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Are aliens real or just figments of the imagination? What about the reported sightings that have come in from different corners of the earth? Is Area 51 really a top-secret government installation, housing the only existing alien captured after a crash landing?

are aliens real

Are Aliens Real?

Governments, the scientific community, and civilians alike have repeatedly raised these questions for many years. The media has also reported cases of abduction, sightings, and other forms of engagement or contact, such as in the profusion of crop circles in various places. Still, no definite answers have been forthcoming.

What Do Aliens Look Like?

From reported sightings and close encounters we have many descriptions of what aliens look like, but from all these descriptions, two are the most frequently mentioned: the Grays and the Greens.

The Grays

The Grays are described as small being, with relatively huge, almond shaped eyes and a huge head, and lacking in other parts that would ordinarily make up a faces, such as ears, and a nose. Their bodies are elongated, their limbs differently proportioned, and they have a sunken chest.

The Greens

Meanwhile, the Greens are described to be smaller than the Grays, with pointy little antennas on their heads, and an olive green to dark green complexion. The Greens tend to resemble illustrations of goblins and elves, with their pointy long noses, tapering fingers, wide thin mouths, and round, closely set eyes.

There is an assortment of theories on where these extraterrestrial beings come from, and what they are. The most common ones are below:

• Aliens are from some far away planet in the deepest recesses of the Milky Way Galaxy
• Aliens are time travellers from the future. They are actually members of the human race that have immensely evolved over the centuries
• They are simply parallel versions of humanity, occupying a number of parallel universes.
• They are the fallen angels who have been deceiving humanity by making us believe in beings from outer space, in order to conceal their true purpose., greens,
• They are monstrous beings that actually come from the core of the earth, instead of outer space.
• They are the ancestors of the advanced, but now-extinct race of Atlanteans, who fled into outer space to avoid annihilation, but are now coming back to reclaim their lost glory.

This list is by no means complete, and as time goes on, more theories will arise about aliens, their purpose, and their origin.

Arre aliens real

Are Aliens Friendly Or Not?

But more than their nature, or the reason for showing themselves to humans – the more important question is, are they friendly or not?

Seeing them from a logical perspective would immediately dispel any concerns we may have about aliens. First, if the aliens wanted was to grab the earth’s natural resources for their own purposes, they could have done that long ago. With their advanced technology, it would make no sense for them to delay their exploitation of the earth and its bounties.

Second, if all they wanted was simply to experiment with humans for medical purposes, the question would be: For what purpose? Again, with their advanced technology, anything that they could learn from a lesser-developed species would most probably not be helpful to them in a scientific way, anyway.

Third, if aliens were hostile to humans and the earth, they would not have waited for so long to unleash aggression. If they had really wanted to attack and crush humanity, they could have, and would have, done so long ago.

My Conclusion

In all the reports that have been written about close encounters with aliens, there haven’t been any that reported an effort to terrorize the human race.

So, it stands to reason that perhaps aliens are in fact a gentle species, advanced in knowledge, slowly trying to make their presence known, to get humans used to their existence.

Once humans have learned not to fear them, then aliens will start revealing and sharing their technology with people, taking it one step at a time, for the progress of the human race.

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    Tana the history2 channel is really getting there theory out there in ancient aliens and in search of aliens that the gods might have been extra terrestrials , can you see the gods? of mythology? Or are they on to something with there theory?

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    How can we prove that aliens are real?! Im debating in class

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