Skeptics Are Actually Psychics Afraid Of Their Powers!

In my last email, I talked about how you possess the power to change anything into the outcome you desire by knowing about it ahead of time. And I also addressed skeptics. You can read that email by clicking here! 

Today, I am going to talk more about skeptics, and the reasons they are skeptical.

There are many skeptics out there who think anything spiritual is not real. Usually people who are skeptical about psychics, are skeptical about many things. Most skeptics don’t even believe in God or a Higher Power, so they tend to be atheists.

James Randy, the famous skeptic who has went around debunking psychics all of his life,  doesn’t believe in God or any Higher Power.

What’s also interesting is, as James was going around claiming that all psychics are “liars and deceivers” he just announced, at 80 years old, that he has been a closeted gay man all of his life, but never told anyone.

I have always ignored the things he said about psychics. And after his coming out confession, I even distrust him more deeply.

How can a person call all psychics “liars and deceivers” when he was doing that with his followers for over 60 years?

He reminds me of the famous ministers who scream the evils of homosexuality, and are later found to be gay themselves. How could anyone ever trust a person like this?

My Thoughts – Out Loud

I’m only thinking out loud, but in my opinion, if people like James Randy are going to stand firmly for a cause they believe in, and call all psychics “liars and deceivers” then I expect them to be honest about their lives.

My Spirit Guides tell me skeptics like James, along with the hate-preaching ministers, have been deeply wounded in their childhoods. So they take on a cause that represents a part of themselves that they dislike, and preach against it.

Ministers preaching against homosexuality, but are gay themselves. And James preaching against psychics being “liars and deceivers” yet he was a liar and deceiver himself. And since he so strongly dislikes psychics, could he be psychic himself, but fighting against it because it scares him on some level?

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So my point is, my guides say that people that are die-hard about anything, are usually trying to use their skepticism to cover up something they fear or don’t like within themselves.

So we need to feel compassionate for them, rather than be angry. Because to live that way has to be a sad and lonely way to live.

The Truth Is Already Out There

Any person who would take the time to study psychic ability, could easily find there was a lot of scientific research done in the late 60’s and early 70’s that proves psychic ability is real. A person could also easily discover that Russia has known about these powers, and studied them for years.

A person would also find that in the past 15 years, the CIA funded over $20,000,000 for an operation called Operation Stargate. Where they had psychics use remote viewing to find hidden enemy locations, etc.

And even with all of this supporting evidence, most skeptics are too closed minded to research these things themselves. And if they do, they always seem to find “holes” in the evidence presented.

It just goes to show the truth behind what Stuart Chase, a highly-respected American economist, engineer, and author of numerous bestsellers once said:

 “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who do not, no proof is possible.” 

Even I sometimes get roused up over the ignorant things some skeptics say at times, but I have to remind myself that what they believe is often rooted in some fear or problem that they are trying to avoid facing in their own lives.

And by the way, when I look at James Randy, I can see he has a Golden Aura, which means he is extremely psychic! Makes one wonder, doesn’t it?

Thank you for taking the time to read my email today, and I hope to has helped you to have more understanding and compassion for skeptics and their closed minds they use to protect themselves on some deeper level.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. caron says:

    most interesting tana thankyou much love x

  2. L Neal says:

    Hi liked this email and i think i read the past 2. Soul seeding and protecting yourself with gemstones

  3. mya simmons says:

    Yes Tana I agree with you they must have had some happen to them in their child hood. This is what I always felt about Bill Cosby, he went across America ” airing out blacks dirty laundry” as what he called it and it always felt “off” to me. One of the things he would speak out against was sex depicted in media and shamed jamie foxx’s movie booty call. I found out around the time the movie came out that Mr. Cosby made a sexual pass at my friend COCO and that’s when it all made sense to me. That is also how I knew your prediction about him was true even thou many blacks didn’t want to believe it. Just like that saying by Chase.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Thank you Mya. My guides tell me that often the ones who shout loudest about something are the ones covering something up!

  4. lin says:

    I have definitely witnessed people hiding something about themselves and it turns out to be the very secret the publicly oppose. Some things I could understand possibly wanting to hide – like psychic ability or clairvoyance because people tend to you’re a whacko (lol), but it does seem like a scam to be opposed to something you engage, indulge or are are active in. Sometimes I’m skeptical about things, but I usually try to multiple points of view and learn why people think the way they do (even if I do not personally agree) and you’re right Tana, as much as the hypocrisy angers me, I believe compassion and empathy are better to harbor for those kinds of folks than negative energy 🙂

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