Alien Sightings: Does Science Have Aliens All Wrong? – by Tana Hoy

Aliens are usually thought of as beings that come from another planet – beings from outer space which are portrayed in the media as either humanoid or non-humanoid, and also as good or evil.

alien sightings

Alien Sightings

There are several races of extraterrestrials in the universe, and some of them may appear to be just like you and me. With so many people reporting alien sightings, and also reporting seeing different species of aliens, it seems logical to me that there are different types of alien races out there.

However, taking into consideration that humans and aliens both have a physical body and a soul, during one of my recent astral travels, my Master Guide Macar revealed to me a concept previously unthought-of before – Extraterrestrials do not all appear in a physical form.

Understanding Your Energy Body

You, as a physical being, forms only part of the spiritual whole. Thus, you are not just confined to your physical body. Your existence is reflected in not one, but seven auric layers, each of which corresponds to a part of your real self.

This proves that your physical body is just one part of who you really are. The majority of your existence, therefore, is reflected in the world of energy.

Life Beyond The Physical Realm

As far as scientific research has been concerned, the search for extraterrestrials has all been focused on finding physical evidence of life on other planets. However, if you take into account that your body is made up of mostly energy, then science has been missing a huge point in the search for alien life.

Because if aliens have a physical body and a soul, just like you and me, then alien life is not confined to the physical realm only. Aliens can also exist in the physical and energy world both at the same time.

It is important to note that even the story of creation is quite vague when it comes to the existence of the physical body. In the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible, for example, it is said that humans are molded after the very image of God.

And biblical scholars have interpreted these passages to mean that it is our physical bodies which are modeled after the Creator. But these scholars have not taken into account the possibility that it may have been our energy bodies which were modeled after the Creator instead!

Your soul has more significance than your physical body, and all major religions are quite unanimous in the notion that your physical body is but a shell that houses your spiritual body – the spark of the Divine residing within you that is connected to part of the Universe itself.

Understanding Energy Bodies Beyond Earth

With this thought in mind, it then becomes important to assume that since the story of creation is not limited to the creation of the physical body alone, other beings in energy form could easily have been created during the conception of the universe as well.

They simply exist in realms far beyond the limits of the physical senses. The satellites that were sent to space to explore other planets have always been the most advanced, but their sensors are limited only to what the physical eye can see. It is no wonder then why none of these advanced probes have been able to find life!

Many psychics who have communicated with extraterrestrials in the past have claimed that they have been receiving messages from beings living in nearby planets from time to time.

Numerous messages from Venutians and Martians are abounding, and contrary to what conventional beliefs state, these accounts may not simply be figments of an overactive imagination.

They could really be as these psychics have claimed – real messages from our neighbors in the vast expanse of the universe.

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