Ancient Alien Theory – Have Aliens Helped Humanity All Along?

Our universe is a very big place, and common man, due to its gargantuan size, cannot comprehend its enormity. Out of the billions of galaxies that are present in the universe, where each galaxy is home to billions of star systems, and each star system is home to a set of planets – who says life is just confined in a single planet called Earth? The chance of having alien life elsewhere in the universe is very high.

In line with the very likely scenario that aliens do exist, the Ancient Alien Theory suggests that aliens have visited the Earth in the ancient past, way before man laid dominion over the world. ancient alien theory

Ancient Alien Theory says that aliens have visited the Earth a long time ago to prepare it for the domination of man.

The Ancient Alien Theory


The Ancient Alien Theory says that long ago in the Earth’s early prehistory, aliens had visited the Earth, paving the way for our species to develop. It is because of their goal to bring forth man’s existence that the aliens helped develop the changes the Earth experienced over the course of millions of years.

It also says that the global changes that the planet went through over millions of years were all guided by the alien’s intervention to fulfill its goal of helping man to become the dominant creature on the planet.

Assistance Of Aliens


The extinction of the dinosaurs, which wiped out 95% of all life on Earth due to an asteroid impact, did not happen randomly, as it was the act of aliens to make way for the evolution of a new breed of creatures – mammals. Ultimately giving way for man to evolve with intellect and self-consciousness.

When the first humans walked the surface of the Earth, the aliens felt satisfied, but there was a craving that was yet to be fulfilled – giving civilization to mankind. Now that modern man had finally been given form, the next step of the intervening aliens would be to give humanity a sense of purpose. This theory states that it is with this giving of purpose that aliens helped us achieve wonders of our own. ancient alien theory-2

The Pyramids of Giza could have been possibly constructed by help of ancient aliens.

The Pyramids of Giza, which stands 455 feet and are made up of 2.3 million stone blocks, each weighing 2.5 to 15 tons each, is an impossible feat for humans to build alone.

Take note that the Pyramids of Giza were made 5,000 years ago, way before the first manmade industrial machineries were invented. There is only one explanation to the construction of this 5,000-year-old structure – ancient alien intervention.

The same thought applies as to how the Ancient Romans achieved engineering feats, such as the building of aqueducts and marble palaces, or how the Ancient Greeks understood the heavens and used astronomy and philosophy to explain how the universe works in relation to human life.

The very idea that there was a sudden outburst of learning and self-consciousness could not have just sprung out of existence from nowhere; there needed to be a catalyst for all of these sudden progresses – which this theory states were ancient aliens.

How Mankind Has Benefited From Ancient Aliens


With the help of ancient aliens, humanity has thrived to become more than just creatures that scour the earth for resources to just merely survive. We were given a purpose, and with this purpose came the technological improvements that uplifted man’s standard or living. These technological improvements were caused by alien intervention, as these aliens shared with us their technology and ideas, thousands of years ago.

It is because of these shared alien technologies and ideas that humanity grew its yearning to have a sense of identity – a capability that only humans have. With our yearning to understand our own life’s purpose, we have discovered the mechanics as to how the universe operates.

The great minds of Aristotle, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Nikola Tesla, with the help of ancient aliens’ intervention long ago, have given birth to logical reasoning, as physics, chemistry, astronomy, and the invention of electricity, gave us the answers to our origins and how life works – thanks to ancient aliens.


Will The Ancient Aliens Return? ancient alien theory-3

It is possible that aliens will come back in the future to check what have been the results of their intervention.

With all of the great changes assisted by aliens early in our planet’s history having all taken place, there is a very big possibility that the same aliens will come back; but why?

The answer to that is very simple, and is best answered in three statements – (1) To check back in and see if their intervention has been for the betterment of mankind and for their alien species, (2) To further improve human civilization, and (3) To reap what they, the ancient aliens, sowed.

The ancient aliens will return because they will check to see if their intervention thousands of years ago has proven beneficial for them, and for humanity. Does mankind reflect their alien society, as well as their ideals and ways of living? Has humanity achieved the goals that these aliens wanted to accomplish when they were first helping ancient man to build its very first civilizations? Or did we disappoint the aliens as a result of how self-destructive we have become? All of these questions will be answered when ancient aliens will arrive to this world once more.

They Helped US


According to the Ancient Alien Theory, it was the ancient aliens that helped us become who we are now – a technologically thriving species with a civilization that nurtures a purpose to life, and an identity that makes each individual’s existence a meaningful one. However, our current understanding as an intellectual species is still open to the alien’s interpretation of human civilization when they come back.

Have we become too weary, that we are forging our own doom as the threat of global extinction is becoming higher than ever, due to a potential nuclear war, global warming as a result of manmade pollution. Along with the undying issue of racism that divides humanity?

Or have we evolved into becoming more than human, with the incorporation of science and technology that uplifts the standard of living that we are all experiencing now?

The answer lies on the minds of the ancient aliens that helped us all along. We just have to wait for their coming – the return of the Ancient Aliens.

So do you believe that aliens have really helped humanity? Let me know in the comments section below!

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5 Responses

  1. Sam says:

    Oh boy, now it get’s interesting.
    Even if direct moulding is a falsehood, there is still plenty of alien influence on humanity anyway. I’m not one to shy away from aliens. I could do a documentary on them if I had the time. I’ve been tempted to do blog,s videos and such on them in the past but never actually had the motivation to do so.

    A lot of “proof” of alien intervention comes from some of their lore, although no one really knows the true origin or which alien(s) were responsible. It’s not impossible that they’d return either since we are probably like a pet project to them. Unless we were really a disappointment they wouldn’t abandon something that had taken centuries to build, and it wouldn’t look good on them either if they did just leave us. However, it is unlikely that a single alien species is responsible but more likely a collaboration effort.

    One pretty decent example would be the GFL (Galactic Federation of Light), which is an alliance of alien spiritual beings that promote and protect positivity the common good of their definition. it is said that they are continuously watching over us and observing us. Within this alliance there are hundreds of species part of it but there are a few prominently known ones.

    Andromedans > Blues (sub race)
    Sollipsi Rai Greys (not zetans/zeta reticulan) – depends if they are part of GFL or Council of 5.

    and a few more I have yet to recall though apparently Centaurians and Pegasians are as well.

    There’s also the Council of 5 which used to be the Council of 9 which consists of:

    The Emerther (ancient sollipsi Rai)

    I couldn’t remember which all the races were so I copy pasted some of them. However it is said that the Council of 5 did have some input on human evolution:

    “According to several alien races the “Council of 5 ” (at the time “Council of 9 )
    has monitored the Human evolution since primordial times, since Humans
    were only a 1 cell marine organism and throughout all natural evolution ,
    when Humans became primate- like creatures and beyond (after the
    Anunakene aka Anunnaki , interference…). ”

    The “Anunnaki interference” likely refers to the prehistoric Nibiru crisis/ Nibiru cataclysm and/or it’s aftermath where the planet Nibiru which is part of our solar system but travels in and out of it’s rage either collided or almost collided with Earth. If it really collided however, we probably wouldn’t be here. However it’s speculated that sometime in it’s aftermath, either shortly or later a race supposedly from that planet descended onto Sumeria (aka Ancient Iraq) and began “ruling” over it. The Anunnaki are general seen as negative beings which may have had something to do with hindering human evolution into some form of subservience which we see today.It’s evident when you look outside of spiritual culture where you see domineering religions and corrupt governments and everyone else have come to have their minds blocked and prevented from being open minded these days. Basically where it’s come to a point where the ego can thrive which supposedly originated from the Anunnaki and other similar beings. They apparently started the idea of worship when they wanted to impose it as well as subservience on humanity – apparently, which also extends to the origin of ancient religions and how they function. If you take that and you look at what we see in the Eastern countries today like the pseudo-Islamic “culture” like terrorism and such, you can see the similarities.

    Alien intervention can be positive or negative that help or hinder us but I wouldn’t worry so much about the latters. People are becoming more open minded these days, even if it’s a slow progression., and if it makes you feel better, the good one’s are watching over us and have been doing so since the beginning of humanity, even now. It is also said that they are the reason most major confliction or tension between countries never went to full scale war. Especially nuclear wars. This may also extend to the cold war back in the 60’s, ironically the same time frame aliens sightings started showing up.

    Egypt also has it’s own plethora of history with the Carians, the Hathors, etc. Though Hathors aren’t really know if they’re alien or ethereal.

  2. Candy says:

    The telekinetic species ?
    Say they understand our earthly resistance in defining what may not be seen with our eyes but we must look further and see with our mind.
    For the mind has no end, just as the universe.
    Make peace with your people ✌?
    The destruction on your planet ? is unspeakable
    Global peace for the human race is our mission.
    Your water is your GOLD – and your gold is like rocks. Greed has taken over your planet.
    To shed light on this urgent matter, we ask you to make peace with your people. Rise above and shine higher than any situation that arises.
    Sweep the negativity away ??
    It doesn’t exist!! You are stuck in a whirlwind as a dog stuck barking outside at nothing.
    ( the dog part was from me lol)
    Furthermore your planet ? is experiencing difficulties with the elements and we are working on assisting you with this. We come from pure love and there is no need to fear us.
    There is no corruption here.
    We limit our contact and connection because it’s not good for us to be in darkness.
    We desire you to evolve to a higher ascendancy.
    Please bathe yourself in light always.
    Come be free- see what I see- drop all animosity
    There are no health issues here.
    Continue to Bathe yourself in the light and you will help your planet.
    ? ?
    Advice from TTS: The telekinetic species.
    -I thank them for helping me bring you this message! ?? Nanoo Nanoo!! ?
    ✨????????????☘️????GREEN PEACE! ??????

  3. Sam says:

    Which telekinetic species? There’s a few of them. My first guess is Arcturians since they’re highly spiritua in promoting love and lightl, have eradicated sickness and desease from their planet, have the mental capacity to properly manifest or create along with the ability to retain mass amounts of knowledge and memory in their mind and promote oneness with source. A lot of what you said matches this.

  4. Sam says:

    – and a lot of them are Ascended Masters.

  5. Sam says:

    – I also forgot to mention of course they’re highly proficient with tele and psychokinesis.

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