Angel Numbers: Part 2 – How To Interpret Their Meanings!

In Part 1 of this article, Angel Numbers – What Your Angels Are Saying To You, I introduced repeating numbers, more properly known as angel numbers, are numbers that seem to make themselves visible by catching your attention because of the unusual frequency of their appearances, and the randomness of the places where they show up.

angel numbers

Angel Numbers

Am I Being Singled Out?

When you see angel numbers, you are, indeed, being singled out. A message is being delivered just for you, as it applies to your situations in life. The more pressing a concern or situation, the more frequently and randomly you will encounter your angel numbers.

Angel Numbers – How To Interpret Their Meanings

Let’s continue exploring the meaning of the numbers or number sets that often show up.

111 – This angel number is all about dealing with truth, which means you need to do away with whatever negative thoughts or attitudes you carry about yourself. A 111 repetition is your angel’s way of saying “Be not weighed down by distractions. Appreciate yourself, and know your true direction in the process.”

222 – Ordinarily, once you have come to terms the 111 angel numbers, and if your understanding of your true path is correct, 222s could start appearing for you. 222 repeating numbers are validations of what you have been made to understand, in terms of your life’s direction.

333 – This is a very encouraging angel number, for it is a message that your guardians are ready to support you.

angel numbers

Angel Number Meanings

Call on your angelic protectors and receive their aid, whether it is about making a decision, or seeking relief from something burdensome.

444 – This is the angel number which tells you that a portal to another breadth of existence has been opened for you, giving you support regarding a most-cherished plan, or a longed for accomplishment. When you see this repeating number, take advantage of the opportunity and seek the strong aid of your angels.

555 – When faced with a series of 555 angel number, be aware that you are being asked to prepare to move on from anything that has been troubling you. This could be a message to end a relationship that makes you sad, or an instruction to change your lifestyle. Some resistance to change is understandable. Yet, when 555s come zooming in towards your sphere of awareness, do not be afraid and hesitate. Your angels know your anxiety and will come to soothe you, in order that you may make the change required in your life path.

666 – The majority of people identify the number 666 with the Anti-Christ. In terms of angel guidance, do not worry that fallen angels are sending these repeating numbers to you. On the contrary, seeing a repetition of 666 simply means that you are being nudged to focus more on the spiritual, instead of material things.

777 – This angel number is a message for you to accept the need for liberation, and to stop trying to control what is happening in your life. Remember that there are times when you cannot fully control what is external to you, but you can surely control how you react to external issues. The more you exercise patience, the faster you arrive at a solution that is beneficial to you, and everyone who cares for you.

There are more meanings to explore behind other angel numbers. Check them out in a my next article! If you want to get reliable guidance and deeper interpretations for the angel numbers that you see, you may want to schedule a one-on-one psychic reading with me.

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  1. Angel Holmes says:

    Thanks Tana! Great article!

  2. Karla Smithers says:

    Tana, this was very helpful! I keep seeing 111 and now I know what it means! Thank you for writing this article!

  3. Linda Rogers says:

    Great post Tana! I love reading your articles! This is another great one!

  4. Lizette says:

    I don’t always notice repetitious but today after reading your article I was watching a movie “Where the Heart Is” and Natalie Portmans character has a distain for the number 5. Well three 5’s came up on the cash machine in the movie and I was kinda annoyed. I been wondering about my own relationship and been told by a psychic that I will be moving on from this relationship. It was too coincidental yet I dont believe in coincidences. I’ll be on the look out for more sequences of numbers.

  5. Angie says:

    Amazing info please send more with other numbers if possible thank u Tana :0)

  6. Jahnavi.Lakhani says:

    My husband keeps on seeing 911 on the clock.What would that mean.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      It may be some kind of warning, but I would suggest a psychic reading so I can interpret it correctly for you. Let me know when you are ready for my help. Looking forward to talking soon.

  7. Cassandra says:

    I keep seeing 1010 and 1212 what do those set of numbers mean???

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