Angel Numbers: Part 3 – How To Interpret Their Meanings

In my previous article, Angel Numbers: Part 2 – How To Interpret Their Meanings, I discussed the importance of recognizing what angel numbers are, and the meanings of certain repeating numbers in our lives.

angel numbers

Angel Numbers

Here are some more of the meanings of the angel numbers. There’s some special information at the end of this article, because I wanted to save the best for last.

888 – The number 8 is a wonderful number. It connotes infinity, with no beginning and no end. When 8 arrives in your life in a set of three, as in 888, you are fortunate indeed! 888 is the sign of prosperity and overflowing gifts. These gifts may come in the form of healthy, warm, and loving relationships. It could also refer to financial gains that will be long lasting. Or, at the very least, your angels could be using 888 to let you know that you will soon encounter the ideal solution to a problem that has been weighing you down. In short, 888 can mean peace of mind and strength of character will be abundantly received.

999 – This angel number, which is rather rare to encounter, is a message from your angel guides that you have done good in dealing with a life challenge. As such, you are about to “graduate” into a higher state of consciousness as a reward. In other words, if you keep on seeing 999 all around you, it means that your soul has been successfully learning its life lessons, and you are to about to be commended for it.

000 – This is another rarity as far as angel numbers are concerned. The reason it is rare, of course, is that very few man made objects display this number, except maybe things such as old gasoline pump counters. However, should you encounter this repeating number, you can be sure that good news is coming your way. That’s because 000 heralds fresh starts, brand new hopes, and beginnings that foretell of good things to come.

The Last Angel Number

The last repeating number that you need to know about is 1111. I mentioned earlier that I have saved the best for last, and the 1111 angel number is definitely the best.

Do you frequently encounter 1111? If so, you can count yourself among the few who are meant to soon remember or recognize the full meaning of your life on earth. By this, I mean the life plan that your soul personally chose, before reincarnating.

Isn’t that exciting? Not everyone is given the opportunity in this lifetime to know their full life plan! Some souls need to reincarnate over and over before they arrive at such a special level.

So, if you have been seeing 1111s all around you, rejoice! It could be signaling the dawning of new, hidden knowledge for you.

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  1. Hally Fletcher says:

    Thanks for the article Tana! It was very helpful!

  2. Sara Holmes says:

    This was a great article! I see the number 888 all the time! Now it makes sense what it means!

  3. Patty Wright says:

    Tana, this was a great article! I have heard of angel numbers, but now I know what they mean! Thanks so much!

  4. Carla says:

    I’m always seeing 222, 2222 but I’m thinking that my children was born on 222. And my son pass away last year I thought that’s something that remind me of them. Both of my kids born on the same day but they are 2 years apart. I knew it was something to it but didn’t know what.

  5. Gale says:

    Thank you for all that you do Tana! Thank you for your guidance and emails. Each response is so special and the information you so freely share with strangers is such a blessing. Thank you thank you thank you!
    Sending much love!
    Ps: I’ve experienced 111 infact that’s my birth date 11 of the 11 and birth time 11pm. Also experienced 0:00 a lot lately!!!

  6. Silarious says:

    888 is the number of ouroboros, because 8 ‘ate’ 8, i.e. snake biting its tail.

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