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My last email about people having alien DNA, and how to tell if you or someone you know has alien DNA, really seemed to wake a lot of people up to something they never knew existed!

I received so many emails from people asking me if they had Zet DNA, and asking me to do a psychic reading on their DNA to confirm they or someone they knew was a Zetuman!

I was told by The Zet Brotherhood Of Ascension that people would be awakened after I sent that last email, and they were! It seems like people with Zet DNA have been popping out of the earth since my last email! Amazing!

I have been scheduling a lot of “Remote Viewing DNA Scans” where I am using remote viewing to psychically scan peoples DNA to confirm or deny if they have Zet DNA.

That’s not what this email is about because I wanted to share some other information with you!  I will be talking more about Zet DNA and Zetumans, in more of my upcoming emails! But today, I want to talk about Auric Pressure Buildup, what it is, and what it causes!

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Auric Pressure Buildup

When you have a healthy aura, which is an energy field that surrounds your body, is will act as a protective shield that will protect you from negative energy.

You maintain a healthy aura by having it balanced (serviced) every 6 months. Otherwise, you will have an unhealthy aura that won’t be able to protect you, because it will be depleted of energy. You aura is like an oil change for your car. It needs balanced (serviced) every 6 months to keep it running (maintain its health).

One of the functions of a healthy aura is that it protects you, by absorbing any negative energy that enters into your vibrational energy field. As it absorbs negative energy, it becomes “full” of energy, and like a balloon, when it has too much air, it will pop! Popping of your aura occurs when there is an auric buildup of negative energy that hasn’t been released.

Once it pops from this build up, it creates holes in your aura, the same as when a balloon pops! A hole in your aura creates an auric opening where your energy drains out, causing you to feel tired, depleted, and not having the energy you used to have.

How To Prevent Auric Build Up

If you have not had your aura cleansed and balanced, then doing this next exercise will be pointless. The reason is because your aura will already be full of holes. And if this is the case, you will have noticed for quite some time (days, years, or months) that your energy levels are not what they used to be.

But if your aura is balanced and healthy, then you can do the following exercise to prevent auric build up, and the popping of holes in your aura.

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The Power Of Jade

Jade, one of my favorite stones, when worn or carried, acts as a type of psychic energy release valve, and it will release any built up energy that accumulates in your aura. Jade acts like a safety valve, and gently releases excess energy when your aura becomes to full!

This will prevent your aura from popping holes in your aura, causing energy to drain out! You still need to have your aura balanced every 6 months! I recommend doing this religiously – that same as you change the oil on your car every 3,000 to 5,000 miles!

If your aura is not healthy, you can wear Jade all day long and nothing will happen. Again, since your energy would already be draining out daily, there would be nothing to release. The holes in your aura will already be acting like holes in a flat tire. No matter how much you try to pump in air into it, it just escapes through the holes until you get the tire fixed (serviced).

Something Important You Need To Know

I am always shocked when a client tells me they recently had someone balance their aura. I am shocked because the first place I look is at their Hara Line, to see if it has been straightened, and their Solar Plexus Penagen, to see if it has been properly sealed.

BEFORE I do an aura cleansing and balancing with a client, these are the first things I check! Otherwise, my client would be wasting their time and money, because without making sure the Hara Line and Solar Plexus Penagen are balanced and sealed correctly, the aura will just collapse in on itself!

And believe me, I’ve seen a collapsed aura many times on clients, and you don’t want that energy mess to deal with!! It can be fixed easily, but most people don’t even know it happened, and it just drains them in so many ways.

I have seen so many people with collapsed auras because the “psychic” or “healer” they went didn’t know anything about the Hara Line or Solar Plexus Penagen.

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I have not seen one psychic’s aura work where they aligned and sealed the Hara Line and Solar Plexus Penagen for my client, and I’m sorry, but this makes me really angry when I see this sloppy work!!

As a matter of fact, I have asked several psychics that claim to do aura cleanings about the Hara Line and Solar Plexus Penagen, and they look at me like I’m speaking some weird language! That always amazes me!

Caution Who Works In Your Energy Field!

Personally, it’s not a problem for me if you do an aura cleanse, if you have me cleanse and balance your aura, or someone else. Just make sure that whenever having this highly serialized work done, to ask the healer or psychic if they would explain to you what is a Hara Line and what is The Solar Plexus Penagen. That way, you know they know what they are doing. And you won’t have to worry about someone causing you auric collapse! Surprisingly, many psychic I talked to didn’t even seem to know that your aura could collapse! Amazing!

Here are the definitions so that you know if they know what they are talking about!

Hara Line: Your Hara line is a vertical line running down the center of your body, which has three points of connection. It is one of the major sources of power that resides within your aura. If your Hara Line is not straight, it can cause foggy thinking, feeling overwhelmed when under pressure, cause emotional shutdown, cause a lack of self-confidence, plus a lot more!

Solar Plexus Penagen: A small energetic doorway, located in front of your Solar Plexus Chakra. Its purpose is to protect you from an overflow of emotional energy when coming into contact with others. Without having this sealed, you can become depressed, anxious, fearful, have obsessive thoughts, and worry more than is normal!

I hope you use this information! And remember, NEVER let just anyone inside of your energy to do work! The wrong people can cause more harm than good!

Thank you for reading my email, and I hope this helped you understand your aura just a little bit more.

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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    Thank you so much for your advice. It’s wonderful to know you really care about people.

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    i agree bad people do more harm than good!

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