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Earthbound spirits are not necessarily, what others refer to as “ghosts.” Ghosts are indeed earthbound spirits, but not all earthbound spirits are ghosts. [image credit: Rachel Titiriga via Flickr]

Throughout the ages, many people have talked about experiencing the wrath and sadness of earthbound spirits.

On the other hand, there are also those who have refused to believe in such spirits.

What do you think? Are earthbound spirits real? If they are, can they really do as much damage as they’ve been reputed to be able to do?

What Earthbound Spirits Are… and Are Not


When death happens to someone, the soul separates from the physical body. It is the physical body that dies, after all, and not the soul.

The phrase “passing on” refers to the act of the soul’s moving on to another level of existence after the death of the physical body.

However, it does not follow that a soul always passes on to the Spiritual World after the death of the body that it used to inhabit.

Some souls stay on earth, due to different reasons. Those souls that stay on earth, even when they no longer inhabit a physical body, are the “earthbound spirits.”

Earthbound spirits are not necessarily, what others refer to as “ghosts.”

Ghosts are indeed earthbound spirits, but not all earthbound spirits are ghosts.

Ghosts Versus Earthbound Spirits


Let me clarify this even more.

As a medium, I am able to communicate with beings from the Spirit World. This includes both ghosts and earthbound spirits, aside from my usual contacts such as my Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, and Ascended Masters.

This is why I am very familiar with the differences between the ghosts and the other kinds of earthbound spirits.

Admittedly, the differences are only slight, but there are differences just the same.

Earthbound spirits are spirits no longer anchored in the physical world because they have either:

1) Already experienced the death of their physical body and left it, but with no clear destination, or,

2) Decided voluntarily to move out from the body they inhabit, making way for a “walk-in.”

A walk-in is different from possession, because walk-ins happen with the agreement of the original spirit inhabiting the earthly body.

A walk-in may also happen when it is an alien, and not another soul, that agrees to take the place of the original spirit.

When a spirit leaves the body it used to inhabit, there is no fixed destination for it. The spirit can opt to pass on to the Spirit World, or it can opt to hang around the earthly plane first.

It doesn’t mean though, that such a spirit is going to haunt people who are still living in the physical world. ghost haunting

“Haunting” is something that ghosts do because these kinds of earthbound spirits are stuck in the physical world.

“Haunting” is something that ghosts do because these kinds of earthbound spirits are stuck in the physical world.

Unlike the spirits that voluntarily left their former physical body, ghosts typically have a vested interested in staying on earth.

To recap what was discussed in one of my earlier posts titled Types Of Ghosts, ghosts are earthbound because:

  • They have unfinished business.
  • They want to pass on a message.
  • They may stay to provide you with guidance.
  • They may not have come to terms with their death (they don’t understand yet, that they are already dead).
  • They are afraid to cross over (to the Spirit World).

The word “haunting” is not necessarily bad or scary per se. To “haunt” merely means to show up regularly in a given place. That is what a ghost does.

What are Earthbound Spirits that are not Ghosts?


One example of an earthbound spirit that is not a ghost is that of the spirit that goes away from the body voluntarily, but continues to hang around on earth (see example related to the alien walk-in described above).

There are other earthbound spirits that are not ghosts, yet they are also in the Spirit World. Here are some examples:

  • A spirit whose energy is tied-up with a physical desire so strong that they refuse to move on to the Spirit World.

The spirit who became so attached to the life of the miserly businessperson whose body the spirit used to inhabit. The life of that miser was all about making and hoarding money.

When the body died, the spirit had to go. The miser no longer had any unfinished business, and the spirit knew that the physical body is dead, yet the spirit still strongly identified with the miser’s life, that it did not move on to the Spirit World.

That is funny, but sad at the same time.

This is one instance when the spirit didn’t learn the lesson it was tasked to learn when it incarnated on earth. Therefore, the spirit becomes earthbound, until it learns to release itself from desiring what is long gone.

  • A spirit carrying heavy energy due to negative emotions it nurtured while on earth, often also becomes earthbound.

This can happen to spirits who lived lives that were self-harming or harmful to others.

Examples of these are lives that were lived in addiction (gambling, sex, drugs, or other self-harmful substances taken in excess such as alcohol).

There are also instances when the guilt borne by a spirit whose physical life ended by suicide is so massive, that it becomes very hard to ascend to the Spirit World.

It must be noted however, that not all who took their own lives, or who lived lives defined by heavy addiction, end up as earthbound spirits.

Only a spirit’s attachment to the negative energy that it carries keeps it earthbound.

  • A spirit can also become earthbound because of the refusal of the people it left behind to let him or her go.

This is what usually happens when the people who had such a close relationship with the departed person holds on to their loved one too tightly.

Their hold becomes similar to a stranglehold. It weighs down the spirit of the person who is supposed to move on to the afterlife. Their misguided love is like an anchor holding the spirit earthbound.

Why You Need to Help Earthbound Spirits Move On


Whether they are ghosts or earthbound spirits of another kind, you need to do what you can to help earthbound spirits move on.

You need to do this because of one simple reason: to refuse or ignore this responsibility is to be cruel to the earthbound spirit.

While it is true that some earthbound spirits are inclined to be naughty (from the human perspective, that is), as in the case of poltergeists, the fact remains that this earthly world is meant for humans who have material or physical bodies.

Meanwhile, the Spirit World is meant for spirits.

You can compare the situation of an earthbound spirit to a prisoner in the prison system. There are different kinds of punishment for prisoners, and one of those punishments is isolation, where the prisoner is locked up in a small, solitary cell for 23 hours, with only 1 hour of exercise allowed. The prisoner is in complete isolation, with hardly any kind of contact.

That’s how it is for earthbound spirits who are stuck in this earthly plane. They become like a prisoner in isolation. Imagine how difficult and cruel this is for them.

So, help them. Out of the goodness of your heart help to send them on their way back home.

If you’d like to find out how you can help earthbound spirits crossover to the next level of existence, schedule a psychic reading with me now, and I’ll teach you how to do it.


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  1. roger says:

    A lot of times these earth bound spirits won’t leave and move on because they think they’ve been bad and they fear judgment but their understanding is fragmented and they don’t grasp the real picture here that they have moved out of the body and beyond it and are now in a transitional phase that they must complete to enter into their next destination otherwise they’ll remain stranded on the highway of limbo aimlessly waiting for an “angel” to assist them and answer their prayers. They get stuck in the transitional phase and don’t understand that they need to complete the transitional phase so they can reach their next location and they can start again and anew. This is basically process of life that we all need to recognize and understand and this is how we grow and evolve in real understanding and spiritual maturation.

  2. Candy says:

    But kinda scary, wouldn’t this attract spirits to you? Wow!!!!! What a neat way to help someone! I’d like to learn ??

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