Is Your Aura Scaring Love Away? (And don’t know it?)

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It is amazing how many people email me about not being able to find a soul mate, or wanting to know the signs of a soul mate encounter!  images-3

A soul mate is defined as the person of your dreams! When the two of you meet, your lives will flow together naturally, harmoniously, and seemingly effortlessly! This is the definition I like to use!

Many times, a person has a negatively charged aura, and when this happens, it will actually repel people away from them, rather than drawing people to them.

It is because their aura is negatively charged, and it is repelling people from them! This explains why some people try so hard to meet someone, or want to find love very desperately, but they have no luck!

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A negatively charged aura is caused by many things, and it is not an easy or quick fix – but it can be fixed. If a person with a negatively charged aura does not fix it, then they will never meet anyone that amounts to much in their life! SO this is very important to take care of right away!

Signs of a negatively charged aura are:

Long periods of not meeting someone when you have been trying to meet people.

Constantly choosing the wrong people!

Attracting emotionally unavailable people such as alcoholics, drug abusers, cheaters, liars, or any other type that causes grief and sadness in your heart.

Feeling that people are not attracted to you for some reason.

Knowing you have a lot to offer someone, but no matter how much you try, the results are still the same!

Feeling inside that there is someone out there for you, yet you are not able to find them.

If you identify any of these signs on your life, then you have a negatively charged aura, and need to fix it right away!

But, a negatively charged aura, can also affect all areas of your life!

If you have trouble finding a job, you could be repelling job opportunities!

Trouble getting ahead in life could be repelling the good from your life!

Bad health could be a result of repelling good health from your body!

In other words, a negatively charged aura will repel any good from your life!

A Negatively Charged Aura

If you have discovered your aura has a negative charge – don’t panic! I can help you!

The way I fix a negatively charged aura is during a reading with the person, I can help identify the “blocks” that are causing the negative charge!

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Negative charged auras are the result of some deep-held belief that acts as a wall to meeting others, or allowing love into your life! Once it is identified, the wall is removed, then the negative charge becomes a positive one!

During the reading, I have to dig deep into a person’s Akashic Records to see exactly what the belief is, where it comes from, and if it is from this life, or left over from a past lifetime!

Once I have all that information, the “fixing” begins!

How To Fix A Negatively Charged Aura

Let me fix your negatively charged aura, by calling my office at 614-444-6334, or by responding directly to this email with your best contact numbers, so that someone can call you to set up a session together!

I hope we talk very soon.

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