A Powerful Angel Wish That Can Heal Others Instantly! – by Tana Hoy

Here is an Angel Wish Of Protection you can place around someone you care about!

angel protection

For every 13 people you send this to, you will receive a new Guardian angel in your life!

This Angel Wish will protect them, and place 3 angels around any person you send it to!

Here’s how to send this Angel Wish of Protection to someone you care about:

1. Imagine their face

2. Then silently say this Angel Wish Of Protection

3. Then send them this link so they know how to send angelic protection to someone they care about to!

4. Don’t forget to ask them to do this technique while thinking of you also!

5. For every 13 people you send this wish to, you will draw a new Guardian Angel into your life! For ever 26 people you send this to, you will draw one of the Archangels into your life!

I hope you enjoy this very powerful Angel Wish Of Protection. This information is like having a magic wand that you can use to helping other people overcome struggles in their lives, and help give them more love, joy, and peace inside!

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