Ascended Masters – Who Are They And What Are They Known For

Ascended Masters are highly evolved beings whom you can call for help and guidance.

Some examples of famous Ascended Masters are Jesus Christ, Mohammad, Buddha and Krishna.

Let us look at the stories of some known Ascended Masters and how their teachings can inspire you to find the answers and relate to your personal situation.

What Are Ascended Masters? ascended master 1

Ascended Masters help humans to advance spiritually and ascend to the highest dimension just like them.

 Ascended Masters are highly-realized souls that have lived on earth and have achieved greatness on many levels. Through their endeavors and hard work have paid all their karma and thus no longer need to reincarnate. They don’t have their physical body and have now transcended as light beings.

Ascended Masters have gained self-mastery of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of themselves. They have obtained mastery of love, compassion, wisdom and purity. They are also masters of energy, psychic awareness, healing and consciousness. Some of them are even well-versed in science, law, math, geometry and medicine.

Ascended Masters also act as spiritual guides, teachers and healers, each with their own specific specialties, or focus areas.

Who Are The Most Famous Ascended Masters?


 Ascended Masters vary in experience and their contributions to mankind. ascended master 2

The Ascended Masters teachings have similar messages- that is to love one another, be kind and compassionate.


He is the Lord of the universe. He is the supreme creator of the universe and the root of all mysticism. He releases the inner key and energy by which we become immortal. Ishvara is immanent in every person and every object throughout the universe.

You can always ask Ishvara for a deeper understanding and spiritual guidance.



He is the Son of Ishvara who preserves the grand design of creation. He restores the universe to light with the living flame of wisdom. He acts as the mediator who intercedes between humanity and absolute reality of the Father.

You might call upon Vishnu if you’re looking for protection, patience, knowledge, or prosperity.



Jesus is the ascended master known as the Christ who conquered death and ascended home to God. He reminded us that we are all Sons and Daughters of God and just like him, we can overcome death and hell, fulfill our mission and go back home to God.

He is open and willing to help anyone who calls on him, regardless of the person’s religious or spiritual beliefs. Through his love and devotion for humanity, Jesus reminded us to live in peace, brotherhood and service to one another.

Jesus can help you with healing yourself or others emotionally, physically or mentally.



Krishna is the eight incarnation of Vishnu, who is one of the three Hindu gods who oversees and protects Earth and her inhabitants.  He is also messenger of joy, happiness, romantic love, and spiritual teachings.  Krishna brings blessings to whoever calls upon him.

You can call on Krishna to help heal your inner child. You just need to visualize his presence healing that child at whatever age the trauma took place.



He is known as China’s greatest teacher and philosopher. He has always been concerned with harmony and divine order within the family and within society as a whole. He has dedicated his life to teaching others how to bring order into their lives, to their families and to the empire.

Some refer to him as the “Grandfatherly Ascended Master”. He has so much life experiences and knowledge to pass on to everyone just like your grandparents.

Confucius can give you guidance and help to achieve your dreams and become one with your higher-self.


Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori is the founder of the Montessori Method and made her ascension after working closely with Mother Mary for many years. She was a scientist, a doctor, an educator and a person who loved and respected children very much.

She was a messenger of in the field of education, and she took her instruction from Mother Mary. She traveled the world to give lectures, establish schools and train teachers in the Montessori curriculum and methodology.

You can ask for her assistance with problems facing the youth of the world, and the educational system.


Saint Germain

He is known as the ruler of a golden age civilization in the fertile land of Sahara. 70,000 years ago, he was the emperor-king of a highly advanced civilization that existed where the Sahara Desert is now located. He is one of the most enigmatic characters from history and considered by many to be either immortal or continuously reincarnated.

He is also known as the “Wonder Man of Europe” in the 1700’s. He always looked the same for 100 years, spoke all language, fed the poor and worked for peace. His origin was unknown and disappeared without any trace.

You can call upon St. Germain when you desire energy, vitality, radiance, youthfulness, beauty and anytime you are fighting a legal battle of any kind.


Mother Theresa

She dedicated her life in helping the poor, especially in Calcutta. She provided a magnificent example of a person who embodied teachings of loving your neighbor as yourself. She has fulfilled her mission and calling exactly what she meant to do during her lifetime.

In pondering Mother Theresa’s life, you could learn that one should follow your inner voice. If you need guidance on what path to take and following your inner voice, you can always call to Mother Theresa.


Gautama Buddha

He pursued enlightenment to break the wheel of karma, death, and rebirth. He came from a royal family, born into a life of riches and comfort. Having confronted sin, disease and death, he decided to denounce his throne and leave his family. He sat under a tree, meditated and reached full spiritual awakening and state of enlightenment. He called it the Middle Way.

He learned how to maintain this state and passed it onto others in his teachings. Buddhism was formed out of his teachings

You can call upon him for help in developing your meditation practice, practice moderation and to overcome any form of suffering.


Kuan Yin

She is the Goddess of Mercy, the divine mother who fully embodies the virtues of mercy, compassion and forgiveness. She is the eastern counterpart of Mother Mary. At her mortal death, Kuan Yin seems to have rarely incarnated on Earth. She decided to stay close to the Earth and help all humans until everyone became enlightened

You can always call upon her for help with forgiveness and compassion and also to have your needs met in gentle and loving ways.

How did they become Ascended Masters?


The soul no longer needs to be reborn in human form after learning all the lessons that are needed to be learned in this world. Thus they finally become spirit guide and enters the spirit world.

Ascended Masters are a type of Spirit Guide who are the ultimate teachers and gateways to the divine. They teach or guide all those who call on them to achieve greater wholeness and harmony in life. Ascended Masters appear at times when you need guidance regarding spiritual development and growth.

How Can Ascended Masters Help You? ascended master 3

Ascended Masters can help you achieve your highest potential. Learn from their teachings and summon their help and guidance.


Since Ascended Masters are highly realized souls who lived in the past, they have actually gone above and beyond the sorts of daily challenges we would like help with. They have reached the ultimate goal that all souls are striving for.

They are our Divine Teachers. They can help us grow in any area of our lives, achieve the real purpose of life and achieve our highest potential.

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