What Are Angels? 5 Archangels and Their Important Roles in Our Lives

What are angels? In many mainstream faiths, angels are known to have been created to do the bidding of the Most High. In fact, the word “angel” comes from the Greek word angelos, which literally means “messenger.”


Alla About Your Angels

Angels As Spiritual Energy Beings

Angels are neither male nor female, as they are spiritual energy beings. One of their responsibilities is to assist humans, and to provide guidance and support.

There are five not so well-known archangels (an angel that is very powerful) who play important roles in your life.

Uriel (aka Arael)

Uriel means “the light of God.” This archangel is the one who provides stability in times of crisis, and removes negativity from our mind and emotions.

Uriel is highly supportive when you need to find closure to a troubling situation, or when your spirit is down, and you are close to despair. Incidentally, Uriel also helps keep you safe during stormy weather, and other natural calamities.


Jophiel means “the beauty of God.” This archangel provides hope in the sense that when sought for help, Jophiel will assist you in seeing beauty, even in the midst of ugly and depressing circumstances.

Jophiel can strengthen your will to go on, even during the worst of trials, preventing bitterness from entering our hearts, and helping you experience the beauty of life once again.


Haniel means “the glory of God.” It is the special task of Haniel to watch over your relationships, particularly those that have to do with romantic love, friendship, and strong, positive emotions.

Haniel is also identified with psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. The help of Haniel is invaluable when you want to strengthen your intuition.


Zadkiel means “the righteousness of God.” Zadkiel helps you to temper strongly negative emotions, especially that of hate and resentment, and replace them with compassion and understanding for your fellow humans.

Zadkiel is the archangel who is a guiding force when you need to extend forgiveness to someone who has wronged us.


Raziel means “the secrets of God.” Raziel is said to have authored the Sefer Raziel HaMalach – aka “The Book of Secrets” or “The Book of the Archangel Raziel” – known to be a very important document in the performance of Kabbalah, or the mystical understanding of the bible.

The Book of Secrets is said to contain hidden wisdom. As such, Raziel is the archangel that can help you to uncover their abilities to perform magic, and understand the esoteric.

How To Call On Archangels

Talking to Archangels is a very specialized process that requires deep concentration, a clear mind, and a highly raised vibrational energy. They can answers any and all questions you have about anything you want to know!

During a psychic reading, I can connect you with your Archangels, and give you any special messages they have for you about your love life, career, money, health, family, loved ones, and friends.

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