Do Your Angels Talk To You Through Numbers? – by Tana Hoy

I’ve touched on angel numbers before in my blog. Afterwards, I’ve had people ask me why angels just can’t speak out loud in plain human talk, and tell us what we’re supposed to do. Rather than using numbers to let us know what we need to understand.

angel numbers

Angel Numbers

It used to be that angels did talk with humans directly. In fact, angels appeared to humans and conversed with them on a personal basis. Various literature from different faiths attest to such situations having happened.

The sightings of angels, and humans interacting with them, happened during different times in the history of humanity. And such events were not confined only to selected areas of the world – but they happened in places remote from one another.

People who lived during those times, and experienced what it was to converse with the Creator’s messengers, recorded the information and passed it down through the ages. That’s why we are aware of such events up to now.

So, why aren’t angels directly talking with us anymore?

Energy Vibrations

What is your concept of angels? Do you think of them as looking like a cute toddler wearing a diaper, with a bow and arrow to target the lovelorn?

Or do you believe that they are towering and winged beings, clad in brilliantly white robes, and that they are pure energy beings that cannot be described in human terms?

If the last option is your answer, you are correct!

Actually, everything in creation is made up of energy. All of us come from the main source of eternal energy – the Creator.

However, not all of this energy vibrates at the same level. Some energies are more spiritual and vibrate at higher levels. Some energies are more tied to the material world, and vibrate at lower levels.

It is also possible for energy to vibrate at a very low level when a person is consumed by negativity. For example, criminals, or people who intentionally harm other people, are among those with the lowest vibrations.

Angels vibrate at a very high level. That is why we are no longer able to see them the same as people from the past used to see them. For the most past, the vibrational levels of people these days are much lower than before.

What Causes Low Energy Vibration

Different factors cause our energy vibration to go down. These factors include:

  • Too much focus or high dependence on technology.
  • A lack of willingness to explore the outdoors and commune with nature.
  • Too much interest vested in distractions that promote illusions, such as TV shows, movies, and reading materials that do nothing to promote spiritual growth.
  • A lack of consideration for the needs of others.
  • Too much focus on acquiring material wealth and property.
  • A lack of compassion for animals, and even a lack of interest in the welfare of plants.
  • Excessive amounts of self-centeredness, such as being vain about your looks, your intelligence, your possessions, or your achievements

Simply by glancing at the list above, you’ll immediately see that the reasons our vibrational energies have gone down, is mostly due to too much or too little of certain things: too much focus on the self and non-essentials, and too little focus on others and what is truly essential.

This is why most people are no longer able to communicate directly with angels. The energy levels of most people vibrate at low levels, making angels (who vibrate at very high levels) impossible to see, much less converse with.

The Task of Your Guardian Angels

Even though the energy vibrations of angels, and most humans, are no longer at par with each other, your Guardian Angels cannot simply shrug off the task assigned to them by the Creator.

That task is to protect you in all ways, and keep you grounded, so that you may be unhindered in learning your life lessons.

Your Guardian Angels do this by communicating with you in various ways. One of the more common ways they use to communicate with humans is by using Angel Numbers.

 Repeating numbers, or numbers that you repeatedly come across without a clear rhyme or reason, are Angel Numbers. They are messages from your Guardian Angels to you.

Angels use Angel Numbers to alert you how to take action on certain matters, or to warn you about danger that is in your way. That is why if you see repeating numbers, NEVER ignore them.

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Have you seen repeating numbers or angel numbers lately? Share your experiences in the comment section below!




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