Are You Psychic? Discover The Psychic In You!

Have you ever told someone something and had them respond saying “Are you psychic?” Well, if so, welcome to my world!

are you psychic

The answer to that question is “yes” because you are psychic!”, and so is every other person walking around out there! The only thing is that most people do not realize that they have any psychic ability at all! That to me is a sad thing for people not to know!

Everyone Has Psychic Ability – Even You!

There are some people who are born with their psychic ability more developed than others, but everyone can learn to develop these powers if they read the right books, study the right things, and have a good mentor to help them along the way!

Most people have had moments when they asked themselves “Am I psychic?” This usually happens after something they knew was going to happen, or does happen. Or after they have a feeling about something that later comes true!

Everyone gets psychic impressions, but most people either mislabel them or do not realize that it was a psychic experience when they experience it

Common Psychic Experiences People Have

For example, all of the following things are psychic in nature:

– Whenever you get a gut feeling
– Getting a hunch about something
– Having an inner knowing about something before it happens
– Not trusting someone you just met
– Feeling a strong dislike for a total stranger
– Saying to yourself “Something’s not right here!”
– Getting chills or goose bumps when someone tells you something

Most People Never Learn This

Most people just think these occurrences are normal. But they never stop to think how they could have possibly known about something, or felt something before it happens!

Whenever you know something before it happens, or feel anything that later turns out to be true, then it is psychic in nature! Always remember that!

If you would like to learn more about your psychic self, a psychic reading can tell you what all of your psychic gifts are, and how you can develop them

So the next time someone asks you “Are you psychic?” you can tell them “Yes I am, and so are you!”, because it’s true, you are psychic, and so is the person asking you. They just might not know it yet!

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