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Even though all of us are psychic, there are those many people that don’t realize they are psychic.

Most people today think of psychics as extraordinary people who have a very rare gift that only a select few has the capability to tap on. However, this is not the case, because everyone has psychic ability because it is a part of their nature. But most people do not know that they are psychic or that they have the psychic ability.

Being psychic is indeed a gift as it opens you to a much greater world because you are not anymore limited to just feeling, hearing, and seeing things through the use of your five normal senses, but instead you also are able to use your sixth sense to feel, hear, see, and know things.

Being psychic lets you experience life even more because you see, hear, and feel, the other experiences that your five normal senses won’t let you see, hear, and feel.

However, even though all of us are psychic, there are those many people that don’t realize they are psychic.

Here are some of the reasons why most people don’t know they have psychic ability:


  1. They Don’t Believe In Psychic Ability Because They Are Too Intellectual


Some people are skeptical. These kinds of people are those who close their mind to the things not yet confirmed by science. Physics might not have yet prove the existence of another dimension that psychics refer to as the Spiritual World. Chemistry might not have yet proven how telepathy or the psychic ability of mind reading works. Mathematics might not have yet proven that the human aura, the energy field that surrounds us, exists.

But what is important to know is the things we haven’t believed or thought to be possible before are now proven scientific facts. Black holes were once believed to be the stuff of imagination, but now, they are accepted to be true by everyone.

It might be in the future that we may find a way to visit heaven, or perhaps the Spiritual World, without the need to die. The possibilities are endless, which is why we should not close our minds to the endless possibilities that our psychic abilities offer.


  1. Religious Guilt From False Teaching By Major Religions


Another reason why most people don’t know they are psychic is because the religious beliefs they have grown up with gives a bad reputation to the use of psychic abilities.

In the major religions we have now, developing your psychic ability is not encouraged because learning to use your psychic ability is connected to negative implications, making you feel and think that to be psychic would only do you harm, which is not true.

Learning to develop your psychic ability opens you up to the real world – the true Universe, because you can see, hear, and feel future, and past events, people’s emotions, and Spiritual Beings. These are experiences a person cannot have if they do not know how to use their psychic abilities.


  1. They’ve Never Been Told They Could Learn To Develop Their Abilities


Belief is very important because belief is what makes us do something. You may believe you can’t do the things you think you can’t, causing you not do anything at all. But if you believe you can do it, then you will, making your belief turn into reality.

The sample principle applies to your psychic ability. Some people don’t know they are psychic or that they have psychic ability. Either because they do not believe they can be psychic or because they are not told that they have psychic abilities.

Yes, every one of us are psychic, but you need to harness your psychic abilities and learn how to use them. You need the help of people a professional psychic who has already mastered their psychic abilities because they are the ones who can guide you best when learning to harness your psychic abilities.


Important Tools You Can Use For Developing Your Psychic Ability r-u-psychic-unspecified

Even though your psychic ability is a natural part of you, you still need the help of important tools to make your psychic ability become more seamless and clear.

Your psychic ability is a powerful ability you have within you because it can help you do things you couldn’t do if you weren’t aware of your psychic ability. Even though your psychic ability is a natural part of you, you still need the help of important tools to make your psychic ability become more seamless and clear.

So here are some tools you can use to begin to develop your psychic ability:


  1. Meditation


Meditation is spiritual state of consciousness where you empty your mind of unwanted thoughts by putting yourself in a quiet and peaceful state of mind. You concentrate on the nothingness and peace that surrounds you, as this makes your mind feel at peace while removing any scattered and unneeded thoughts.

With regular meditation, you will obtain an energy level that is higher because your senses are calmed down due to your inactive motion and freedom of mind.

Meditation helps you become at peace, making it very helpful in removing your stress. During meditation, you clear your mind out and start to think about the deeper things in life such as who you really are, what your past experiences are, and what do you want to happen in the future.

When you meditate, you gain a deeper sense of self consciousness where your hearing and vision becomes more sensitive. When you are at peace, your five senses become more sensitive, and this heightened level of sensitivity also opens your Third Eye, connecting you to the higher Spiritual Realms.


  1. Crystals And Gemstones


Using crystals and gemstones can also help you to develop your psychic abilities because they contain energetic prosperities. These properties are able to heal your body from sickness, as well as being able to heighten your spiritual life, by removing the negative energy inside your body. Crystals and gemstones balance the energy in your body, making you physically stronger, happier, and feeling more fulfilled in life.

You can use azurite and emerald to help you improve your intuition because it gives you visions into the future.

You can also use bloodstone and fluorite to drive off evil spirits from your surroundings because it releases positive energy that keeps away the evil spirits.

On the other hand, amethyst improves your clairvoyance and clairaudience, because it enables you to see and hear the voices of Spiritual Beings much clearer.

If you use tarot cards and crystal balls, it is recommended for you to have an emerald because it helps you talk to Spirit Guides or other Spiritual Beings who can help you to improve your life.

Sapphire helps you to understand what the Spiritual Beings want to convey to you, while quartz is helpful if you want to heal someone, because the energy it releases has healing capabilities.


  1. Working With Your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels


When a person has departed to the Other Side, and have achieved the needed level of spiritual consciousness through many reincarnations, they then become a Spirit Guide. Spirit Guides have evolved their spirituality to the point of perfection, having experienced several time, both human life and life on the Other Side.

Your Spirit Guide acts as your counselor and spiritual protector, because they guide you down the right path, ensuring you have a happy and blissful life ahead of you. In order for you to have a better life, you can open develop your psychic abilities with the help of your Spirit Guides.

So if you want to develop your psychic abilities, you can also ask for the help of your Spirit Guides or Guardian Angels. Every person has a minimum of one Spirit Guide.  Most people have an average of 30 to 60 Spirit Guides. Your Spirit Guide can help you develop your psychic abilities because they were also once human like you, which means they know how to develop them.

Guardian Angels can also help you develop your psychic abilities because they are your personal protectors. Guardian Angels came from heaven, and protect you from physical and spiritual harm, as well as to ensure your lives are well-lived. When you call your Guardian Angels, they will come to your aid, and will help you in whatever you need help with, in this case – developing your psychic ability.


  1. Finding An Experienced Teacher


Learning to develop your psychic abilities cannot be properly done if you do not seek the help of a more experienced teacher who is a psychic. Even though you know you have the psychic ability within you and believe you can harness and master your psychic ability, you still need the help of an experienced mentor to teach you how to develop your psychic abilities.

This person should have experience, and also the skill to teach you the things you need to know about being psychic. Your experienced psychic teacher should also possess superior psychic ability within himself.

If you know a person of this kind, then don’t hesitate to seek his help and guidance. Open yourself to the endless possibilities of what developing your psychic abilities can do to you and to your life. By committing yourself to an experienced psychic teacher,  in no time, you will make amazing progress as a great psychic.


Final Thoughts In Developing Our Psychic Abilities r-u-psychic-unspecified-2

Every one of us can use our psychic abilities to help us in the improvement of our lives. If everyone learned to develop their psychic abilities and be more tuned in, then our world would be a much better place to live in.

We are all psychic. Before humanity achieved all of the technological marvels we currently have, as cavemen, we were once more in tuned than what we are now because we knew how to use our psychic abilities.

Even though the cavemen needed to go through many challenges because they lacked the capability to speak, and that they did not have the technology that we have now, they still survived the harsh conditions of our planet. The cavemen survived because they made use of their psychic ability. Psychic ability was the secret to early man’s survival.

Because of the help that psychic ability has given to our ancestors, every one of us can use our psychic abilities to help us in the improvement of our lives. If everyone learned to develop their psychic abilities and be more tuned in, then our world would be a much better place to live in.

If you would like to learn to develop your psychic abilities, you may want to consider my one-on-one Six-Week Psychic Mentoring Certification Training Course. You can get more information about this by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading page, and someone will get back with you with all the details.


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  1. Sam says:

    The whole logic vs intuition thing is wrong. You can be an intellectual AND have a psychic ability. Then again, advanced intelligence might even be through the means of Claircognizance. In fact we need more psychic sensitives to collaborate with science in order to help explain the holes in missing knowledge. This has already been done but not to a large enough scale. The divide between science and religion doesn’t help. Logic and intuition are interconnected as the universe itself binds all things and should be known this way.

    3 is a paradox if you need help from spirit guides or angels but don’t yet have the ability to communicate with them to develop said abilities.

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