Are Real Fairies And Pixies Living Under Your Bed? – by Tana Hoy

Are fairies real? You probably already know that they are, but did you know that there are some fairies who like to live inside people’s houses?

are fairies real

While most of fairy folk prefer to live outdoors away from humans, there are some who are drawn to the company of people. These fairies usually choose to live in gardens and parks, but they also like to live inside the dwellings where humans live. They like living in homes with plenty of natural materials such as wooden floors and walls, wooden furniture, indoor plants, or where there are pets.

Household fairies also like to live in modern, concrete buildings, such as apartments, or condominiums if they sense positive energy from the humans who live there. They are naturally drawn to people who are happy and believe in fairies and pixies.

Houehold fairies like to dwell in spaces where they can be with people and watch them. But they don’t like to get bumped or disturbed. If you have fairies are in your home, you will find them living on shelves where you keep your pictures and memorabilia, on top of a piano or mantelpiece, in the kitchen cupboards, or in the planters by the window. But one of their favorite places they like to live is under your bed!

Be Careful When Cleaning Under Your Bed!

Fairies feel safest living under a bed. When fairies feel safe, they can change their energy vibrations to match the frequency of the human world, thereby becoming visible to humans.

When this happens, they make sounds that you can hear, create footprints that you can observe, and you can even touch them, too. But realize that when they are in this visible form, they are the most vulnerable to getting hurt by humans.

So something as simple as careless cleaning under your bed can harm the fairies that live there!
People are not as careful cleaning under beds as they are when cleaning shelves, or mantles. So something as simple as careless cleaning under your bed can harm the fairies that live there!

And even if the fairies manage to avoid getting hurt, they can certainly get offended by a person’s lack of care or concern for their wellbeing.

The Most Fairy Friendly Way To Clean Under Your Bed

When cleaning under your bed, I advise using a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner. For one, a vacuum cleaner is very noisy, and fairies do not particularly like noise. And two, vacuum cleaners can suck up a fairy if the fairies energy vibration is “switched” to the human frequency.

Before cleaning under your bed, it is best to give out a gentle warning to let the fairies know what you’re about to do. Whisper a greeting to them, and tell them that you will be sweeping, and ask them to please excuse the interruption.

Then raise the sides of the sheets, and sweep under the bed with slow gentle motions until you are satisfied, then thank them when you’re done.

When using a broom, you need to be gentle – don’t just shove the broom under the bed, but gently sweep under it. This will allow the fairies ample time to get out of the brooms way!

Keeping the area under your bed clean is a great way to attract and invite real fairies to live in your home, but just remember to always make sure not injure or harm them. They will appreciate the concern, and they will continue to dwell in your home if you treat them with love and respect!

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  1. Madison says:

    I literly told my mom to move my bed when I read the info

  2. Sean birkholz says:

    I have an apartment full of fairies and very much loved your reading. Although I’ve lost my rep and life there is still much to go. Thank you

  3. Maroline says:

    How do I catch or see a fairies. I really like them and I believe in them so much. I wish I can see them one day.

  4. Evie says:

    Tonight I am going to move a bit of things out of the way and make some little beds so they can have a comftiball sleep but some fairies live in my room in a fairy door because I have seen them come out and they also give me some letters and post them at night then in the morning I look in my fairy postbox and there’s the letter.

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