Aura Reading: How Your Aura Can Make Someone Miss You! By Tana Hoy

An Aura Reading reveals many things about a person, because their aura tells everything about them!

Since love is the highest form of emotion that you can feel, and the fact that you can share it with others makes it all the more mystical and wonderful, I have quite a lot of insights to share on this subject, but today I will focus on one thing that has been on my mind for a very long time – Why do you feel empty when your loved one is away?

Aura Reading

An Aura That Shows Devotion

You And Your Loved One’s Aura

Once you step into a serious relationship, your aura starts to adapt to the aura of your significant other. I usually notice this whenever I do Aura Readings on couples that are very much in love. Their auras synchronize so much, they look as if their auras are one.

It does not end there, however. Once you and your loved have shared enough love energy with each other, your auras will be linked. This link is very similar to the love aura that is commonly found among mothers and their child, after the child is born. Due to the love energy coursing through the aura of the mother, a psychic link forms connecting her aura to her child.

The same concept applies to you and your loved one.

The Effect Of Distance On Your Aura

A feeling of emptiness starts when your auric link is strained due to proximity. I have observed that auric links follow the rules of distance, and if you do get separated with your significant other, you will really start to feel the void left behind in your aura.

The farther your loved one is from you, the more strained your aura gets, and significant strain in your aura can result in actual, physical feelings of deeply missing someone.

Also, depression can happen since it the emotional layer of your aura that gets strained.

So how do you adapt when you know your loved one is moving away for a while?

A Technique For Feeling Connected To A Loved One When They Are Away

A very useful tip I have developed over the years is the use of totems.

Totems are charms used by ancient cultures as a means to ward off evil spirits and the like. After studying them for a while, I discovered that totems are very effective because they contain energy.

You can actually create a totem that is imbued with the energy of your loved one. Any item will do, but I suggest that you use an item that is of significance of the both of you.

It could be a book, or any other trinket that you and your partner are both familiar with.

Just carry this totem around with you, and make sure that you touch it and look at it, at least once a day. Doing so will connect you to the fragments of your partner’s aura in the item, which in turn soothes the strain in the energy layer of your aura.

Try out this simple trick. I am sure it will work for you as well as it did for me.

Discover What The Aura Of A Loved One Reveals

If you would like to know what color is your aura, or the aura of someone you love, or if you would like to know if your two auras are compatible, you might want to consider having an Aura Reading!

An Aura Reading will give you deep insights into the soul, and thinking, of someone you love or care about, and it will also let you know if you have compatible auras?

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  1. janice arandelovic says:

    hi I love your article. Its very helpful. I miss Trevor very much. My mom is going into palliative care and has two weeks maximum. All of my family is beside themselves. All we can do is pray and that all my moms family ,friends and loved ones over there are watching over her to send her peace. She is cared and wants to go see them. please send auric healing and peace.

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