Are Unicorns Real? – by Psychic Tana Hoy

Mystical being and creatures have always captivated me, and I have had several of my clients ask me ‘Are unicorns real’? I have been always been able to communciate with mystical beings and creatures, and in my studies to know more about them, I have come to know the answer to ‘are unicorns real?’

Are unicorns real?

A Unicorn In The Forst

What Is A Unicorn?

A unicorn is a slender, lithe creature, much like a horse, but with a long, spiral horn emerging from the centre of its forehead. Unicorns are usually snow white in color, with bright blue eyes, and a beautiful bushy mane and tail. The horns and tears of a unicorn are said to have many magical and healing properties, which is why unicorns were hunted in ancient times.

Today their numbers have dwindled so much, that these intensely private and shy creatures have retreated to dense forests where they have concealed themselves well from their greatest enemy – human beings.

It is a grave and unforgivable sin to kill a pure creature like a unicorn. Those who do, are met with mishaps, misfortune, and illness. Many lands in ancient times have been swept by darkness and evil because the killing of unicorns was encouraged.

Where to Find a Unicorn?

Unicorns are found shrouded in dense, hilly woodlands where there is no chance of meeting a human being. They love frolicking in green meadows, near fields of flowers, and by the mossy banks of brooks. They can be found napping under the shade of a wild elm, oak or willow tree. They are friendly with all the woodland creatures and romp around the forest with them.

What Unicorns Eat?

Unicorns Are Real!

Unicorns Are Real!

To replenish their magical nutrients they eat exotic species of flora. Otherwise their diet includes things like berries, nuts, flowers, fruits, herbs and clovers. They are attracted to fragrant places like a wild lavender field, or a field of wild flowers, and they love to nibble on their nectar-filled centres. They have a soft spot for honey.

How Unicorns Purify The Water They Drink?

Another power of the unicorn is that they can cleanse and purify water. So if you take a sip from a stream or a brook, which seems to have the sweetest, most crisp and delicious water you’ve ever tasted, it is probably home to a family of unicorns. A unicorn will not seek out water to drink, as they are distantly related to water sprites. But they do like the flowers, and soft, succulent green grass that grows on the banks of waterfalls.

How to Meet a Unicorn

Unicorns can only be seen by those pure of heart and spirit. To meet a unicorn, you must first be a good person, someone who is caring, considerate about the feelings of others, spiritually aware of the universe in which you live, and the creatures whom you share it with. You need to have held on to your sense of wonder. Cynicism and scepticism has no place in the world of the unicorn. Neither does negativity, selfishness or greed. These are emotions that hold you back from achieving your complete spiritual potential, and from recognizing all the magic that the world has to offer.

Once you free yourself from these negatvie emotions, and have an open mind, you will be receptive to meeting a unicorn, along with many more magical creatures. Remember to keep treats like candy, sugar cubes, or a salt lick handy. Unicorns find these irresistible!

The purity of your soul and the genuineness of your intentions both play a part in revealing the existence of these ethereal beings. If you truly want to answer the question ‘are unicorns real’ you need to first believe from deep within your soul that they exist and in time, they will remove their shroud of mystery. So the next time someone asks you ‘are unicorns real’, answer ‘YES’, and you may be surprised to see what happens next!

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  1. Jo Ann Fitzpatrick says:

    What a great article! I always believed in unicorns! Thanks for the conformation that they unicorns are real!!

  2. Brenda Smith says:

    I loved this article! It nice to know that unicorns exist!

  3. Nancy Plethers says:

    Thank you Tana. This is such a magical article!! I loved it!!

  4. Amanda Freeney says:

    Ahh ! Thank you! I’ve always believed in them as well and thank you for making me not feel crazy anymore!

  5. Tony James says:

    So they are real

  6. Laurie says:

    I LOVE UNICORNS I bleaved In them thank you so much

  7. Candy says:

    Thank you Tana, I really am pure and genuine in heart. I’m a very positive person, and so loving!
    I just didn’t know if they were real, but I always wondered!! Thank you for explaining this, how precious! I would love to see one! How sweet ?✨??????????✨
    I left some sweet nectar flowers for any precious unicorn that wants them ?????
    Beautiful gentle beings

  8. I have always believed in Unicorns, people I know says they are not real, but my love for the beautiful Unicorn lets my heart know they are out there, maybe I have not been able to see one because I am always with a person who is not true to the magical world, I love all that has to do with magic and Unicorns all the magical creatures, I love all Gods creatures of the world, thanks for letting me know I am not crazy

  9. Natalya says:

    I always believed in unicorns from the deep part of my heart I am nice sweet caring I care about people’s feelings deeply

  10. Leslie woods says:

    When was a unicorn really found?

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