Aura Reading: Understanding How Auric Energy Can Affect Your Sleep

In today’s busy and stressful world, the idea of having a full night’s rest is something that has become a luxury. After all, sometimes the thought of the next day’s stressors, can be enough to cause you to have a very restless sleep.

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Unfortunately, this stress is reflected in a your aura, to the point where an aura reading would show imbalances in your energy levels, due to a lack of rest. I’ve had many clients who suffered from this, and most of them ask me what they can do to stop it.

There are actually ways for you to achieve a deeper sleep. This is done through auric sleep. What is auric sleep and how does this work?

Your Aura and Chakras When You Are Asleep?

Ideally, your aura and your chakras should enter a state of peace when you are sleeping. This means that the energy flow in your auric layers is supposed to normalize when you are rest, the movement of your Astral Body stabilizes, and your chakras will rotate in a uniform manner. This is how your body’s energy gets charged.

What Causes Restless Sleep?

Energy-wise, restless sleep is caused by inconsistencies in the flow of energy in your body. These inconsistencies are usually caused by negative energy that is stuck in your energy body, even when your physical body is resting.

Negative energy has a tendency to get stuck in your aura, preventing your chakras from rotating normally. Your Solar Plexus Chakra, and your Root Chakra, are the two energy centers that usually suffer the most from this negative energy. Because these are the chakras that correspond to your emotions, and your ability to feel grounded.

How To Use Auric Energy To Give You A Restful Sleep

Using energy to achieve deeper sleep is simply a matter of cleaning out your aura before you go to bed. I call this auric sleep – the type of sleep where even your energy body also enters into a state of spiritual rest. Achieving this is actually fairly simple.

The first step in achieving this is by engaging in a brief meditation before sleeping, to clear out the negative energy your aura may have picked up during the day.

All you need to do before sleeping is to silently ask the energy of the Universe to flow into each of your energy centers and cleanse them. For example, you could say “I request the assistance of the Universe to flow through me as I sleep!”

After you have done this, silently ask your chakras to be rotated in counter-clockwise direction. You can say “I ask that my chakras also move counter-clockwise when I sleep”. This will remove all the negative energy that has accumulated in them. Emphasize the release of energy in your Root Chakra, as this is the energy center that absorbs the most amount of negative energy from your environment.

Once your chakras are cleared, briefly surround yourself with White Light to fully protect you from any negative energy while sleeping.

Try it out for yourself if you’re having problems sleeping. This may be exactly what you need!

If you are having trouble sleeping, or have restless sleep, you may want to consider having an Aura Cleansing and a Chakra Balancing. To get more information, click here now and fill out the form on my reading page, and someone will contact you with more information about this.

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