Aura Colors – How To Interpret Them – by Psychic Tana Hoy

Have you ever noticed how people seem to glow when they’re in love, or how a person brimming with confidence seems to fill a room, or how you feel repelled when someone is angry?

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Different Aura Colors

Or perhaps, you may remember feeling uncomfortable when an acquaintance suddenly invaded your personal space? When you have these experiences, you are experincing the energy of the aura.

What Is An Aura?

Your aura is a field of energy that radiates from within you, and encases you like the shell of an egg. It expands and glows with intensity when you feel good, but becomes smaller and duller when you feel depressed, gloomy, or sad.

Although invisible to most, the aura can be sensed by everyone. And those who have practiced seeing auras can see the range of aura colors that it radiates.

What Do The Different Auric Colors Mean?

Perhaps, you’ve heard of expressions like green with jealousy, feeling blue, or red with anger. These sayings reflect how the different colors of the aura reflect certain emotional characteristics, because your aura provides information about your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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No matter how well you may put up a front, such as pretending to be happy when your heart is breaking, your aura will always reveal how you really feel, what your current state of mind is, as well as your true character.

Generally, bright vivid colors show the positive aspect of that hue, while murky and smoky shades lean on its negative aspect. For example, clear red shows passion, but muddied red represents anger.

The Meanings Of The Different Colors Found In The Aura

Here are some meanings:

• RED – Relates to material things and the physical body, as well as strength, power, competitiveness, sexuality, leadership, and passion. A dirty shade of red reflects materialism, refusal to forgive, and anger.

• PINK – Shows love, tenderness, and purity; but dull or muddy pink can also show dishonesty and immaturity.

• ORANGE – Shows confidence, courage, creativity, and vitality. It can also show a desire to be controlling and to exercise power. Murky orange can mean a blockage in confidence and loss of courage, resulting in stress.

• YELLOW – Relates to optimism, hope, inspiration, as well as joy and generosity. It also signifies a logical and analytical mind. But a dirty shade of yellow shows struggle to achieve an aspiration or ambition, or negative intentions.

• GREEN – Shows healing abilities, balance, growth, and love of nature. Murky green reflects resentment, self-blame, jealousy, and loss of self-confidence.

• BLUE – Shows intuitive abilities, tranquillity, sensitivity, and generosity. A murky blue shows fear, including that of the future.

• VIOLET – It’s the color of wisdom and psychic power, as well as spirituality. It can also signify one’s tendency to daydream.

• GOLD – Shows divine protection, spirituality, and inner knowledge.

• WHITE – Reflects newness and purity, as well as moving on to the other side.

• BLACK – Indicates blockages in positive energy and shows negativity.

• GRAY – Means dark thoughts and the shadowy side of a person’s character.

What Color Is Your Aura?

As I mentioned earlier, everyone can sense auric fields, but to see them requires some training and practice. Here’s a technique you can use to you can see your own aura and it’s many colors:

• Stand in front of a mirror in a room room with soft, uniform lighting, without shadows. Having a white background behind you is best.

• Choose a spot on your body, such as between your eyebrows. Then stare at this spot.

• Allow your peripheral vision to see around your head without taking your eyes off the spot. Allow your eyes to go out of focus, knowing it’s ok to blink.

• After a while, you’ll be able to see that you’re surrounded by a glow with several colors. You may also notice that one color seems more visible or dominant than others. That dominant color reflects your nature at that moment.

If you don’t succeed the first few times you try this, that’s okay. Keep working at it, and you’ll eventually be able to see your aura. You can also practice by doing this exercise with other people by staring at the center of their forehead.

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Seeing auras and knowing the meaning of the different aura colors can help you assess your current emotional state, as well as read other people. It allows you to know immediately if someone is lying, sick, or is in need of support. It’s a skill that’s handy to have, and truly worthwhile to master!

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