Are Angels Male Or Female? – by Psychic Tana

Have you ever encountered an angel?

It’s quite possible! Of course, your angel might not have appeared in a form that’s familiar to you. Different religions each have their own concepts of what an angel looks like, and what an angel does.

Angels Throughout the Ages Of History

Many artists have traditionally portrayed angels as wearing long robes and having huge wings and halos. Sometimes, the angels are seen to carry various objects such as swords, shields, or books. An angel may also be shown as wearing an ancient warrior’s costume, as is the case with the Archangel Michael.


Guardian Angels

In various works of art, Michael has generally been depicted in a strong masculine pose, as he overthrows the forces of the angels who rebelled in heaven.

On the other hand, some angels have been illustrated with soft expressions, and body contours that are definitely feminine.
So, are angels males or females?

Actually, it’s a widely regarded spiritual belief that angels are beings of light. As such, they are neither male nor female.
Angels are pure spirits, who were created to act as messengers of a Supreme Being. They exist to do the will of God.
The Greek word “angelos” which means “messenger,” is where the word “angel” came from.

Angels Are Found In different Religions

In the Old Testament, aside from delivering news to various biblical people, angels were also used to guide and protect them during times of danger. Angels also figure strongly in visions of the Christian view of the apocalypse. However, only a few angels are identified by name in the bible.

Meanwhile, Judaism has numerous ranks of angels, a hierarchy even, with each angel having specific names, personalities, and responsibilities.

Angels have also made their appearance in various other ancient religions, such as Zoroastrianism.

In short, much of humanity has long been acquainted with angels, or at least, the concept of angels. But it is only in recent decades that a deep and wide interest has arisen concerning these spiritual beings.

Signs Of An Angel Watching Over You

Many people have come forward relating their encounters with angels. Mostly, these experiences were about being saved either from an impending disaster, or a directly severe threat to one’s health and well-being.

There are those who believe in “Guardian Angels” – these are very special angels whose mission is to protect the humans assigned to them.

Have you ever been in a tight spot, and mysteriously found yourself delivered from it, without there having been any clear action that you did on your own, to help yourself?

Have you ever been torn about making a decision between two hard options? Then you felt a fleeting burst of soothing energy enfold you? Did this short burst of energy come before your decision to go one way, instead of another?

Have you ever despaired about something, and then someone, whether a close friend or stranger, unexpectedly came to comfort you and give you hope?

Behind the scenes, this was more than likely your personal angel, keeping watch over you. Supernatural, semi-divine, immortal, and tasked to protect humanity – that’s the nature of angels.

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  1. Emily Duncan says:

    Is it true , when you take a picture and there is a lot of white spots around in the picture . Is that angels around you … Not seen any , but really believe that I have felt many of them …

  2. Teresa L. Marroquin says:

    Thank you or all your divine insights 🙂

  3. Jaime says:

    i need your help tana with my angel how can i contact you ?
    do you have an email you can give me ?
    please help and thank you so much !

  4. Jaime says:

    I live abroad so i can’t call but do you have an email that i can send a message to ?

  5. Aaron says:

    Hello Mr. Tana Hoy I messeged you on Facebook a few weeks back. I was the one who found out that the angel “Uriel” not “Urial” was my closest angel. I did the dowsing technique you posted on YouTube and I spoke with him. He told me I have at least 50 angels around me. And a few were Zachariah , and Michael. And I asked a disturbing question to Uriel and asked “when the battle between heaven and hell arises will I be a vessel for an angel. ….. And he said yes. He told me that I’m Zachariah’s vessel.

  6. Virginia says:

    I am an Earth Angel I experience the bright light and communicate didn’t understand until recently who I was. My whole life has been supernatural but I was told I had to return to do things, not my time, I died when a cab at full speed hit me at 11, I am extremely psychic at three. I was different then my siblings so many times saved where others would die. Enjoyed reading your info I do not fear death to me I will be coming home and return to my form of light. Weird right but true. What I am about to accomplish is huge, I also pick up energy given off by angels my house has a great many Angels that life up.

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