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Astral projection is what happens when the astral body leaves the physical body. The astral body is the soul which contains our consciousness.

An OBE, or Out of Body Experience, is a phenomenon where people feel their consciousness leaving their bodies. Things like near death experiences, illness, and trauma, might trigger people to have an OBE.

And one of the more interesting types of OBE is called astral travel, or astral projection.


What Is Astral Projection?


Astral projection is a powerful form of OBE where an individual leaves their physical body and travels with their astral body.

Many people who astral travel can see their physical bodies below them, as they float around with their astral body.


What Is Astral Travel And How’s Does It Differ From Astral Projection?


We have two bodies – the physical body and the astral body.

The physical body is the one we use in the physical world, while the astral body is our soul, which also contains our consciousness. Both bodies are connected, but the astral body is capable of astral travelling outside the physical body because it is not hindered by physical limitations.


What You Feel During Astral Projection?


Leaving your physical body and traveling around with your astral body is a pretty unique experience.

Here are some things that people experience during their first astral projection:

  1. You could feel stiff

A common thing that people notice during astral projection is that they can’t move their body. They feel like they are in some sort of sleep paralysis.

But since this is the first step in separating your astral body from your physical body, don’t panic. It may or may not happen as you allow your astral body to separate from your physical body.

  1. You have a tingly feeling all over your body

This tingly feeling is what we call energy vibration. When you are using your astral body, your body becomes more sensitive to the vibrations all around you.

This vibrating feeling is similar to that of minor electric jolts and can give you goosebumps all over.

  1. You don’t feel like you have a physical body

It’s a really weird and unique feeling to have. Its feels like you don’t have a body at all!

  1. Your heart beats fast

A racing heart is one of the most common things people notice when they are in the early stages of practicing ast flying

During astral projection, you may feel that you are flying or floating.

ral projection. A racing heart could be caused by fear, or it could be that your physical body is producing the energy needed to support your astral body.

  1. You may hear a loud buzzing sound

Aside from the tingly feeling, you could also hear the buzzing sound produced by the vibrations in the air.

This buzzing sound is similar to that of a jet plane or a buzz saw.

  1. You may feel very hot

Another interesting experience is the feeling of extreme heat coming out of your chest or stomach. This feeling is the result of your astral body producing the energy needed to travel on its own.

  1. You may feel something is pressing you down

You may feel as if you’re being pushed down by an invisible force. This is normal. You will get used to the feeling and it will eventually go away.

  1. You may feel as if you are floating or flying

And lastly, you will have the feeling of floating or flying.

Most people find this feeling fun and very enjoyable.

If you experience any of the feelings I’ve listed above, then congrats because you’re on the right track!


Can You Use Astral Travel To Travel Into The Past?


Astral projection allows you to leave your physical body and travel with your astral body. So, you can use your astral body to travel back in time.

Being able to travel astrally lets you discover a lot of things, and it also allows you to travel to other places and dimensions – in the past or present.

It also allows you to visit departed loved ones and also interact with other beings from other astral planes.


Things You Can Do While Astral Traveling


When astral traveling there is no limit to where it can go. You are not limited by time nor space. You can travel to any part of the world, into infinite space, and even visit distant galaxies.

Astral travelling allows you to gain recollections of your past lives. Knowing about your previous lives allows you to be able to learn more about yourself.

You can also visit and talk to loved ones that have passed away.


Before You Try Astral Travel travel_to_the_past

When you astral travel, you can go and travel to any part of the world, to any dimension and even travel to the past.

Astral travelling is a fun thing to do and what’s even better is that it is a learnable skill!

It does take time and a lot of practice before you can travel astrally. But if you follow my advice you will be able to travel in no time!

Here are some things you can do to prepare for astral travelling:

  1. Meditate often and strengthen your mind

Practicing meditation is very important if you want to practice astral projection. Meditation helps strengthen your mind, as well as raise your vibrational frequency. A high vibrational frequency and a strong mind will give you better control of your astral body.

  1. Visualize

Visualization is a technique you can use to imagine your astral body leaving your physical body. Imagine seeing your physical body lying there as you move around with your astral body. Make the visualization as vivid as you can.

Make visualization a habit just like with meditation, because visualization will give you better control of your astral body.

  1. Keep an astral journal

Write down any OBE experiences you encounter, along with what you experiences during your astral projection training sessions.

The point of the journal is to acquaint yourself to the idea of astral projection while also helping you get used to the concept of it.

Being able to astrally travel to other places is certainly an amazing experience. It opens a whole new world for you to explore and experience.

You’ll meet astral beings along the way, and other spiritual entities. And you could even meet fellow travelers like yourself!

So, go out there and have fun!

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