How To Tell If Your Aura Is Dirty (Important info!)

Hi there,

Today I want to talk about the Human Aura and what it is!

The aura, which is an energy field that surrounds your entire body, has all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions projected onto it!

A psychic who can read an aura can tell you several things about yourself.  But did you know that your aura is also the first line of defense for your spiritual body?

Your Aura Is A Protective Shield

Your aura also acts like a protective shield that surrounds your entire body, and it is the first line of defense whenever you are being psychically attached by another person, or when any type of negative energy enters your energy field.

If your aura is shut down, and most people’s auras shut down around the age of 21. Once shut down, negative energy them moves into your energy body, manifesting itself as spiritual, physical, and emotional imbalance in your body!

The best line of defense for this is to have an Aura Cleansing performed. This will realign all the components of your spiritual body, and make it fully functioning again!

When I had my very successful healing center in Mexico for over two years. the first thing I ever did when a person came to my clinic was to clean their aura! That’s because all illness begins in a shut down energy body!

When I say illness, I mean spiritual, emotional, and physical illness!

The Negative Affects Of Energy Leeches

The other thing I forgot to mention are what’s called Energy Leeches! These nasty “energy monsters” usually attach themselves energetically to the base of a person’s skull, and then the suck the “life force” out of that person until they are removed!

Energy leeches usually attach themselves to people after they have experienced an emotional trauma of some kind!

And believe it or not, 99.9% of all the clients I’ve met have an energy leech attached to the base of their skull, and sucking their life force out of them!

Energy leeches I have found, are the #1 cause of fatigue in a person who does not have any medical explanation for being tired! But once they are removed, things quickly return back to normal. Tiredness goes away, energy comes back, and life gets brighter again!

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A Sad Thing Most People Don’t Know

Most people accept certain things, such as feeling tired and less energetic as a “natural part of aging”, but I have found that many of these “natural parts of aging” almost instantly went away when my clients had their aura cleaned!

I’ve even seen depression go away almost instantly, energy return to a person who thought they were tired because they were just getting older, anxiety disappear like magic, and even health problems clear up almost instantly!

It is amazing when I think about all the “miracles” my clients experienced just by getting their aura cleaned!

Here is an email I recently received from someone who had me clean their aura:

Dear Tana,

I have never felt so happy for over 20 years now! After you cleaned my aura, I couldn’t believe the changes that happened inside of me!

You told me I had an energy leech on me, with tentacles over 6 feet long, that were wrapped around my energy spine!  And once you removed it, I couldn’t believe all the energy I had! Amazing!

Thank you for doing the energy healing on me!

Sleeping great!

Tanya L.

And then there’s this one:

Dear Tana,

After my aura cleansing, my sadness went away! I no longer feel anxious, and I am happier than I have felt in years! I am 66, and I feel like a teenager again! 

I have more energy than when I was 21! thank you so much for doing this special energy work on me! 

You’re the best,

Wanda K.

And then there’s this one too:

Dear Tana,

After my energy healing with you, life has never been better!

Thank you so much!

Paul R.

Has Your Aura Ever Been Cleaned?

If you have never had your aura cleaned, then you really would have nothing to compare the experience too!

Its like getting an oil change for your car. After your oil change, you notice how  much better your car runs. But until you had the oil change, you never noticed that your car was breaking down in between oil changes. It wasn’t

until after having the oil change, that you noticed the difference!

Well, an aura cleansing is the exact same way! You don’t realize it shut down until after you have it cleaned!

I could go on and on about this, but if you’ve never had this work done, then I highly recommend you try it!

The Affects Are Incredible

Aura cleansing is so affective, that whenever a person has this done, they never recommend less than 5 of their friends to have it performed on them too! That’s how powerful an experience ether have!

If you are ready to feel better, have more energy, and feel happier than you have probably felt for a long time – and do this naturally, then I  highly recommend that you experience the power of an Aura Cleansing.

My guides have recently  instructed me to offer more healing work to others, so this is why I am offering this special work again!

All spiritual healing is done long distance, and over the phone! Since energy is not separated by time, distance, or space, you can be anywhere in the world, and while on the phone with me, still experience the powerful benefits of this healing energy!

How To Have Your Aura Cleaned

If you feel like your aura is dirty, and would like to start having more energy, and experience many other benefits from having your aura cleaned, you can click here to fill out this form, or call my office at 614-444-6334!

This work is so powerful that if you sincerely want to feel better, and you don’t notice yourself feeling better after the session, I will give you your next psychic reading 100% free!

To schedule an Aura Cleaning, click here and fill out the form on my Psychic Reading page.

I hope this email has helped enlighten you just a little bit more!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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  1. Sam says:

    For those in a need for a more budgetary option, Tana did a short free reiki video a couple years ago. I don’t know how effective it is in general or in comparison but this is a more supplementary option as its more of a rudimentary restoration process. To repeat what Tana said, reiki is the same when it comes to energetic principles. Its not separated by time, distance or space.

    At one point I attempted to develop a personal energy repulse technique to counter leeches. I kinda gave up on that though since it felt stupid and I have no actual training in psychic warding/countering etc. Also it wouldn’t be very effective if I am currently unable to see the results.

    I still don’t really understand the premise of leeches removing life force. Does it suck out your living energy of your current incarnation or the soul itself effectively destroying that? It probably effects the soul regardless but which part is it killing?

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