Are Aliens Among Us Interbreeding With Humans? – by Tana Hoy

In this day and age, almost everyone has heard or read about aliens – visitors from outer space. Sightings of UFOs are now very common, and because of the Internet, more and more people are able to share their personal experiences with extraterrestrials (ETs). It’s undeniable that aliens are real, and these aliens among us are interbreeding with humans.

aliens among us

Alien Child Crossbreed

In fact, they’ve been coming here for thousands of years, and it’s highly likely that many humans now have alien genes.

What Do Aliens Look Like?

During my psychic readings, I have spoken to many clients who, at one time or another, have encountered aliens. The most common alien species my clients describe are The Grays, who have huge heads, almond-shaped eyes, small bodies, and elongated limbs.

There are other alien species, too, like The Greens. But while pure extra-terrestrials are usually easy to spot, they can also put on a human, or near-human form, that allows them to blend in when necessary.

Some of the signs that indicate that someone may be an alien are:

• They are usually more docile, fragile, and intelligent than the average person.
• They can be very observant, and are usually considered as dreamers or loners.
• They’re secretive, and seem to be hiding “something” all the time.
• They don’t feel “comfortable in their skin.”
• They have a better understanding of life beyond the limits of the earth.
• Physically, they can sometimes have greyish skin, bigger irises than average, long gangly limbs, and may seem sickly.

Why Are Aliens Here On Earth?

One of the reasons aliens come to our planet is to interbreed. They want to produce offspring with humans to create a superior race. While the mixing of the races does pose some problems at times, the aliens’ advanced technology and genetics allow for better manipulation of the genes.

They try to produce hybrids that are more resilient to sicknesses, are stronger, more flexible, highly intelligent, and have a good proportion of limbs and fingers.

How Is Interbreeding Possible?

Aliens are experts at mind control. Human psychic control is is nothing compared to theirs, so they are able to manipulate the memories of those they mate with. For instance, a human female may not have any recollection of an alien encounter, and she may believe that her husband or boyfriend is the father of her baby. When it is, in fact, the offspring of an alien.

A male human also may not remember having an intimate encounter with an alien – he may sleep soundly, yet wake up feeling very tired without explanation.

What Happens To The Alien-Human Hybrids?

Many alien-human hybrids remain on earth, and they continue to carry the alien lineage and spread their alien genes. Many individuals who report having had alien encounters, or having been abducted, are most likely offspring or descendants of aliens.

Their genes and physiology are being studied and monitored by the alien race for their development of a superior race. People who have disappeared without a trace may have been taken because they already possess a genetic make-up suitable for interbreeding.

How Would You Know If Someone Is An Alien?

As I said, pure aliens are easy to spot. If, however, the ET successfully manages to take on and maintain a human form, you need not worry much. Intimacy has ways of revealing a person’s true self, such as whether that person is an earthling or an alien.

If you’re really worried that you’re loved one is not of this world, then you can contact me for an accurate psychic reading. The aliens among us radiate a lot of psychic energy, so I will be able to tell if you’re dealing with a being from this planet, or another world.

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  1. Madisyn Leighanne Dickinson says:

    Can an alien go into a humans body and Interact with other humans? Can they b very flexible and make other humans b like them and after they test the human from the other humans body can they leave it by stopping time and unstop it and then after that the Aline that left the humans body can they make
    Them loose there memory like that!? I means
    Make them forget why they were in that time of
    Day r that time of night???

  2. RCL says:

    It is the height of human arrogance to believe we are the only “ intelligent” life in the Universe, I teeter on saying sentient, because intelligent we are not. That being said, of course aliens are among us, have you taken a close look at Chuck Schumer ? It’s blatantly obvious he is from Beta Reticuli.

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