, with a gentle heart! They always want good to prevail over evil, and they have natural healing ability (although they may not know it) are very psychic (it may not be developed) and they look just like you and me.

You can tell if someone is a Zetuman just by looking at them!

How To Tell If You Or Someone You Know Has ZET DNA?

So how do you know if you or someone close to you, might have Alien DNA from the Zets. There are some common tell tale signs you can look for:

Sensitivity to light when sleeping. People with Zet DNA are highly sensitive to light when they sleep and prefer a dark room. Light wakes them up!

They are highly empathic. Meaning they can almost “feel” the emotions of other people.

They are highly perceptive. They can usually spot a dishonest person a mile away, because they can “feel” when a person is a good person or not! (except when its comes to relationships. In that case, they find it very hard to be subjective).

Their eyes tend to come to a very defined point on the sides of their eyes.

They easily get their feelings hurt, but don’t always show it. People that know them are usually surprised by how sensitive they are.

They are helpers. Meaning they like to help others and they feel good when they help others!

They are very loyal to people they like.

They are very giving, often placing others before themselves.

They usually have strong feels about the mistreatment of animals, children, whales, dolphins, or any living being.

They have usually felt different all of their life, but didn’t understand why.

They tend to secretly think that most people are stupid (due to their high intelligence).

Plus a few more signs.

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Zetumans Have A Special Mission

Zetumans are here to help change the world, and make it a better place. They bring their light, love, peace, and gentleness to help balance out the negative forces in the world. Their mere presence on earth has a very powerful affect.

They like helping people, and are often sought out by others for their wise advice and counsel. Sometimes people will ask them a simple question “What do you think?” because they value their opinions.

Zetumans are a very special people, and they have a very special mission on this earth.

I hope you have found this insightful, because more and more Zetumans are going to appear in your life over the next few years! Always treat them with respect and dignity, because they will be the ones who eventually will save our planet.

In light and peace,
Tana Hoy

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11 Responses

  1. Anica says:

    You couldn’t be more right Tana. I am one of the many who have alien DNA. When I was young, I often thought I was adopted because I felt like an outsider in my family. I looked like them, but I didn’t have the same outlook on life as they did…breaking the chain of ordinary family mundaneness…so to speak, and I often wondered why I felt so different from my family. It wasn’t until I found out that I belonged to a blood type that is RH negative. That alien DNA I have, I read somewhere that we can become immune to various type of viruses including the HIV virus. Having alien DNA has it’s advantages. Since I was a child, I would often see, feel, and know things that other people couldn’t, and was made fun of because of that, so somehow, I learned to shut it off. I wish I hadn’t shut it off and I am working in getting stronger with my natural born intuition. You are awesome and I hope to get to or near your level someday. Thank you so much for posting this informative story. Anica

    P.S. Alien DNA carriers also have higher IQ’s than the average person.

  2. Ida says:

    I’m spot on every point, but where is your info coming from? The internet says nothing about it…

    • Tana Hoy says:

      A lot of my information is channeled, and much of it comes from personal experiences with aliens, along with readings I done for people with alien DNA. It comes from years of personal experience and research.

  3. Natalie says:

    Hi, are the Zets similar to the Zetas? (Greys) It’s the only thing that comes up. 🙂

  4. Brandon Lee willis says:

    Hi Tana I am one of those who have alien Dna I get it more from my moms side and I have reason to believe their are more than that one race on earth I am sensitive to light and you can tell also when ones awake just by asking if they feel slight height from a light source like an led which their eyes closed plus I’m clairvoyant so much so I get info automatically without knowing like a restraint that was closing Ryan’s is a place here were I live and it closed three days after I inquired about the closing and the waitress said I don’t think we are closing but it did everyone was astonished I also have a sense that life here on earth will be threatened over the next year or so and that the evil will try to eradicate their threat the sights are there it’s easy to feel plus I also feel others like me my question is have you felt any other types of alien other than Zeta

  5. Jolene Luna says:

    Man everyone always told me that I was different and that I would never find anyone out there just like me. I do think different than others, people want my opinion, and also I am sensitive. Everyone I know trips about it. I do care about animals and any living creature out there including our planet. I have had paranormal experiences my whole life, but asked God to get rid of the haunting part, which is why I am able to sleep. Other the that I have a lot of recessive traits. Never understood why I am so different. I have hazel green eyes, I look young for my age, different colors in my hair that is natural, short, but toned, and flat foot. I forgot what blood type I am, but my blood is very healthy and I heal just fine without doctors. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Charmaine says:

    One day I was meditating and this voice I had never heard of chimed in and I questioned it. I also asked my guardian angel Ishmael who it was he told me to listen. So this being told me all about his planet and how they ended up on Earth and he brought up my telepathy being strong as the reason I could hear him so clearly. He talked about a lot of things. I finally asked him who was is what was his name? His response I go by many names but most people refer to me as Any. He said after all this go to Google and search. When I did my mouth dropped everything he had said was exactly as he told me. He said I would meet more people like me and that he had to break communication then because the government was trying to tap in and listen. Strangely from helpings others, knowing things, and dealing with those that have crossed over this byfar has had me flabbergasted. He did say I was like a tripple threat in the spiritual rim. My gifts are more than the 1-2 most have. That didn’t surprise me from my experiences. I didn’t believe in aliens, but after that experience yep yep I believe.

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