More Psychic Predictions For 2015 (August Release)

Here are more of my psychic predictions for August 2015.

This month’s psychic predictions were a bit challenging because some of the information that I received was not what I expected. 2015 psychic predictions

My guides and angels were really on a roll this month when revealing to me what to expect, what is coming up ahead. So, here are more of my predictions.


A celebrity, who has been hiding their addiction from the public for a long time, is going to reveal their secret struggle, saying it is time to finally deal with it and to get clean! Many will be surprised, because people didn’t even suspect that this person was even struggling with an addiction!

There is going to be a famous talk show host who is going to reveal that they are bisexual! Many people will be surprised by this revelation.

There is going to be another death of a young, upcoming actor! This death is going to be tragic, and unexpected.

bill cosby

Bill Cosby is going to end up being sued, and found guilty of drugging and having sex with women who were underage at the time. Shortly after, he will begin to have failing health problems.



Some dirty secrets are going to surface concerning a Republican presidential candidate, or one of the staff members associated with him. Once this information is released to the public, he is going to withdraw from the presidential race.

Democrats are going to face some tough times in the upcoming months. They are going to start to lose ground and power in the Senate, but will quickly regain it once the presidential election is over.

Another prostitution ring involving state senators is going to become big news again, as we get closer to the elections in November.

United States

Many religious groups are going to try and come up with sneaky ways to try and strip the rights of LGBT people, now that gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. lgbt

This is going to backfire on them, as people in those states will turn the tables on these people, because of “Satanic run” businesses that say “We Do Not Serve Christians”.

These businesses will claim that Christianity is against their religious beliefs; therefore, they do not have to serve them. All of this will of course be to prove a point.

This is going to be one of the dirtiest campaigns America has ever seen. With the possibility of a female becoming President, many conservatives are going to do everything they can to prevent “a woman” from getting to such a position of power.


Severe weather is going to hit Florida this year, and parts of Louisiana also need to be on alert!

Ohio is going to experience unusual weather patterns throughout the rest of summer, and into the winter, along with Kentucky, and West Virginia.

Indonesia and parts of Vietnam are going to have heavy flooding. Some lives will sadly be lost.

Stock Market stock market signA dip in the stock market is going to occur between September and November, but things will quickly pick back up! So there is no need to panic.

Invest in the right pharmaceuticals, especially where cancer research is involved. It will pay handsomely for wise investors, as long as they do the prior homework.


There is going to be a cure on the horizon for Hepatitis C.  This new drug will prove to be extremely effective, and will be hailed as a miracle drug!

There is going to be a new disease, similar to, and as destructive as the AIDS virus back in the 1980’s. It is going to affect African American, and with Latin men and women, in their early 30’s, and a cure is going to take many years to find. Many African Americans are going to feel like the government is moving very slow to find a cure.

I hope you enjoyed reading my latest 2015 psychic predictions!

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