Astral Projection – Validated Stories Of Personal Experiences

Astral projection is a process where your astral body, or your spirit body, leaves your physical body and goes to the astral, or spiritual plane. Astral projection is also described as a consciously willed out-of-body experience.

Is Astral Projection Real?

The first scientific study of astral projection was conducted in1968, by philosopher and psychologist Celia Green, where she studied 400 first-hand accounts of various out-of-body experiences (OBE).

astral projection

Dr. Olaf Blanke from Switzerland, also discovered that by stimulating the right temporal-parietal junction of the brain, a reliable out-of-body experience could be induced.

Business executive Robert Monroe also did experiments and explorations on consciousness in his laboratory at The Monroe Institute. Physicist Tom Campbell, and engineer David Mennerich, assisted him.

Monroe placed Campbell and Mennerich in separate soundproof rooms at the same time. Though their voices were recorded, both subjects were unable to hear, or speak, with each other.

Campbell and Mennerich only had headphones to allow them to hear Monroe’s guided meditation technique that was designed to elicit an out-of-body experience.

The results shocked Campbell and Mennerich. The undeniable proof that astral projection is real was when there were individual recordings of their voices, which revealed they were talking, and literally having a conversation during their astral travels together. Despite being physically located in separate rooms, and isolated from each other.

An Easy Astral Projection Technique

One of the easiest astral projection techniques is the Rope Technique.

You can imagine a rope hanging from the ceiling of your room.

Then, visualize your astral hands holding the rope and pulling yourself up out of your physical body. You may feel a bit dizzy as your astral body separates from your physical body.

Continue climbing out of your body using the astral rope. Your body might feel some vibrations, but focus on your intent to astral project, and don’t stop climbing the rope until you are out of your physical body.

How You Can Use Astral Projection

You can use astral projection to visit remote places, go to a future time, or even visit your friend’s house.

One recorded incident where astral projection was used to visit someone, happened in 1863, as reported to the Society of Psychical Research.

A Mr. Wilmot from Bridgeport, Connecticut was sailing on a ship from Liverpool to New York during a terrible storm, when he dreamed that his wife walked into his stateroom, kissed him, and then vanished.

Wilmot woke up from his dream, when his fellow passenger, who was in the same stateroom, reported seeing the same thing that Wimot had dreamed.

When Wilmot’s ship landed, he rushed home to his wife and kids in Connecticut. His wife, upon seeing him, asked, `Did you see me visit you?

She also described in detail, the appearance of the stateroom he was in, as well as Wilmot’s fellow passenger whom she saw looking at her.

According to Wilmot’s wife, she visited him because she felt worried after learning of the terrible storm that beset her husband’s trip.

You Can Try This With A Friend

You can similarly astral project to your friend’s house, and verify with your friend any details of what you saw.

Make an agreement with your friend that you are to visit him/her at a particular day and particular time.

Perform astral travel, and note down any details you see in your friend’s house.

After your astral travel, verify your results by calling your friend and describing the details of their clothing, or the position of certain furniture in their room.

Anyone Can Astral Project

Anyone can learn how to astral project. You simply have to follow an astral projection guide of your choice, and eliminate any fears you may have about astral projection.

It might take months to master the process, as well as eliminate any fears of not being able to get back into your body, but with a little practice, astral projection is actually easy, and natural to do.

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  1. chris says:

    I had one of these recently

    During a recent “psychic meditation trip” I found myself out of my physical state and I noticed my Clock read 5:45am upon reentering the physical state and exiting the meditative state I got up and found exactly that – the clock read 5:45am…strange? Not even ow!

    I have also used astral projection to travel to Thailand met and spoke with a bar girl, travelled to 100 years into the future wherr 2 teenagers gave me some good news regarding the cure of AIDS. I’ve visited nightclubs 20 miles from my house without having to leave my living room chair. I’ve even spoken to the woman I will marry and seen our wedding day and I havent even met her yet.

    Astral travel is real and alot of fun. Thanks as always tana

  2. Leona Erasmus says:

    Hi there. I read all about this Astral Projection… It happend to me twice… and i didn’t know what it was. Thought something was trying to kill me because that was how it felt. I really wanna visit my dad who lives 6 hours from me. But i’m afraid of a few things. I need help??

  3. Bec says:

    I astral project almost every night. But in my experience, it’s always when I’m in the light sleep stage and can hear whispers. Then it feels like a spiritual being coming to me and I hear a vibration when I lift out of my body. I fly around the room sometimes, other times I float off the bed and land like a feather on the floor. The spirits I’ve sensed are different each time.
    One time I heard the whispers and looked up to see the vibration and it was a colourful kaleidoscope. Then it rushed down into me and lifted me up very quickly.
    I’d like to hear if anyone else has had similar experiences to mine?

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