Ascended Masters: A Guide to the Teachers of Humankind ascended masters

Ascended masters are spiritually advanced beings whose mission is help humans advance spiritually.

Ascended Masters are spiritually enlightened beings, who were once humans and had previous life times on earth. They have already paid off their karmic debt and mastered ascension, so they no longer need not to go through the birth/death cycle.

They live in the higher dimensions and serve as teachers who are always there to guide, protect, inspire, and heal us. Each Ascended Master has their own specific specialties, or areas of focus.


What Ascended Masters Do?


Ascended Masters are highly realized souls who have achieved their highest spiritual realization. So, they have transcended the human experience and have reached the ultimate goal that all souls are aiming for – total ascension. 

Their main duty is to assist humans in advancing spiritually.

They are our Master Teachers who can help us grow in many areas of our lives to achieve our life’s purpose and achieve our highest potential because they have a unique understanding of the world. And their purpose is to pass this understanding on to us who are living on earth to assist us in advancing spiritually.


How To Know Your Ascended Master Guides


There are many different Ascended Masters, but the ones listed below are the more commonly known ones. You can always call on them any time and they are available to all:

  1. Gautama Buddha

The name “Buddha” means enlightened or awakened. He came from a royal family but later on denounced his throne and left his family. He gained enlightenment after sitting and meditating under a tree until reaching a full spiritual awakening and state of enlightenment.

If you need help in developing your meditation practice, practice moderation and overcoming any form of suffering, you can call on him. Confucius

Confucius is one of the known Ascended Master guide and was a famous Chinese philosopher.

  1. Confucius

He was a Chinese teacher, philosopher, and politician. He greatly believed in self-discipline and hard work hard in order to fulfill your dreams and goals. He dedicated his life to teach others how to bring order into their lives.

You can call on Confucius if you need help achieving your dreams and becoming one with your higher-self.

  1. Jesus

He is the human incarnation of all that is good in humanity. Throughout his lifetime, he gave mankind a chance to evolve towards a more spiritual nature.

Anyone can call on him, regardless of one’s religious or spiritual belief. He can assist you in healing yourself or others, emotionally, physically or mentally.

  1. Saint Germain

He is also known as the “Wonder Man of Europe”. He looked the same for 100 years, spoke all languages, fed the poor, and worked for peace. His origin is unknown and he disappeared without any trace.

If you desire energy, vitality, radiance, youthfulness, and beauty, you can call upon Saint Germain’s assistance.

  1. Krishna

He is a Hindu deity who is said to be the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, one of the three Hindu gods who oversees and protects Earth and its inhabitants

You can call on him if you seek true happiness and want to leave behind whatever no longer makes you happy.

  1. Kuan Yin

She is a Buddhist Goddess who is known as the Mother of Compassion, and she is loved and revered throughout Asia. Her energy is characterized by compassion and she represents feminine power and beauty.

You can always count on her for help with forgiveness and compassion.


How To Contact Ascended Masters


You can always invoke the help of an Ascended Master whenever faced with a situation where you are unsure of what to do, or how to respond.

Think of any Ascended Master you feel most drawn to and then say:

“I call upon the presence of (Name Ascended Master) to be present with me now.  Please aid me in my soul journey of enlightenment. Please show me what I would need to do or how should I respond in my present situation”.

Then close your eyes for a few moments to reflect and soon you will know the right action to take.

You can also keep a picture of the Ascended Master with you and carry it around or hang their picture in your home. Doing either of these things will keep you energetically connected to them.

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How To Know If You Are An Ascended Master talented

One sign that you will be an Ascended Master is you are gifted with many talents in different areas.

As what I have initially discussed, Ascended Masters were also once humans, who achieved their highest spiritual realization. Therefore, you could also be an Ascended Master in the making.

Here are the signs to know if you could eventually become an Ascended Master:

  1. You Are Multi-talented.

You are blessed with many gifts, in many different areas.

  1. You Had A Challenged Childhood.

You may have felt different from other children and not able to fit in. You experienced difficult situations in life such as a broken home, abuse, abandonment, isolation, poverty, being unhealthy, or behavioral disorders.

  1. Strong and Deep Interest In spirituality.

You find spirituality, even at a young age, as the solution to whatever struggles you have in life and it has created a powerful turning point in your life.

  1. Visionary Thinking.

You have idealistic, compassionate and humanitarian visions not only for your own life but also for the whole world.

  1. Spiritual Gifts and Experiences.
  • You are gifted with psychic or healing abilities.
  • You are able to levitate more than 4 feet off the ground.
  • You can become invisible on command.
  • You can lift large object, such as desks, cars, chairs, and even large boulders, at will, by only using your mind.
  • You can heal people or animals instantly, of any disease, by simply touching them.
  • You can touch someone who is dead back and bring them back to life.
  1. Intense Emotions.

You feel things very deeply, so often times you are accused of being over-sensitive.

  1. Driven From Within.

No matter what challenges and obstacles you are faced with, you relentlessly search for answers, solutions, healing, and enlightenment.

Many people may experience one or more of the things on this list, but if you able to do all things listed under #4, then you will become an Ascended Master in your next life.

I hope you feel inspired now that you have learned more about the Ascended Masters and may this start the beginning of a new path to enlightenment in your own life.

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