How Astral Travel Can Take You To Different Dimensions astral-travel-unspecified-1

Astral projection can open you up to exploring exciting and unimagined places.

Are you fond of travelling? Have you tried to Astral Travel?

Astral travel is a unique kind of experience since it will allow you to travel and explore the different dimensions – some may be very similar to the physical realm and others may be very different!

Today, we’re going to learn more about astral travel, the different dimensions, where you can travel to, and some astral travel tips.


What Is Astral Travel


Astral travel is when our astral body detaches from our physical body in order to travel to non-physical “dimensions” called the astral realms.

Astral travel allows you to travel to other dimensions and other places (either past or present), visit loved ones who already departed, and interact with and learn from other beings that inhabit the astral plane.


How You Can Learn To Astral Travel


Astral travel is a fascinating skill to learn and the different things you will be able to see and experience will amaze you.

Anyone can learn to astral travel, it’s just that most people do not have the awareness, or training on how to do it. There are different methods for how to project your astral body. The important thing to remember is to be relaxed, and to clear your mind when you do it.

You can begin by imagining yourself pulling on and climbing up a rope, seeing your astral body as it is pulled out of your physical body, as you climb further up the rope. As you continue doing this, you will soon find yourself hovering above your body.

You can also use visualization techniques, wherein you will visualize yourself floating out of your body. One more method is for you to imagine a fixed object, then close your eyes and picture this in your mind. Then imagine reaching out to this object, until you are able to pull yourself free from your body. As you continue reaching towards it, you should feel yourself moving nearer and nearer to the object, until you reach it. At which point you will be outside of your body.

Astral travel takes practice, so don’t expect it to be perfect the first time you try it. The key is patience and practice, and soon you will be astrally travelling to different places and dimensions.


Your Astral Body Is A Psychic Vehicle astral-travel-unspecified-2

Your astral body is a non-physical double of your physical body, and your astral body can detach itself from your physical body, taking your consciousness with it.

Your astral body is a non-physical double of your physical body, and your astral body can detach itself from your physical body, taking your consciousness with it. It’s your astral body that can journey to other worlds and realms.

There are no limits to where the astral body can travel. It can fly beyond the blue skies and glide through the air like a balloon. It can have a bird’s eye view of the city. It can travel into infinite space and explore the planets, heavenly bodies, and other distant galaxies.

Moreover, you can astrally travel to visit friends, or other people in different parts of the world. You can even travel to meet deceased loved ones and Spirit Guides. Time and space do not exist on the astral planes, thus making your astral body able to travel to anywhere, at any time.


There Are Many Dimensions In The Universe


There are seven planes existence, or dimensions, in the universe.

Each plane has its own particular energy or vibration, and it is the frequency of the vibration that makes the planes different from each other, along with determining the inhabitants that dwell there as well. The physical plane has the lowest speed of vibration, whereas the Buddhaic Plane has the highest speed of vibration.


Here are the 7 different Astral Planes:


  1. The Physical Plane

This is the place where we live and where everything we see exists. This is the physical world.

  1. The Astral plane

This is the second place of existence, and is where our astral bodies live after our death. Our souls travel to this plane when our physical bodies die on earth. This Plane acts as a Gateway from the physical world to other realms of existence. The vibrations are higher here than the physical plane.

  1. The Mental or Causal Plane

This is the Plane where concrete intellectual energy exists, and represents the past, present, and future experiences we had when living in the Physical, as well as, and Astral Plane.

  1. The Akashic Plane

This is the central Plane that connects all the Planes of existence. All the knowledge of the universe is stored here. It has recorded here everything that occurs in the universe. This is where the Akashic Records are stored.

  1. The Mental Plane

This Plane is defined by abstract intellectual energy emphasizing truth. It is where things are created by and from thought. This Plane plays a role in helping manifesting our thoughts, desires, and wishes!

  1. The Messianic Plane

This plane highlights love and abstract energy. Here the soul experiences true and unconditional love for other beings. Astral lovemaking can happen here!

  1. The Buddhaic Plane

This is the highest plane of all 7 planes, and is characterized by pure or abstract kinetic energy. This is where the soul merges with the totality of the universe.


You Can Astrally Travel To Any Of These Dimensions astral-travel-unspecified

You can travel from one Plane to the other, by raising or lowering the vibratory rate of your Astral Body.

Through astral travel, you can access these various dimensions through the gateways of astral travel. Your Astral Body can travel beyond time and space.

Successful astral travel depends on the level of astral projection experience a person has, along with how prepared a person is for the different experiences that he may encounter.

When your astral body first leaves your physical body, you will have to enter one of the lowest levels of the astral world. With proper knowledge, training, and experience, you will come to realize there are different vibratory levels in the astral world. And you will discover you can travel from one Plane to the other, by raising or lowering the vibratory rate of your Astral Body.

Astral travel, by default, starts in the realm of the present, so here is where you will return when you are done exploring different realms and time periods. A powerful and effective way to reach the other realms quickly is through a disciplined practice of meditation.


A Few Astral Travel Tips


Astral projection is not dangerous, but if you do not know what you are doing, you could have unpleasant experiences while travelling. In order to prevent this from happening to you, here are some astral travel tips:

  1. Ensure that you are in good health. If you have a weak body, it can affect your ability to astrally project.
  2. You should have a strong desire to astrally travel. It is important to have the intention and desire to leave your body and visit the astral realms.
  3. The place where you practice astral projection should be warm. It is advisable to wear loose fitting clothes.
  4. To protect yourself, visualize yourself being surrounded by white light.
  5. You should first decide where you’re going, so you will not find yourself in an unfamiliar territory.
  6. Relax and don’t panic. Do not allow fear to prevent you from the final stages of projection.


Astral projection can open you up to exploring exciting and unimagined places. By making meditation a regular part of your day, and with determined practice, you will find yourself flying around in the great beyond before you know it!


Please share your comments below, and if you would like to learn more advanced ways to astral travel, click here to set up a session for us to talk, and I can personally mentor you and help you have success at this, along with amazing astral experiences.


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  1. Sam says:

    There is an eighth one…. I know it as the Infinium plane but it probably has another more well known name. It’s Source is “housed.” It could well be the Buddhaic plane but the Buddhaic plane is only referenced as the universe as one or in unison. Since I can’t post pictures, if our universe is a giant circle, and the Buddhaic plane is a circle slightly larger that surrounds our universe but it encompasses it in it’s totality, in essence bonds our universe as one entire thing, then the Infinium realm is a circle infinitely times bigger with other circle universes inside it. Basically a multiverse, however the infinium plane is kinda like a circle with many, many multiverses within it.

    Now you could probably say that the multiverse resides in the Mental plane since that is where creation exists to some extent, but if this is true then it counters the idea of the Buddhaic plane being the totality of our single universe.

    So in essence, if our universe is a circle inside another bigger circle – the multiverse, then the Infinium plane (or whatever it’s probably actually called) is an infinitely bigger circle that houses all the possible multiverses.

    The one major flaw in this idea is that our universe is everything, that multiverses exist but under our one sole big giant universe of everything, but we’ll see since this is far beyond our comprehension.

  2. Candy says:

    I love this!
    Two days in a row I have fallen asleep to open my eyes and not be able to move my arms yet I could clap my hands and here the ?? clap, lol
    Both times I panicked next time I do this I’m going to try to get up because I can feel myself getting up, but my body doesn’t move lol but I’ve been too scared and I think I might be in the stages of astral traveling lol
    It feels like a dream but also feels very real.
    I’m going to suprize myself next time!
    Thank you for all your articles. I love them as always.
    ????Candy ?

  3. Chiemezie says:

    I practised it last night and it worked. I saw myself floating with bliss to the clouds and observing my countryside. I tried to enter a friends house but got frightened when he woke up just as I entered the room. Then, I feared I might wake up late. Lo, I woke up. Believe me, I have never had such a peaceful experience of being free and in control of myself.

    • Tana Hoy says:

      I’m glad you experienced that! It’s a nice feeling to feel free and in control of yourself 🙂

  4. Von says:

    I have been traveling since I was a child.. At first I did not realize that where I went was a real place. I have met so many beings ! I have seen different planets and everything. I have always been sensitive to the spirit world though. I have always had visions. Its been great having this ability. This world is mean and I love that I can leave it anytime. I think that is why death does not scare me. I already know whats on the other side.

  5. Bethany says:

    Hi, im trying to do this but how can you get back to your own body and also where can you go if you do this, thanks

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Hi Bethany,

      You can travel anywhere! You get back in your body by simply opening your eyes. Thanks for the question 🙂 – Tana –

  6. Taina says:

    I want to try this so bad… when traveling dimensions how vivid are the visuals?

  7. fuad alibekit says:

    i have tried this and it kinda partially worked for me any tips! i saw the skylight of a city at night…dont knw which city

  8. Angela says:

    I have been practicing for many years, and have only gotten just out of my body and can tell I am hovering around the room then back in I go and wake up.
    This weekend I have been taking a mulfulness workshop…
    Last night I felt myself go three different places.
    I felt myself say “I want to leave my body and travel” and could feel myself lifting out….
    I stayed relaxed and literally feel I went to different countries, and engaged with different people.
    The thing I am finding a bit confusing is the final place I think I went was India. I consciousnesses asked to go there. When I arrived, I was lying on a beach with sand running through my fingers. I could feel the sand, and so many beautiful heart rocks it evoked strong emotion.(I collect heart rocks).
    Then I was communicating with a lovely female being. It was as though I had a life there, and didn’t want to leave…could this be like a different time, or something?
    It was a wonderful and pleasant experience but left me with a few questions.

  9. Jade Cho says:

    I have been trying, and believing and yearning to achieve this, but every time I try I cannot do this. Do you have any more methods or tips to help me travel this way?

  10. Sihle says:

    I tried but everytime I do it I get scared or my body feels weird and I lose concentration…

  11. Clara says:

    I have done it my whole life also and always sensitive ability to communicate with the spirit world. I’ve had some amazing experiences.

  12. fabiola says:

    I want to try it but im kinda scared that I won’t know how to get back to my body. Also can a travel to my dreams sort of like a dream land?

  13. Reign says:

    Do you have to keep your eyes closed after you lie down and if so, how do you know you’re doing it? I’m sorry, it’s all new to me.

  14. Pragyan says:

    Haven’t tried yet but the things we do in that state does it affect our present life when we wake up i mean the people we meet etc do they remember us even when we wake up?

  15. Cinderella Angella says:

    Thx I love your article.
    It was one day I was praying in church standing with my eyes closed, then a sudden thought of seeing something extra_ordnary came in my mind. Like I started to meditate…..with my eyes closed, I saw above my head n I saw myself in a dark place. I saw some small glowing thing coming from above my head at a distance of abt 5metres. It came very fast n entered my head. My physical head pained serious, my body freezed n I fell on the ground for some time. What could have happened?

  16. Olivia Bettinger says:

    I went to another dimension unintentionally and fell in love with that world. When I got back here I realized all that was wrong with this world. Everything felt wrong to me … the sky, the trees, etc. I would like to go back again. Is it possible to stay and live in another dimension permanently?

  17. Susan M says:

    So I can astral travel anywhere, visit living or deceased loved ones? What if I want to visit someone and I know the state but not the address, is this possible? Do the living know if I am there, and will I remember all of this when I wake up?

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