Angel Readings – The Key to Meeting Your Guardian Angel

Angels protect you from harm and guide you through life. They are loving beings who only want the best for you.

Angel readings help you hear messages from your angels by tuning you in to your angel’s energy frequency.

angel readingsSome psychics use angel cards to communicate with them, but they aren’t necessary to use for communicating with your angels!

The Importance of Knowing Your Guardian Angels Names

There are as many angels as there are people, and everyone has several guardian angels assigned to them at birth. You may have heard the names of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and others, but what about the names of your angels?

Knowing the names of your angels means that the two of you can communicate better, allowing you to more easily access your angel’s help. It also means that your angel will have an easier time protecting you and guiding you towards positive change.

How An Angel Reading Will Guide You

Because as humans we were given the gift of free will, there are many paths that we can take in life, each opening us up to numerous possibilities. Your angels can give you direct guidance about the paths you should take.
Unlike psychic readings that focus on facts and timelines, an angel reading focuses more on you, and your spiritual journey.

Finding the Right Psychic

Angels are pure, loving, and positive energy. This means that the psychic you choose must also be pure and positive. It’s also important that he or she channels a loving aura similar to that of an angel’s.

It’s important to be very open during this type of reading, so that your psychic can make a strong connection between you and your angels. Doubts and worries are obstacles that come from the rational mind, so you will need to tune these out, so that your heart and mind will be open to receive your angel’s guidance.

An angel reading lets you connect with, and get to know your angels. Angel readings will not only help you on your spiritual path, but they can also reveal your strengths and weaknesses, showing you how you might apply them better to get the results you want from your life.

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  1. charles ocairns says:

    I am 6 weeks from being 88 years old- I grew up in a strict catholic family- my father died before I was born and my mother and grandparents raised me, along with my fathers brother, who was a priest- I had so many problems with religion and thinking about going to hell because I thought I could not make a good act of contrition- I got so bad that the psychiatrist put me in an insane mental institution- after about three months, I told my uncle, the priest, that I wanted to go home- in 1950 I was sent to Korean war- I went to the veterans hospital when I got home- I had ulcerative colitis, malaria and stress- I still have thoughts about the mysteries of time, space and wonder if there is after life- I have a very analytical mind –

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