Should You ALWAYS Listen to Your Intuition? inuition

Listening to, and trusting your intuition can be one of the most important actions you can take in life.

I meet all kinds of people in the course of my work as a Psychic when giving  psychic readings. Interestingly, a common trait among the different people I meet is their strong curiosity about the power of intuition.

All of those who have asked me about their intuition as a psychic ability don’t always feel comfortable to freely ask other people about their psychic experiences. Many people keep their interest about psychic things private when around others.

The reason for such an inclination is simple – they are worried about acquiring an image of being “odd” for their interest in things having to do with what most other people see as “non-logical.”


Many People Fear What They Don’t Understand fear of the unknown

Many people fear the unknown. They fear what they don’t understand. This fear often shows itself in the form of prejudice or as closed-minded thinking. They refuse to see beyond what they already know, or are familiar with.

By nature, people fear what they don’t understand.

The often-quoted line “People fear what they don’t understand and hate what they can’t conquer” popularized by author Andrew Smith clearly states why there are many areas in life about which people often get into arguments, with their arguments being based primarily on fear.

A case in point is the rigid attitude of certain people towards others whose lifestyles are not compatible with certain religious or spiritual beliefs, along with social practices.

People are not born with prejudice or biases in mind. People learn prejudicial attitudes and acts of intolerance from their families, from society, from churches, and from the media.

The more conservative and narrow-thinking your environment growing up was, the greater the chances of you being prejudiced against many things.

Fortunately, not everyone who grows up in an intolerant environment ends up with a completely closed mind. Some are courageous and want to explore what is “strange” to others, along with things which are new to their thinking and way of life.

Belief in intuition is one such “subject” that many want to probe, but are often afraid to do so. They are afraid of finding out more about it because they don’t understand something that is “not logical” or something which goes against the laws of physics.

Despite those reservations, common questions often come up when the subject of psychic abilities and intuition comes up:

– Is intuition true?

– How important is it in life?

– How can I make use of intuition to better my life?

– Should I always listen to my intuition?

The Key to Learning is Keeping an Open Mind open mind

Keeping an open mind is essential to learning. It is necessary for giving your intuition opportunities to develop.

 You cannot learn anything if you close your mind to new thoughts, possibilities, or alternatives.

People who refuse to have an open mind about the Psychic World will instantly play deaf when talk of anything having to do with psychic topics arise. Or they will do their best to change the topic right away.

It’s not because they are not curious at all, but more of they are afraid of something they don’t understand.

So, to simplify the process, I’ll talk about the questions written earlier.

– Is intuition true?  YES. Definitely.

– How important is it in life?  VERY Important.

– How can I make use of intuition to better my life? LEARN how to listen to, and trust your intuition.

– Should I always listen to my intuition? ABSOLUTELY.

Now, let’s explore why I answered those questions the way I did.


Intuition is a Fact of Life


From the time of cave dwellers, intuition has always been present.

As far as modern science knows, cave dwellers didn’t have a highly sophisticated thought process – the kind we know now of, as “logic.”

They didn’t even possess basic language skills, mostly communicating with each other through grunts and actions.

So, what got them during prehistoric times through the worst kinds of dangers? What alerted them to the presence of ferocious predators?


Their power of intuition, something other people label as “gut feelings,” something not dependent on a strong reasoning ability, was what kept cave dwellers ready to live another day.

Up to the present, humans still have that kind of “gut feel.” It is what causes creepy crawlies up your nape and down your spine when someone close to you is unfortunately lying to you.

It is what warns you not to travel down a certain road, because there is danger lurking there.


Your Intuition Can Help You to Make the Best Decisions intuition can protect you

Your intuition can protect you and give you more access to useful ideas. Your power of intuition exists to keep you sane, whole, and alive. In fact, even though you may only have an undeveloped version of this psychic ability, it is there for you.

Think about it – when you are faced with two or more choices, and you don’t have enough facts to make a so-called “learned decision,” what do you do? You will draw from deep down inside and make the decision that “feels” the best for you

Your intuition allows you to make such kinds of decisions because it is always looking out for you.

Your power of intuition exists to keep you sane, whole, and alive. In fact, even though you may only have an undeveloped version of this psychic ability, it is there for you.

It doesn’t even matter whether you think you have an intuitive ability or not, because your intuition exists independent of your mind and thought processes.

This is the reason it’s a great idea to start learning how to cultivate your intuition. Not only can your intuition help you to make the best decisions, it may even save your life, and the lives of those you love.



Why You Should ALWAYS Listen to Your Intuition


Listen to your intuition and trust it.

As I said earlier, your power of intuition may lead to the safety and preservation of your life and the lives of your loved ones, as well.

I cannot repeat this enough – listening to, and trusting your intuition can be one of the most important actions you can take in life. But there are other reasons, just as important, why you should always listen to your intuition.

And I mean ALWAYS.

The reasons are numerous, but here are at least two of the most valuable reasons for listening to, or following what your intuition tells you:


  • You can save yourself some time and money by following your hunches.

This is especially true when you need to make hard, on-the-spot decisions, but are wary because you aren’t sure about the person/s you’re dealing with.

If your intuition tells you to back off from a proposed deal, do so. Even if the deal turns out to be financially okay, there could still be a hidden danger, such as legal liabilities, which your intuition wanted you to avoid.


  • You can listen to what your intuition is saying when assessing the relationship you are in, especially during rough times.

People who are in love will often make excuses for the shortcomings of their loved one, to the point of deceiving even themselves that there is nothing wrong going on.

However, at the same time, if you are in such a situation, your intuition will blare the alarm and do its best to warn you to protect yourself.

Sometimes, this alarm can take the form of a massive headache, an upset stomach, or being unable to form thoughts coherently.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you during moments of stress, because your intuition can often work through your body to let you know what is going on.

Would you like to confirm if your intuition is correct? Would you like to heighten your awareness of your future so you can live a more peaceful life? A psychic reading can help you confirm if what you are feeling is correct, and show you things before they happen!

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2 Responses

  1. Sam B says:

    One of the primary causes is logic and intuition are viewed as separate.

    Logic is an archive of known knowledge whereas intuition is based from discovery and exploration based from a feeling. Not solid fact vs guesswork.

    I’ve said this before, if they are seen as one where intuition expands the concept of knowledge while logic is just using what is already known, it’d be far more eff active in tandem.

    Theories are a prime example of this. They work on the basis of logical fact or what is already known but devise an impression of belief or feeling in an outcome.

    I was always an awkward person but I still worried I’d look weird to “normal” people.

    I too keep relatively quiet about my psychic involvement. The only other person who knows is a close friend who seemed to take quite well to it despite not doing so himself. I noted he carried the many tell tail signs of a starseed and he found it pretty amazing and intriguing. My family aren’t spirutual but my mother more-so is open to the psychic world to some extent.

  2. Candy says:

    An interesting realization.
    Intuition is proof that everything is connected

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