The Astral Plane – What Is It?

There have been many of my clients whom I have read for who have asked me if I can explain to them what is the astral plane. During my psychic readings, I have had endless discussions with my clients about the astral plane because this is one of my favorite topics. There are seven planes of existence, yet most people go through life only experiencing one of them!

What Is The Astral Plane?

The astral plane Human beings inhabit the physical plane, but the astral plane, also called the astral world, is another dimension or realm, and it acts as a gateway from our physical world to the other planes of existence.

When a persons’ physical body dies, their soul passes through this plane to move on to the higher spheres. Sometimes your soul can linger on in the astral plane until it is time for it to move on. The astral world transcends time and space, so space and time have no real meaning there.

What Does The Astral Realm Look Like?

The astral wolrd is simply another dimension of the physical plane in which we exist, and it is a reflection of our physical plane. What this means is that everything that exists in the physical plane, also exists in the astral world. It is an exact replica of our world, but it exists in another dimension.

That isn’t to say that both worlds are identical; far from it, because the astral realm has a sort of ethereal, dream-like quality to it. If I had to describe it to you, I would say that it is a bit cloudy and hazy, yet luminescent in appearance. There are cities, towns, buildings, trees, fields, mountains, valleys, meadows, beaches, rivers, forests, flowers, fruits – you name it – in the astral world.

To travel in this plane you do not need to rely on vehicles to take you around, but rather on your spiritual ability. Physical laws of our world, such as gravity, do not apply there. You can use your mind to travel far distances in short periods of time!
I believe that the experiences in the astral world are unique for each person, because events, people, and things that exist in your physical world, are projected from your subconscious into the astral world. So what you experience in the astral plane is what is created by your thoughts while you are on earth.

Who Inhabits The Astral Plane?

There are many beings you can see in the there. Some are spirits who are waiting to move on to a higher plane, while others are ethereal beings such as angels and archangels. In the astral realm, you can also meet your spirit guides.

There also exist nature spirits like fairies, gnomes, elves, brownies, and pixies, who in our physical world, are just beyond our human powers of sight, but can be easily seen in this plane of existence.

There is a whole universe full of fantastic possibilities that exists outside of our physical world. Our three-dimensional world is limiting and restrictive compared to the amazing things that are out there.

Honing your spiritual skill-set will allow you to get acquainted with the many wonders of the universe, and help you understand more about the astral plane. As you start to perfect your psychic capabilities and come to understand the astral plane, you will embark upon an exciting journey whose richness will seep through and enhance every aspect of your physical life.

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