Becoming An Animal Communicator – 3 Things You Need To Know

An animal communicator uses their mind to talk or communicate with animals. They relay the messages they receive from pets to their animals’ owners, or human companions.

animal communicator

An animal communicator can help you find a lost pet, or encourage a pet to come home. Animal communicators can also find out why a pet is behaving in an inappropriate way, and they can often make the pet stop feeling anxious. They can also communicate with the spirit of your deceased pet.

How Do Animal Communicators Talk To Animals?

Some animal communicators are born with the natural gift to talk to animals. Meanwhile, there are those who had to cultivate that skill by using some of the methods below.

An animal communicator relaxes and makes their mind calm. Then, they make contact with the animal’s energy using their mind.

By calling the animal by its name, an animal communicator is able to get the pet’s attention.

Next, a question is asked to the animal using a visual image, or a picture that is sent telepathically. The communicator then waits for the animal’s response. The answers usually come as pictures, words, or a combination of both.

After receiving the answer, the animal communicator acknowledges the message received, and the message then gets relayed to the pet owner.

Some animal communicators scan the body of the animal to check for health issues, and if a problem or disease is seen, healing energy is sent by the communicator to the animal.

How Can You Communicate With Animals

If you want to communicate with animals, the best way is by looking at them as conscious beings and treat them as you would individuals.

Some pets may have quirks when compared to other animals. Certain pets may love to be cuddled, but there are those who prefer to be left alone. Respect each animal’s uniqueness.

Then, have the intent to listen to their thoughts. You may not hear them talk, but animals are always open telepathically.

You Can Be An Animal Communicator

If you don’t know the reason why your pet is acting a certain way, you can simply attune to their energy, by keeping yourself relaxed, and having the simple intention to know what your pet needs from you.

Then be observant to the messages your pet gives. They may give a physical sign such as be staring at the sink because they want to drink water, or send you a telepathic message!

With openness and sensitivity, you will be amazed how easy it is to tune into the needs of your pet!


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