Are You Asking the Right Questions During Your Psychic Reading?

Hello again,

I want to discuss one of the most common things people ask about when scheduling their psychic reading.

Before having your psychic reading, you have probably prepared a list of questions about your pressing concerns, recent issues, and other decisions you need to make regarding different aspects of your life.

However, you might be missing out on some important questions. The questions you may have written down are important, but here are some other questions I recommend you should also consider asking during your reading!

1. What messages do spiritual beings have for me now?

Maybe you are seeking more direct solutions and answers to your problems. However, know that the messages you will receive from your Spirit Guides bear a lot of wisdom and very helpful insights.

In fact, you may find many of your questions being answered on an even deeper level, once you hear the messages they have for you.

2. Am I in the right relationship now?

Even if you are in a happy relationship, asking “am I in the right relationship” during your psychic reading will give you the confirmation if it is the relationship for you. If it isn’t, you will know why not.

Either way, you will learn things that will help you, and your relationship, in the long run. If you are single, you will come to understand why a desired relationship didn’t work out. You will also discover is there is something you can or should do to bring the desired results in any current or potential relationship. 

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3. Am I following the right career path?

You could be having the time of your life, enjoying your career, and breezing through it with lots of recognition and promotions. To ensure continued success, a psychic reading can give you valuable advice insights, and guidance on things, which you may possibly be overlooking.

If you are unhappy in your current job, you can find out if the career shift you are considering is the right move to make or not, or if there is something you can do to make the shift within your current position.

4. What will I be like raising my own family?

This question also addresses your thoughts about the possibility of getting married and having kids. You should always consider asking how the future looks for marriage, family life, and any future relationships that will come your way.

If you are already married or raising a family we can explore the many areas of your life as a partner and/or as a parent, which you may need to work on or highlight.

5. Is there anything I should do now to ensure my good health?

Asking this question in a psychic reading is not meant to keep you from asking the consulting with your doctor. But during a reading, I can address any areas you may or may not be aware of what right away, to help you maintain and ensure a healthy balance between your physical self and your spiritual self.

When dealing with your health, or the health of someone else, this is where I usually tune in to your aura to get this information.

To bring about total inner peace, you will know during your reading if there is anything you should take action on.

Getting The Most From Your Psychic Reading

By asking all of the above questions during your psychic reading, you will get a clearer picture of your life as a whole, and how each area affects the other, and also have the chance to see yourself more clearly for who you really are allowing the information you get from your psychic reading to show you things you may or may not have realized before.

I hope this has helped you be more prepared for a reading, and if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact my office directly.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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