Are Ouija Boards Safe or Dangerous?


Do you love watching paranormal movies or horror flicks? You might have already seen the Ouija board being used in movies to contact spirits, then afterwards the spirits possessing the people who used it.

Thanks to Hollywood, this is why Ouija Boards are often thought of as a dangerous and scary things.

In this article, we will tackle what a Ouija board is and if it is a dangerous thing to play with?


What Is A Ouija Board? ouija_board

A ouija board is also called a spirit board or talking board and used to communicate with spirits and deceased loved ones.

A Ouija board is also called a “spirit board”, or “talking board”. It is a board, which has the alphabet and numbers 0 thru 9 on it, with the words “yes” and “no” in the two upper corners, and the word “goodbye” at the bottom. A planchette, or pointer, is used to spell out words and answer simple questions.

The modern Ouija board is inspired by the crude divination methods of China, India, Greece, Rome, and Medieval Europe. Scholars of China’s Quanzhen School, practiced a form of automatic writing that used a planchette for contacting the spirit world.

The board was first introduced on July 1st, 1890 by Elijah Bond as a simple board game, it and when it was invented, was not thought of as a tool for communicating with spirits.

The US patent number was granted to Elijah Bond in 1891 but in 1901 he sold his patent rights to William Fuld, his foreman.

William Fuld was the one who actually came up with the name “Ouija”. Fuld claimed that it meant “good luck” in Egyptian. But Fuld later changed his story and claimed that “Ouija” was a combination of the French (oui) and the German (ja), as both words mean “yes.”

He died in 1927 and his estate sold the business to Parker Brothers, which in turn was sold to Hasbro in 1991. Hasbro now holds all the Ouija rights and patents.


How The Ouija Board Works


Ouija boards are often seen as something mysterious and mystical. When you know how to use one correctly, it can help you connect with the other side. 

It is used to communicate with beings from other realms and you can also use it to communicate with departed loved ones, your spirit guides, and the ascended masters.

Ouija boards work by a process called psycho-kinesis. This occurs once there is sufficient buildup of bioplasmic energy being transmitted to the board and planchette.

When using the Ouija there should be a strong supply of bioplasmic energy and this is why the Ouija board works better when multiple people use it together.


Using The Ouija Board To Talk To Loved Ones On The Other Side center_of_a_table

When using the ouija board, you should place it at center of a small table.

The Ouija board is a powerful tool for communicating with the spirit world and here’s how you can start using the Ouija board to contact a loved one on the other side: 

  1. Find a quiet place without distraction

You need a place that is peaceful so you can focus on making a connection. 

  1. Cleanse yourself and the space around you 

This is important to help get rid of negative energy that could attract bad spirits.

Before starting, meditate a few minutes as you imagine yourself surrounded by a bright white light, and then say a prayer of protection.

To cleanse the space around you, place quartz crystals around the board to help cleanse and maintain the energy. You can also light white candles to attract good energy. 

  1. Participants should be respectful and in good mood 

Never use the board when anyone in the group is in a bad mood, angry, annoyed or depressed. Otherwise you might end up attracting a bad spirit.

  1. Place The Ouija board in the center of a small table 

The planchette (pointer) is placed in the middle of the board. Have everyone place just a couple of fingers very lightly on the planchette and allow it to move freely and easily.

  1. One person at a time asks questions 

Ask clear questions, pause, and then wait for the spirit energy to lead the planchette to where it needs to go. Be patient, as it may take time to spell the words out.

  1. Be respectful of the spirits 

To get serious answers from spirits, be respectful of their energy, and time as they have taken time to engage with you. Speak to them with respect like you would to any other person.

  1. Politely end the session and thank your spirit 

If you want to end the session, just tell the spirit that it’s time to finish. Say goodbye, and then thank the spirit for the guidance. 


What To Expect From Using The Ouija Board


The Ouija board is not dangerous, bad, nor possessed, as this all depends on the intention of its users. It can be used for either good or bad.

You can compare it to an axe. If the axe is used by a skilled woodcutter, it is safe. However, when a clumsy person tries to use it, he can harm himself or others.

The Ouija board is safe as long as you follow the common-sense guidelines above. groups

The ouija board should be used with a group of people for channeling and building the energy.

During a Ouija session, you should never ask a spirit to prove themselves by asking them to do things like, closing the door, blowing on the light of the candle, or making noise. This would invite the spirit to enter your personal space on the earth plane.

Another important point to keep in mind is, you should not depend on the board for answers.

Remember, just like humans, some spirits may not be truthful. The Ouija Board cannot provide counseling, nor can it see into your future. For things like this, a psychic reading will be best for you.


Precautions When Using The Ouija Board


Here are some tips for using the Ouija board safely and correctly:

  • It is advisable to use the board in a group for practical reasons. You will need other people’s energy for channeling and building the energy.
  • Set a good intention when you go into session. Never ever use the board to spy on someone or try to use it to make their life miserable. This will only bring harm to you and the other people using it.
  • You should not ask the board about God, religion, or questions such as your death, or finding buried treasure. Be aware of the spirits reply. If he or she seems annoyed by the question, change the subject immediately.
  • Properly store the board and pointer when you are done using it. Keep it somewhere clean and safe where no one can mess with it. Store the pointer separately from the board.

If you are determined to give the Ouija board a try, I suggest you do it with spiritual discernment.

If you wish to speak to a deceased loved one, get in touch with me and schedule a psychic reading, so I can help you with that. Click here to set up a reading so you can find the answers you seek!


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