Aliens Among Us – Is Someone You Know An Alien Walk-in??

Have you ever wondered if aliens live among us? In this article, you will learn that do live among us, and this is called an alien walk-in.

Aliens among us

What Is An Alien Walk-In?

An alien “walk-in” is where an alien switches souls with a human being who has agreed to leave their physical body. Usually a “walk-in” is an advanced alien soul whose purpose is to help the human race advance to a higher spiritual age.

The human soul that an alien switches places with has gone as far as it can in its development, so the human soul moves on to it’s next mission to continue it’s soul growth. Both souls consent to the switch.

Across the world, alien walk-ins currently number in the tens of thousands. Some of these human walk -ins remember their past lives as aliens, while others have no memories of them at all.

Are Alien Walk-Ins Dangerous?

Usually, alien walk-ins themselves are not dangerous. They are very advanced souls with specific missions on Earth, and therefore do not have any intentions of harming others.

However, the soul transference process can be traumatic for the alien walk-In, as they get adjusted to their new body. Sometimes the alien will enter bodies that have been disfigured, or are in a bad emotional state, making it difficult to handle for the new occupant.

One of their missions when entering a damaged body is to nourish it and bring it back to health.

How To Know If Someone Is An Alien Walk-In

Here are a few signs that someone might be an alien walk-in. These usually occur after a distinct event such as an accident, long illness, or operation, when afterwards, you feel completely different as a person.

• They find their feelings about people who are close to you changing quickly.
• They have lapses of memory in their current life.
• Their goals in life change abruptly, and they want to participate in more worthy causes.
• Their eyes change colors rapidly at times.
• Sometimes, if the former soul occupant was in a marriage, the walk-in will not be compatible with the former soul’s spouse, and they end up getting a divorce. On the other hand, even though the alien walk-in is spiritually different from the former soul that occupied the body, they are usually good natured beings who the spouse might grow to love as well.

What We Can Learn From Alien Walk-Ins

The “aliens among us”, are part human too, and they experience the same emotions and struggles as the rest of the human race.

Since alien walk-ins are more advanced spiritual beings, they have a lot to offer to the world. They can share their wisdom in how we can live better, how to treat each other better, and how to better take care of the Earth.

An encounter with a walk-in can be a deeply rewarding experience, and their knowledge can enrich your soul beyond belief!

6 Responses

  1. Amanda says:

    I love reading what you put on your blogs! So many things that are here on earth and around us that a lot of people know nothing about. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and making select few people aware, maybe some lucky person will have the honor of meeting one of these amazing souls!

  2. Nathan says:

    Hi Tana,
    Just a quick question and may sound a bit silly

    Does an alien walk in who does not remember their past life know that they are in fact an alien.
    It would be great learn more about this subject

    Thanks again Tana

  3. Alex says:

    A human body, as I my case, was deserted by the soul as a newborn and the body presented to me.

    NO Star Being engaged in the Awakening process here are a threat. Humans are more of a threat.


  4. Rene says:

    I have encountered walk ins, and Aliens that take on human form. The MIB’s do not like this knowledge getting out there. They are basically ET cops and once they find you they never stop tracking you.

  5. Franklin Pacelli says:

    An Alien can enter a human body. They are made of water molecular structure and enter through the mouth or the anal cavity. I had one leave my body while on a metro bus in Los Angeles. there are many there. As there are many UFO siting’s. The alien left my body only to enter the man sitting across from me.

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