How To Create An “Astral Plane” Portal Using A Mirror – by Tana Hoy

Mirrors have long been regarded as magical objects. Many older cultures feared mirrors, believing that they’re evil, or that they’re a doorway to the astral plane, while those who were interested in enchantments used them for mysterious practices. So, is there a possibility that the mirror you’re using is magic?

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An Energy Portal

The Mystical Uses Of Mirrors

For centuries, mirrors have been used for purposes that involve the supernatural, which includes divination, communication with spiritual beings, and as doorways to “the other side.”

Mirrors have long been used for scrying, or for looking into the past, seeing the present, and for glancing what is about to take place in the future. Other reflective surfaces also have been used to divine events, such as a bowl of water tinged with dark ink, or even the calm surface of a pond.

Mirrors can also be used to speak with those who have passed away, or with other spiritual beings. The non-physical beings either appear in the mirror and speak to you directly, or they leave written messages on the fogged-up surface.

Mirrors can be used as doorways to allow beings from other spiritual realms to come into this world.

Are Mirrors Bad?

Mirrors are not bad, per se. One thing you need to remember is that mirrors and other reflective surfaces are simply ordinary, everyday objects – until they start gathering energy. Once a mirror gains energy, then it may no longer remain as an ordinary object, but a powerful magical tool. Allow me to explain:

Your Mirror And Your Energy

Every person’s thoughts, emotions, desires, intentions, and actions, are made of energy. So everything you think about, feel, want, wish for, your actions and reactions – all radiate energy.

Some of these energies that you emit, both positive and negative, get lodged and embedded in the objects around you, and the more personal and precious an object is to you, the more of your energy gets imprinted onto it.

A mirror is very receptive to these energies, because looking into the mirror is a very personal and intimate experience. Each time you look into a mirror, there is A urge of energy that you emiT. It could be dismay, vanity, pride, self-doubt, and so on. These energies get imprinted on the mirror that you are using.

And even if you’re not exactly thinking about yourself while you brush your hair, shave, etc., your mind may be actively thinking about a memory, a future event, or someone you are angry with. These, too, are energies which get embedded into your mirror, and they give it “power.”

A mirror’s capacity to receive so much of a person’s energy is perhaps why the ancients believed that it can steal a person’s soul.

Used And Antique Mirrors

Now, if you bring a used or antique mirror into your home, chances are, this mirror is embedded with lots of energy from its previous owner, and the house where it used to be. If the old owner or house was filled with vanity, violence, and such emotions like these, then these energies will be in the mirror, too.

Mirrors And Beings From The Astral Plane

The energy that is gathered into the mirror may attract beings from other realms. They may try get into our world using the mirror, and they may attempt to trick you, tempt you, deceive you, or even scare you into inviting them into the human realm. The good thing is, they can’t really go through unless you invite them in. And of course, it is within your power not to allow them!

Mirrors And Clairvoyant Psychics

A psychic may use a mirror to look into the past, present, and future, because a mirror is easy to focus on. Its smooth, reflective surface is both mesmerizing and calming. There is a kind of depth in a mirror that allows the subconscious mind to relax and go deeper into the psychic mind.

Used properly, a mirror can be an effective tool in enhancing your psychic abilities and provide you with clear insight about what has taken place, what’s taking place, or what may take place in the future.

How To Use Mirrors Properly

Because a mirror has the potential to be a powerful magical object, you need to take caution when using it. Here are some tips on how to use mirrors:

• It would be wise to use a mirror as just an object to see your physical self, but not your inner self. For example, if you’re trying to decide what to wear, you can look at yourself objectively, but avoid having thoughts such as, “Oh, I look dreadful,” or “So-and-so will be so envious of me!” This will prevent any of negative psychic energy from getting lodged into the mirror.

• Don’t place mirrors facing your bed. You are more in-tune with the non-physical realm when you’re asleep. So beings from “the other side” may try to contact you or even coax you into letting them through while you’re asleep.

• A mirror by your bed may also be a way for otherworldly beings to deplete you of energy.

• Place mirrors in your house strategically. For example, use mirrors to brighten up a room and make it look larger. This allows positive energy to flow freely in your house.

• Don’t put a mirror directly facing your front door, as the positive energy that enters your home will be deflected back out.

Mirrors can be as powerful as you make them to be. Used properly, mirrors can be an excellent ornament to have inside your house or office, and a powerful psychic tool that you can also carry with you!

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  1. Candy says:

    I never knew this.
    So how do you see into the future looking into the mirror?

  2. Cybex says:

    Nice article but is there ways to cleanse a second hand mirror from its old energy,

  3. Jellybeans says:

    My husband for some reason has a thing for mirrors…When he puts them up in our room I cover them with a blanket…too many mirrors, that’s too many energies throughout the house its confusing as in deciphering negative and positive energy…I only allow the bathroom mirror, and a set of 3 in my living room…I believe if you continue to praise yourself with good positive self talk looking into a mirror, you’ll start seeing those words physically within self every time you look at self in that particular mirror, that’s why its always good to keep one mirror for your own private use, so as to no one tainting the mirror with negative eneegies that can effect your perception of yourself daily…
    Also I believe that when you look at yourself in the mirror there are others looking back at you on the otherside….
    Southern folks have these strong beliefs too as far as conjuring souls through mirrors…Attachment…Not a good for any empath such as myself…if I’m correct it’s called collecting souls.. as the soul will attach themselves to an empath, being vulnerable to such things are hard to shake I’ve heard another fellow empath say…because we absorb what’s around us as empath we are more so vulnerable than…..

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