Angel Guidance: How to Invoke the Archangel Michael – by Tana Hoy

When people such as high-ranking government or religious officials rise to power, the first thing they do is make sure that they will be kept safe. To do this, they hire the best protection that money can buy.


Usually, these come in the form of highly trained and skilled bodyguards who follow them around as they go about their daily tasks. Hiring bodyguards requires a lot of money, but for people like them, they consider them an investment.

What if I tell you that you can have a bodyguard of your own, free of charge, and more powerful than the strongest bodyguard that money can buy?

You read that right. And the Archangel Michael, my personal favorite angel protector.

Who Is The Archangel Michael?

The Archangel Michael is one of the highest-ranking angels in the hierarchy of angels. He was created since the beginning of time, for the sole purpose of providing angelic protection to the people on earth. Being one of the most ancient angels, he is among the wisest, and the most powerful.

In fact, he was so powerful, that in the Book of Revelation (the finale chapter of the Christian Bible), the Archangel Michael was the one who sent both Satan and the Antichrist to the lowest pits of Hell, by only using his bare hands.

The best thing about him however, is the fact that any human being can call upon him at any at any time.

How Can The Archangel Michael Protect You?

The Archangel Michael provides angelic protection to anyone who chooses to call upon him. That means that if you call on him when you are in trouble, he will surely be there. You just have to make sure that your invocation is correct and sincere.

There are many accounts of people who swear to have seen the Archangel Michael while they were in trouble. For example, there is a case in the 90’s, which involved a young lady walking alone at night.

She was being stalked by a group of 5 men, who, by the looks of it, were planning on doing something really bad to her. Since cellphones were practically nonexistent then, all she could do was try to lose them. After invoking the Archangel Michael, she started running.

Looking back, as she was running, she was surprised to find that the men were starting to run away from her.

She eventually found a policeman and reported the incident. When the men were found and arrested, they all said that they turned around and ran the other way after seeing a huge, muscular man with an arm around the girl.

This was just one story out of many.

How To Invoke The Archangel Michael

The invocation of the Archangel Michael is actually very simple. It is part meditation and part prayer. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Close your eyes, and the regulate your breathing. Making sure that your breaths are even, and your mind is fully focused on the invocation.
  • Imagine yourself standing in a vast expanse of space.
  • Silently say the following words to yourself. As you do, imagine a flaming sword appear exactly on the location that you are speaking of:
  • Angel Michael before me (imagine a flaming sword in front of you)
  • Angel Michael behind me (imagine a flaming sword at your back)
  • Angel Michael above me (imagine a flaming sword over your head)
  • Angel Michael beneath me (imagine a flaming sword under your feet)
  • Angel Michael at my right (imagine a flaming sword over your right shoulder)
  • Angel Michael at my left (imagine a flaming sword over your left shoulder)
  • Angel Michael WITHIN Me!
  • As you silently say the final line, imagine a flaming sword appearing at your Heart Chakra. This is what summons the Archangel Michael.
  • It is often at this moment when the accounts of those who invoke report feeling an immense presence envelop them, and they instantly feel protected.

Try this out whenever you are going home late at night, or if you are travelling to a place that you feel is unsafe. There’s nothing better than an angelic bodyguard to keep your safe!

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  1. Louise Amos says:

    Our Arc Angels are very powerful. I have them protecting my property

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    Thanks Tana. I copied and pasted the invocation thank you.

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