Ask A Psychic – 3 Wildest Questions I’ve Been Asked

You may wonder what people ask a psychic during a psychic reading. Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were a fly on the wall, and could “listen in” to some of my readings?

Well, there’s no need for that, because I am going to share with you some of my most memorable readings. People have all sorts of questions they want to ask a psychic when they have a reading.

People often tell me they feel silly asking me certain questions, and I just chuckle to my self when they say that! I often think to myself, “If you only knew what I’ve been asked, you wouldn’t feel silly at all!

I honestly don’t judge anyone by the questions they ask me. As a matter of fact, nothing really shocks me anymore, because I get asked everything under the sun. But here are a few of my more memorable psychic readings!

This is one of the most “liberal minded” questions I remember being asked!

The Open Minded Grandma

One lady from Texas asked me something I will never forget!

She explained to me her neighbor who is 32, had been trying to have a child for over two years with no success. She then told that she is 65 and her husband is 70, and that her 70 year old husband had volunteered to try and help out the neighbor. She said since they already have 8 kids of their own, she is sure his help would be successful!

She told me that her and her neighbor are very close, and that she thought that if her husband started spending more time at the neighbors house, that maybe she could finally get some things done around the house that she needed to do! I was a little taken back, needless to say!

So her question was “Should I offer my husband’s assistance to my neighbor?” I told her that she needed to keep her husband at home, and that she should not mention this idea to her neighbor, because I felt that neither her neighbor, nor her neighbor’s husband, would not be too open to their help.

Here is another one of the cutest readings I remember.

The Sexy Senior Citizen

It was for an elderly lady around 85 years old. She lived in New York City, and I remember how young she sounded on the phone, and how youthful her energy was! She said to me “I never tell anyone my age, but I am 85.” I was shocked when she told me her age because she honestly sounded like a 35 year old woman!

She went on to tell me that she was a belly dancer who dances in shows where there are a lot of young men who come to see her dance! “Young men?” I thought to myself. I wondered what young men would want to watch an 85 year old woman belly dance??

She then proceeded to tell me that most of her audience is between 70 and 78, and how flattered she felt having all these young men come to watch her dance at her shows! She then glowed as she told me that she’s even spotted men as young as 68 in the audience!

She said she always wanted to belly dance, and so she took lessons when she was 78. And she told me “I’m pretty good at it too!!” Her question was “Will I still look as good as I do now, and be able to dance until 95, because that’s the age I think I’ll relax and give up the belly dancing!

I told her with her aura, and strong energy, she could keep dancing until she was 100! I remember my guides telling me should would live to be 111 years old, and still be in great health!

And here is another one that left me a bit unprepared.

Feeling Free To Be Me

A man from Germany called my office and said he had a very serious problem that he needed help with, and that he needed to talk to me right away! So we scheduled him an emergency appointment, which costs more than a regular reading, and he said that was fine, because he really needed to talk to me about something extremely important!

When we had our reading, he very seriously asked me “Tana, I need to know why I keep having these breakouts on my legs and rear end! So please tell me, am I having an allergic reaction from wearing the pink silk stockings and panties, or is it from the cheap polyester ones that my wife bought me to wear?”

He then informed me that he had just bought a lovely silk dress that he planned to wear to his daughter’s wedding, and because there was going to be dancing at her reception, he didn’t want to be itching on her special day! So he needed to know if he was allergic to silk or polyester!

I told him that he should wear each one for a week, to test and see which one he was allergic to! He was delighted with my answer because he said he had never thought of that, and would send me pictures of the wedding!

He later sent me the pictures of him dancing in his beautiful silk dress at his daughter’s wedding, and told me his rash was caused by the cheap polyester stockings and panties his wife bought for him, and that the silk felt better to wear anyway, because he didn’t sweat as much when he was wearing silk.

So there are some insights into the types of questions people ask a psychic, or at least the types of questions I have been asked before! It just goes to show you that there really are no silly questions, because any question that is important to you, are important questions to ask a psychic during a reading.

If you have questions you need answers to, no matter how silly you might think they are, then visit my website to schedule a reading together!

Also, please leave me your comments below this article, and let me know if you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed sharing it with you!

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  1. Carla says:

    Tana, those are the cutest stories I’ve ever heard. I hope I feel that sexy at 85!

  2. Arlene says:

    The story about the woman loaning her husbands services had me rolling on the floor! Thanks for the smile you brought to my face!

  3. Rhonda says:

    I now know that the questions I want to ask during my reading aren’t as silly as I thought they might be! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Paula says:

    Damn polyester! Can’t wear it without itching and sweating! Silk is always best!!

  5. Alison says:

    Love the sexy grandma! She sounds adorable!!

  6. Kim says:

    I wore polyester once and it made me smelly and sweaty too!

  7. Tanya says:

    Loaning her husband! What a riot!! At 70 he needs to be relaxing, not getting his blood pressure up!

  8. Bill says:

    I wonder why anyone wouldn’t know polyester is bad for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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