Would You Like to Be On My Angel Prayer List? – Please Read This

HI there,

I am going to be starting an Angel Prayer List of people who need prayers, and help. Each night, I am going to add the names of people to this list, along with what they need me to pray for with my Guardian Angels.

There is no cost for this, it is something I want to do to help as many people as I can. I realize a lot of people are suffering and not sure what to do, so I want to be instrumental in helping them overcome their struggles, using the power of angelic Prayer.

Each night for the next 30 nights, I will perform a special Angel Prayer Ritual to send your prayers out into the universe, and your prayers will be delivered by 200 angels into the highest realms that exist.

This will bring you relief, blessings, and solutions to whatever you are struggling with.

What you need to do is to email me back with your name, or the names of the people you would like to be included on my angel Prayer List, along with what you would like to have prayed for.

Please keep your email brief and to the point, because I will have many of them to add to my list each night.

May the abundance, light, and love of the Angels, bless you and your loved ones abundantly.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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68 Responses

  1. Neomia Solomon says:

    I want to be added to your angel prayer list I need help financially and taking care of my mother Henrietta Solomon is struggling with health issues

  2. Laurie lacerre says:

    Please pray my health continues to get better and I find a new job with normal hours

  3. Lesley-Ann Simpson says:

    Please can you put me on your Angel Prayer List …… I would dearly like assistance from the angels to purchase my own home.
    Many thanks

  4. Viana says:

    My prayer request is to get out of debt, so I can be financially independent and comfortable. I want to be able to afford to live on my own, and have the means to buy a house.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Toria Moran says:

    Thank you for offering this prayer list. i have a difficult time dealing with stress and anxiety. Trying to practice meditation and relaxation but brain does not shut up.
    Thank you, Tana


  6. Veronica says:

    Angel Prayers

    Financial blessings for me. I lost my job after 17 years.

  7. Teresa Milito says:

    Yes, I would like to be added in your Angels prayer list. My fiancé’ , Jimmy Berg, is lost in his life. He is going through a serious midlife crisis, which people don’t realize is a mental condition which transforms their personalities and act out out of impulses without considering their consequences. I pray for restoration for our relationship. Thank you Tana, You are awesome. I look so forward to our reading in may ( i wish it was earlier!!!).

    A big hug to you, Teresa.

  8. Remedios says:

    Dear Psychic Tana Hoy,

    I am so much overwhelmed when I read ur email. i hope & pray you will include me in your angelic prayers. My special prayer petition is good healt, free from cyst & manage stress in life and at work.

    Many thanks & more power to you. God bless u always

    remedios / Philippines

  9. sally clark says:

    possible breast cancer …biopsy on tuesday

  10. Ray A. James says:

    Yes, I have had a gum and tooth ache. Because of assessed teeth…and need full capacity mentally and physically with me and my Dentist..Also other minor health problems assoc with blood pressure, eye glasses,feet problems, ear problems,etc.

  11. Veronica Ramirez says:

    Hello Tana, I hope you are doing well, I am hoping to be added to your angel prayer list. I would love for my cancer to never come back and my tumors to dissaapear. For my children Nikko and Bella for them to always be safe, happy and successful. For my husband Fernando the same, as well as my parents, sisters and family.
    God bless you Tana

  12. Candy says:

    Omg!! I love this!!!
    I’ll send you an e mail! Thank you!

  13. kabiru ali says:

    Prayers for sound Health for Kabiru Ali, Mbang Bassey, Maryam, Merry, Abaseke, Imran.

    Prayers for Financial Breakthrough to Kabiru Ali, Ado Ali, Sani Ali, Abaseke Ali, Khalil Ali.

    Academic and Professional Excellence to Kabiru Ali, Sani Ali, Abeseke Ali, Khalil Ali, Ali, Imran, Abubakar Ali

    Safety and Protection for Kabiru Ali family, Sani Ali Family, Ado Ali Family, Merry Ali, Mbang Bassey.

  14. Mara says:

    I would love if you could include me and my family if possible. Where can I give my name.

  15. janice arandelovic says:

    I think I need to be on your prayer list . Im having trouble trouble with psychic vampires and guilt and lost trevor.I need some healing

  16. Stephanie Cass says:

    Thank you, again this is such a very generous gift you are giving us!

  17. Alejandra (Los Angeles) says:

    Thank you Tana, this is a great idea. Your always thinking of us.

  18. Sharon Jordan says:

    I need pray for a healing for me and my mom her name is Mattie Maddix. Tana thank you for my reading I’m still smarting just hope that my health get better. Talk to you in September.

  19. Monica Carter says:

    Would love the help of my angels, please include me on the this.

  20. Patricia Campbell says:

    Prayer for peace of mind, health, strength, financial stability, protection, and guidance
    Please pray for Troy Van Duyne Jr., Kasun Jenkins, Kasun Jenkins Jr., Zion Van Dunye, Patricia Campbell, Emily Campbell

    Thank you very much Mr. Hoy

  21. Jimmy says:

    Pls pray for me that I will have 5.0 in my coming examination and I also want to know how to spell every word

  22. Jean and Nick says:

    Please, ask the Angels to help my son, Nick to overcome his Autism and to communicate more.
    As for myself I need a great amount of prayers to improve my health.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  23. Peter says:

    Angels, please help me get a benefited job in a college. I’d like to get a part time job about 30 hours a week. I like to to work with good people and good pay.
    Also, please help me with my psychic website. I need to grow my contents and hire psychics very soon.
    Please bless me, love me and hear my prayers. I know you’re listening.

  24. Vicki says:

    Thank you . I humbly request prayers for a relationship with my twin granddaughters who don’t know I exist. Also please prayer for a healthy and loving relationship. Thank you for your generosity!!!

  25. howard franklin says:

    would like to be on your angel prayer list. myself,howard,lisa and bernadera franklin. help in all areas of our lives. giving our lord and savior all the praise and love. thanks

  26. Kelli says:

    Hi Tana,

    Could you add me to your prayer list. Please help me find a better financial situation and direction in my life. Thank you. I appreciate it.

  27. Linda A says:

    Please ask the angels to bless my health, Also prayers for each and everyone of my Loved ones and their health issues. And For my Daughter to finally meet the right man who will Love her and her son, and want marriage. For my son and his girl that they shall always Love and be together for ever, marriage also. Thank you

  28. Andra Long says:

    Dear Tana,

    I would very much appreciate being added to your Angel prayers list.
    I would like find reason for my chronic health issues, doctors are struggling to find a diagnosis.

    Thank you in advance,
    In light and peace,
    Andra Long

  29. subhoneeta says:

    Please pray that I and Ummer , get married soon and live a simple life woth love and abundance and may we also get success in our careers.

  30. Debbie DeGarmo says:

    Thank you so much for this blessing, please add myself and my husband Steve, with his disability and chronic pain we are planning to sell our home and downsize. Also a smooth delivery for our grandbaby that is due in the next few weeks.

  31. Lacey says:

    Tana, thank you so much for doing this for not only myself and family, but so many that believe.
    I would like many prayers for my mother as she is going through a very hard time with finances. I would also, like many prayers for myself, as I am doing through a very hard time and need to know it’ll all work out great! Thanks again, for your amazing gift!

  32. Linda Chappelear says:

    Please add me to your prayer list. Thank you!

  33. Ana De La Torre says:

    Pray for Leonore De La Torre, please pray for My Mom to get better and come Home from the Hospital

  34. Marissa says:

    I ask you and my angels to keep my financial, wellness and relationships in your prayers. Thanks!

  35. malena says:

    thank you so much i will be sending you my prayers god bless.

  36. malena says:

    pray at this time for my sister connie for her health that she be cancer free and that the procedure they will do on her throat today that she will come out of it ok and and will cure her stomach problems and survive this surgery as she is very weak thanks. god bless

  37. cary says:

    Thank you. Please pray for my husband’s (Robert) health. May we find a doctor that would help him heal or a miracle sent his way.
    With appreciation,

  38. Kathi says:

    Dear Tana;

    Please pray for my brothers.

    Prince —– for getting healed from liver problem and having a nice future.

    Joseph —— For getting rid of drinking alcohol and bad friends.

    Harikumar ——- For having a peaceful family life.

    Thank you,


  39. Lisa Carlson says:

    You are such a kind and gentle person. I love your work and look forward to each and everyone of them. Please pray for my family who lost my mother and ate having a difficult time dealing with it. Also, my baby boy (17) just found out he is going to be a daddy with a girl…let’s just say that she is not nice. She has given him bruse’s, black eye and scratches. She tells him the baby is his in one breath and says it’s not in another. We just wish we knew one way or the other.

    With love,

  40. Christine says:


    I had a flu vaccine in 1978,within 1week my doctor told me I have Crohn’s .
    I have not taken any meds for the last 36 years.
    As we get older our bodies change. I have a swelling where the small meets the large bowel.
    There is a pinhole opening now after tests were done.
    For the first 2 years they put me on prednisone,now 38 years later I also have Diabetes 2.(Doctor said its from being on the prednisone)
    I get sick every week now and I am unable to live a normal life with my family.
    Bless you for offering your help with prayers.
    Thank you.

  41. Evelyn Albro says:

    Just ask the Angels To help me as the Angels know What I need.
    Thank you Tana, for taking the time to help people by praying, to the Angels.
    Hope to get a reading , from you,

  42. Christine DiGregorio says:

    Please pray for protection for tex and I from evil spirits that constantly follow me and for tex and I to be able to live a humble trouble free life together without the interference of his family and and evil menevolent woman who’s constantly cursing me with negative energy and has major jealousy of me and is obsessed about me please block her negative energy from having repercussions on tex and I and our relationship together as we are soulmates for life

  43. Theresa says:

    We usually have a couple slow months between Christmas and February. In March, the business picks back up and we get back into the swing of things. But this year is different, there are little to no orders coming in and we are struggling to find more work. Please pray for our business to survive or that we find a better way of making money to survive. Please also pray for the good health and strength needed to get through these hard times.

  44. Shawn says:

    Tana I would like for you to pray for my health both physical and mental. I also would like for you to pray that I have peace and happiness in all aspects of my life. Pray that I may get the home that I have been praying for and that my finances become stable.

  45. Debby welsh says:

    Please pray for me to the Angels in my name for they know what I need
    Thank you so very much for you thoughtfulness….,

  46. Edna Terry says:

    Hi! Tana I’m so greatful for your youtube videos and your web page. I would love for you to pray for me, for countinual health and prosperity. That doors open and new opportunities come into my life so I am able to keep providing for my children.

  47. Martina Kuzela says:

    Hi Tana,

    Please include me in your angel prayer list. Please pray for health, financial stability, safety and happiness. That one day I may meet my soul mate. For my sons Bryson and Brandon that they may be healthy , happy and safe in all that they do all the days of their life.

    God Bless

  48. Debra tersaga says:

    Would like to be added to your angel prAyer list…eye sight and prosperity in all aspects of my life….

  49. Brenda says:

    I’m already on your Angel prayer list but forgot to ask if you could also pray for pain relief from my awful arthritis. Thank you Tana for giving us this beautiful gift. I believe in Angels and in the power of prayer.

  50. Johann says:

    Hi Tana,
    I would love to be added to your prayer. Times have been a little tough and I would like to overcome the situation soon. Thank you!

  51. Kathy says:

    Please add me to your prayers. I need a job, a way to earn a living, as I am the unemployed provider for four other people.

  52. Deborah Taylor says:

    Hi Tana, I think this is wonderful

  53. Deborah Taylor says:

    Please pray for me, for my health and prosperity, and love in Jesus’s name. God bless you!!!

  54. subhoneeta says:

    Please include me and umar in ur prayer for marriage soon and a happy life together. We would like the marriage to take place soon and at the earliest.

  55. Alejandra (Los Angeles) says:

    Hello Tana, please ask the angels to pray for my health and the health and eye sight of both my children.

    thank you,

  56. Mar says:

    Hi Tana, please add me to your angel prayer list. I am a single mom who is leaving my job to pursue a path, yet UNKNOWN. This is a very scary time for me because I am not quite sure what the future holds for me, but something is drawing me down this path.
    Thank you,

  57. Arianna Valenzuela says:

    Please pray for my grandmother Leonor De La Torre while she undergoes her health issues, heart surgery and recovery. She has been ill & in the hospital for 4 weeks now.
    Also pray for me to stay on a good path, continue to strive at work & school.

  58. Debby Johnson says:

    Thank you Tana. I need some prayers for financial abundance. I am having an extremely hard time keeping faith that everything will work out for me. And I would like to ask for some prayers to protect abused children. Keep them safe from harm.

  59. Aletta Yagoda says:

    Mr Tana Hay, First thank you for your beautiful website. If your giving out blessings from your two Hundred Angels. I have a few requests. My joints are in need repair, knees back neck feet hands I’ve been on disability for a few years .In need of a car haven’t had one in two years also need some dental work. I do beleave in miracles. I have been praying for this but nothing has happened as yet.

  60. Lauren West says:

    I NEED healing for my nephew Antonio Carter. He has a genetic heart condition that is requiring him to eventually get a heart transplant. I also need healing for my sister his mother shes an alcoholic and suffers from bi-polar schizophrenia. I need healing for myself im suffering from women problems and i need help financial, in my love life and im suffering from having a cold heart

  61. Leticia Steele says:

    Tana your such a kind man.. Yes please would like to bring happiness and love to my relationship and would like to spend the rest of my life with him..im ready for marriage again.. Thank you and Happy Easter..

  62. Beverly says:

    Hello Tana.
    Yes, please add me to your prayer list. Please ask the angels to pray for me, my children and grandchildren. Pray for our health, contentment and financial security.
    Thank you Tana.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  63. Denise says:

    Yes, indeed !!! Please pray for me and mine. My guides and angels will know what we need.

    Thank you my friend.


  64. Ray James says:

    Hello Tana: I continue to try to smile as it eases the pain in my jaw. I am going to see my Dentist on the 13th…I also bought a car that I am trying to recondition for window locks and air conditioner. It is a VW 1.9 litre diesel….I did not get to take a vacation to Pensacola two weeks ago due to mechanical problems and health issues…and rain in Pensacola….I love to fish and hope to go deep sea fishing when able….If I ever make it to California I would like to do a charter fish tour with you if your interested. Maybe we can also bring girlfriends or other acquaintances. I appreciate the prayers….

  65. jay stockton says:

    Please pray for my God Mother –> Amy Gonzales

    Thank you…:)

  66. Faranak Groves says:

    couldvu please pray for my sister fatima h whose having a big heart operation soon

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